Animals at customs

Smugglers take out exotic animals, many of which are on the verge of extinction, tens, hundreds, and another, and kilograms. Sometimes it is possible to delay the attackers, though God knows what percentage of such crimes can be prevented, and how many criminals go unpunished and how many animals are killed in the process of transportation here. See description in the compilation of several cases of catching smugglers specializing in exotic animals that have taken place over the past month and a half.

1. One of many small Indian roofing turtles, which were seized on June 2 in Bangkok, the Thai authorities while trying to smuggle out of the country.

2. Total during the raid were seized more than four hundred and fifty Indian roofing turtles, 35 young starry turtles, crocodiles five-gavials and other exotic animals, only a total of 1 million Thai baht (33,000 dollars). All this human cargo smugglers tried to carry in your luggage. At the same time, owners of contraband luggage managed to escape before they had time to arrest the police.

3. Exotic pets are not always transported alive. For example, in the Georgia who tried to smuggle contraband in Manila on May 30 Philippine authorities discovered many stuffed hawksbill sea turtle and the rare black coral.

4. Earlier in May this year, customs officers managed to detain the goods in Manila for a total of 35 million pesos (808,000 dollars), which was 161 stuffed sea turtles and green, about 21 thousand pieces of black coral, more than 7, 3 thousand sea shells and 196 pounds octocorals Muricea.

5. And this 2-month-old baby leopard - one of the many exotic animals smuggler from Saudi Arabia was trying to hold in a suitcase through the airport in Bangkok on May 13. In the luggage from an Arab was almost a zoo!

6. The enterprising Arab, who had a ticket to first class on a flight Bangkokk Dubai tried to take out a whole group of rare animals, which included four leopard cubs, one cub Malay-biruang one young barnacle gibbon, black-crested marmazetka, two macaques and Asiatic black bear cub (pictured). Thailand attempts to export of live fauna smuggling - are not uncommon. Very often try to take out - lizards, turtles and snakes, but a "set" of live mammals in a "party" surprised even seasoned Thai customs.

7. Woe smuggler who turned 36-year-old Nur Mahmudr, was detained at the airport around midnight on May 13 policemen in plain clothes. Acting under the cover of the Thai police department to combat smuggling and trafficking of banned goods, watched Mahmudrom after purchase their animals on the black market. Arrested charged with smuggling.

8. Most of the animals that tried to take from Thailand citizen of Saudi Arabia, was about two to three months. One such "commodity unit" stands on the Thai black market about five thousand dollars, while in Dubai prices are much higher. Most likely animals intended for resale. In the photo: two-leopard cub.

9. When the authorities opened an Arab luggage full of live load, most of the remaining animals were lethargic and yawned a lot, probably from the fact that the day before they were given sleeping pills or from lack of oxygen. All animals were in tiny cages, boxes, which could hardly move. Immediately after the confiscation of all seized animals immediately received medical attention. In the photo - a 3-month baby gibbon Barnacle.

10. And the curious toddler - newborn lizard-pangolin seized April 20 from smugglers in the same Bangkok.


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