The rite of exorcism in Colombia

"Brother Hermes" - that calls itself Hermes Cifuentes - for 20 years helps compatriots to get rid of uninvited supernatural beings. Further, in the release, see photos taken during the rite of exorcism, which is still a popular means of treatment of mental illness in Colombia.

1. In the photo - 28-year-old Claudia Gaviria, who, according to associates, who had demons. The picture was taken during an exorcism on June 1 in the town of La Cumbre, which is located in the Colombian department of Valle del Cauca.

2. 50-year-old Hermes Cifuentes or "Brother Hermes", as he calls himself, for the past two decades, helping his countrymen to get rid of demons and other supernatural beings uninvited.

3. Brother Hermes at work - during the expulsion of evil spirits of the 28-year-old Claudia Gaviria. The rite of exorcism to this day remains in Colombia popular means of treatment for mental illness.

4. Crosses made from scrap materials, lime fruit and eggs - these are some of the tools that Brother Hermes uses to drive away evil spirits.

5. According to Hermes every week it is referenced at least ten people who want to get rid of the disease or banish spirits.

6. Another possessed during the ritual of exorcism - 55-year-old Eduardo Moreno. Ideas about exorcism have an ancient history and are an integral part of the belief system of many religions and cults.

7. The doctrine of evil or good spirits, inspire in people, and how to banish shamanism existed long before Christianity. However, Christians believe, based on the Bible, which was the first exorcist Jesus Christ who healed many possessed

8. Another patient Brother Hermes - 52-year-old Lily Roseau, which itself suggests that possessed by evil spirits, and so I decided to ask for help to ekzortsistru.

9. Exorcism includes the following steps / rituals:

 - Clarification of the way in which the devil was in man.
 - Clarification of the name while denying the spirit.
 - Reading prayers.
 - Sprinkled with holy water.

10. The rite of exorcism appeared long before Christianity, and in today's world, there is a wide variety of denominations. At present, the Catholic Church is preparing exorcists at the University Athenaeum Pontificium Regina Apostolorum. Exorcism is not denied and Orthodox Christians, calling otchitkoy rite, although the practice otchitki (exorcism) until recently been extremely rare and exotic. The Orthodox Church has always followed the Savior's words: "This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting" (Matt. 17, 21), that is a strict ascetic life.

11. Exorcism is also known in Islam under the name "exile genie" is very similar to the rite of Christian. In Judaism, there is a tradition of exile Dybbuk. Dybbuk - the soul of the offender or profane person, who can not leave the Earth and forced to become implanted in the other person.

12. Modern medicine treats possession as a special case of mental disorder. The so-called possessed inherent classic symptoms of hysteria, mania, psychosis, Tourette's syndrome, epilepsy, schizophrenia or multiple personality. In the case of split personality 29% "alter ego" considered themselves "demons." In addition, there is a form of monomania (a kind of paranoia), which is called demonomaniya or demonopatiya in which the patient believes that he is possessed by one or more demons. Occurring healing through exorcism have been linked to the placebo effect and self-suggestion. Some people who considered themselves to be "possessed", in fact, suffered narcissism or low self-esteem and acted as "demonic possession" to attract attention.


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