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Compilation about the war in Afghanistan

and I took away from this

Keep me, my talisman,
From ruthlessness and vengeance!
So as not blossomed again "Tulip»
Inevitability "Georgia two hundred."
I'm in this tale of good,
On justice and honor,
As in the tank slowly burned
And become "load two hundred."
How hard to become a murderer!
But it's better than just fallen ...
I learned how to kill.
I was the target. It Was - shoot.
There I was accustomed to war
And drills bullet holes.
And floating on a wave code
That call, "tulip - load two hundred."
And there were thousands of the Russian -
Route "tulip" secretive ...
With a prayer: "Lord, save me!»
Again I put in remembrance candles.
I will not forget itching lead
And stars tin grave:
Sent to friends heart
Sending to heaven "tulip - two hundred."

Constantine Oborin.

In recent years, the Afghan war, the brunt of the fighting fell on the shoulders of special forces. At the same time the success of the scouts paid, unfortunately, a very high price.
In early October 1987 the representatives of the Afghan Ministry of State Security turned to the Soviet command for assistance in the destruction of a large gang that controls Kandahar and its surroundings. The operation was entrusted to the 3rd company of the 22nd Special Forces Brigade. Manual operation instructed zam.kombata - Major Udovichenko.
The detachment of scouts secretly moved to the checkpoint on the western outskirts of Kandahar.
Oct. 23, at nightfall, came to the ambush - kishlak Koba. Combed abandoned village, part of the group went to cover the withdrawal osnovnvy group and took up a position in an abandoned corral. The core group of 18 people, headed by Mr. Udovichenko captain and company commander Khamzina, took two houses on either side of the road, to cross fire destroy the main force dushmans.
Shortly after dawn, the first armed men - advanced enemy patrol. They failed to capture noise. Next, suspecting something was wrong, opened fire. All Zelenka flashed around the muzzle flashes. Because duvalov rolled black mass shooting "spirits" wildly shouting "Allah Akbar." The first attack was repulsed. We scouts were first wounded and killed. The group itself was trapped, and is actually divided into two parts. Each of the two houses have taken a defensive perimeter.
They fought desperately doomed, because the scouts did not take prisoners. Especially hard it had a group of Mr. Udovichenko. The first shot from a grenade launcher "spirits" managed to destroy the part of the wall and the house began to be exposed to fire. Severed hand grenade gunner Sergeant Gorobtsov. Himself a soldier, if he had not noticed this and continued to fire a machine gun until he died from loss of blood. The attacks did not stop and ammunition were already on the wane. Sergeant Andrei Goryachev frightened "spirits" floating flares at close range, and collected from slain grenades and ammunition.

Fight walked for about five hours and almost all were wounded. Tbsp t-Chekin dragged into the house seriously wounded Sergeant Goryachev and became his bandage. "Spirits" came close to the house, so we had to shoot. Grenade exploded ruined wall separating intelligence from "spirits", while wounding and Chekina himself in the chest on the flight. House could no longer provide protection, and Mr. Udovichenko ordered to depart to another hiding place. It had to withdraw under fire of the enemy machine guns. Run to the cemetery and take cover behind the grave mound was only the Chekina-tbsp. On the ground lay motionless Mr. Udovichenko with tons of hot-and another scout. Three more back in a broken home, and continued to fight. All three were seriously injured and waited for his only one. Radioman seriously injured another two hours get in touch with the company commander.
Group cover, located in chetyrёhstah meters above could not help his comrades. Come on open terrain they could not (only be opened for nothing), but did their job. In the midst of the battle truck arrived with reinforcements, "spirits" and stood next to Hidden scouts. Fire SWAT was accurate - reinforcements ceased to exist.
At the end of the fifth hour of battle I came to help. Two armored personnel carriers under the cover of the tank began to take out the dying party. Best shot tankers silenced Dukhovskoy recoilless rifles and machine guns. One APC brought the first group, led by company commander Khamzina. The second APC was hit by sniper fire and was wounded commander of the second company Dolzhenkov. Tankers here helped accurate fire. After taking away the wounded and the dead scout (those who remained in the broken home of the group Udovichenko) BTR withdrew under cover of its own.
Lacked neskotkih people. Tbsp t-Chekalin, who had taken refuge in the cemetery, saw sped past the APCs, but its a weak cry, no one could hear. Then, having lost all hope of salvation, he stood up to his full height and walked toward her. "Perfume" opened heavy fire. But apparently, God preserved him. He got up and told her where are the others. Soon the whole group was assembled - the living and the dead. None have left the battlefield. Also, under the cover of the tank, the group went to his.

Losing 9 killed and 11 wounded, the squad has destroyed one hundred and fifty "spirits", showing how Russian soldiers know how to fight!

From the memoirs of Khamzina Anwar Gumerovich.
"At the beginning of October 1987" hadovtsy "appealed to our commanders for help in destroying this group. Selecting battalion stopped at my company, and the next day for fifty scouts start substantive preparations. Overall command was entrusted to Major Udovichenko, and I was appointed his deputy.
After studying the map and the terrain, we decided to meet "ghosts" in the 4-5 km from Kandahar in an abandoned village. Pass him they could not - the road was the only one.
October 23, near the end of the day, passed through Kandahar looks the most common column: two tents tightened "Ural" accompanied by two "armored personnel carriers."
Barely had time to slip on a light machine time stopped, as if the night on the ground near Kandahar office of the Soviet soldiers. "Dukhovskoy" observers, if they were sitting in the surrounding gorochku, could hardly anything suspect - these were the general rules for all our columns.
Only with the advent of pitch darkness began the transformation. From the body of the car one by one crept scouts. Stretch your legs numb. After a short dinner, once again tested the weapon, pulled equipment. Despite the short distance to the place of ambush - 7-8 km, were almost four hours. Land in the area is literally packed with mine - and his and other people's. The move had guided some special flair, the steep slopes of uncomfortable areas where mining anybody in a head will not come. By midnight, we went to the last slide. Behind it all in duvalah broken and abandoned gardens lying village Koba.
It took another two hours to sweep. And then Lieutenant Sasha Tour with a group of 20 people stayed to cover us on this hill. We Major Udovichenko and 18 scouts came down to the village and took the two houses on the outskirts, between which there was a road. The plan seemed good to us: quietly removed "Dukhovskoy" patrols, fire from all weapons to destroy the main forces of the Mujahideen, and then escape under the cover band Sasha Tour.
Dawn at the beginning of the sixth, it was still about a half hour before we saw the first men. If it were not for their machines shoulders ... I pushed Bahadir, "Come on, Nairn act!".
He and gunner of KHAD came out of hiding, close to the "spirits" and spoke in the Afghan inviting to come closer to our house. At the moment the two were knocked down, disarmed and tied.

The same was done with the second pair of "Dukhovskoy" scouts. No resistance, and the third pair. But watch the next disarming one of the "spirits" remained in place, suspecting something was wrong, he could rip off the shoulder of the machine and give all.
In a matter of seconds, "Zelenka" bristled with bright flashes. Even without knowing the exact location scouts, "spirits" of the weapons struck at random, just the sound of blasts queue. It turned out that "spirits" were after us.
Naimov with the gunner of KHAD ran to a passing tractor-trailer to fit the group and bring it under the saving gorochki. There, disguised and without engaging in battle, was a group of Sasha Tour.
 - Let's go! Faster! All for me! The prisoners with him. Tightens the tractor ...
But a few meters proved to be insurmountable. Before the scouts got a solid wall of lead. The first fell Bahadir. I realized that to run more pointless. And the group, barely jumped out of the houses clung to earthen duvalam.
"Perfume & quot ;, angry that the group went to the open space under the cover duvalov, focused a lot of fire on the bodies Naimova and gunner, who is not only crawling and often trembled - who got them bouncing bullets bursting flesh and clothes.
Fight developed rapidly. The fire left 18 barrels was terrible. In this grinder it was impossible to aim. The commandos drove just jumping in the hands of guns raging in two dozen meters the human mess. Right inside the coil ringing rushed two F-1 *, kicking up dust and any lumps. A few minutes later the attack "spirits" failed.

Taking advantage of the respite, we found out that one of the houses where our team has settled, clung to the adobe duvalu, on the other side of which grew a garden. In this house were Volodya Udovichenko, MD Bob Chekin, radio operator Vanya Oshomok and eight scouts. Through a winding country road was our house, which hid my group of seven people. But we managed to exchange a few words with Major Udovichenko as after some guttural command "spirits" have opened a furious fire at us with machine guns.
We formed a defensive perimeter. Through the crackle of gunfire rang out another guttural cry, in which "spirits" again rushed to the attack, this time covering us in a semicircle. But "pocket artillery" has worked well: breaks hand grenades followed one after another, each time laying the ground for 3-4 people from attacking the chain.
To our home we managed to pick only three who hid behind a wall out of sight. The rest of the "spirits", having lost thirty, rolled over the fence of the garden. "Sanya, follow me!" - I shouted and sprinted down the hallway.

In the doorway he appeared "dushara" and threw a grenade. I immediately cut it short burst, and Sanya and fell to the floor. No sooner had the dust to settle, as the explosion deafened Serendeev ran to the door and put out his hand, threw out his "efku." After waiting, we jumped over the corpse while striking out machines in the opposite direction, back to back. With the remaining two "spirits" too, it was over. Back at the house, I heard a shot Kolesnikov. Valera Lobov, our medical orderly, bandaged the wound and injected promedol wanted to pull away from the window, where Kolesnikov made a small recess. But Victor refused, and lay down with his machine gun.
The neighbors fared worse. Thank Gorobetc was killed by two bullets to the chest was badly wounded Udovichenko Volodia - he had already died at the hands of children.
... After the battle the surviving children of the group Udovichenko said that clearly heard over duvalom English language, once dubbed in Afghanistan. The participation of American advisers was confirmed by later data and intelligence on our committee members who worked with Afghanistan's Ministry of State Security ...
Our salvation came from a powerful tank, which quickly silenced the guns and bezotkatki "spirits." Under his guise of us we drove armored personnel carriers. Thus ended the fight in which we were fighting against more than 300 dushmans - just in front of our houses of lying about a hundred. "Perfume" once again convinced that the commandos can fight and prefer death to captivity. & Quot;

was dedicated to his release from captivity, the captain of explosives.

I, like a hunted predator, I'm caught in a trap,
I could not die without orders,
I am for the "spirits" normal Satan wrong,
For myself, I - the prisoner Kavkaza.

Here in zindan, dark, aching wound for a long time,
It is damp and cold body,
In exactly one hour to beat again will we
And under his feet to shoot, sick of it! 09
But hope is not a sin, it lit a spark,
Let - in captivity, but did not kill me,
As the two contractors, from the Volga region, the guys
Those that fight I endured.

Let the hungry and angry, but I'm still alive,
Let the damp wound rot,
"Perfume" make a move now word for me
And I will do as we have been taught.

Himself cheeks I sometimes whipped,
Pushing momentary weakness.
Stronger spirit, because weapons with me always
My honor, my faith remains.

They did not take it, they did not break,
I'll add more and abilities,
Prepared moment, holding, I'll wait,
Then to arrange representation.

Damn, I thought, Well, I read Tolstoy,
About Prisoner of the Caucasus tale,
Is thought then, am I expected
At his fate with Zhilinskaya similarity?

Each time the door is opened in the dungeon,
Not skrivlyu: it was terrible, afraid.
I thought, that's your hour has come, Captain,
But the fear I became stronger.

Twice a day I was beaten with a whip,
And in the appendage, to run away again,
A "spirit" but my sole horse Vlas,
One can see scum Leskov read.

Cement cuts - 120 bands,
It's so much I have in captivity,
The pool saw myself as I was very overgrown.
I laughed. What? - I do not understand.

And one day he heard gunfire in the area,
Screams, groans, a symphony of battle,
It got to the base of our Abu,
I shouted to them under the earth roared.

I myself made you crawl, the captain,
You hear that the fight was over,
And then I opened the hatch to my cold dungeon:
 - We are his, we are, brother, for you.


These one hundred and twenty days and one hundred and twenty nights
In my life, probably, for a third,
But I survived prisoner, I am not ashamed of people,
In their eyes I'm not ashamed to watch. 15










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