Afghanistan '50s and' 60s

I propose to look at how Afghanistan was in the 50s - 60s gody.Mnogie probably thought that now would be pictures of wild, backward and medieval country with a worse living conditions than they are now? Not at all.

During his visit to Afghanistan, the British defense minister Layyam Fox caused a wave of criticism, calling the country "a broken country of the 13th century." But the main conviction was not that he was wrong and that he was too blunt. It is hardly the first Westerners who called Afghanistan the Middle Ages. Many have considered Afghanistan a country without a government in which chaos is literally embedded in the rocks and hills. And looking at the videos and photos from Afghanistan, sometimes it seems that the country really has not got out of the Middle Ages.

However, Afghanistan has not always been so. Once a woman is doing a career in medicine, he went to the movies and the universities of Kabul. Factories in the suburbs made of fabric and other products. There was a law and order, and the government could carry out major infrastructure projects, such as hydroelectric power and roads, though not without help from the outside. Common people had hope for the future, the fact that education will open new opportunities. All of this was destroyed by thirty years of war.

1. Campus of the University of Kabul has not changed since then. People have changed. The 50-yhi 60s, students prefer Western style clothing, and young people of both sexes were talking relatively freely. (MOHAMMAD QAYOUMI)

2. Today, women hide the face and most of his body, even in the capital. After just half a century, men and women live in different worlds. (MOHAMMAD QAYOUMI)

3. In the '50s and' 60s women could build a career in areas such as medicine. Today, the school provides education for women are targeted by constant attacks. (MOHAMMAD QAYOUMI)


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