10 incidents with fans of "Spartacus."

Hot on the heels of events in Makhachkala remembered other incidents involving the most numerous supporters of the country's most popular teams. Lack of food and cold of St. Petersburg, a strange anniversary and the expression of love in Samara, folding banners and river ice ...
10. Makhachkala arrows

The match "Anji" with "Spartacus" was rich in scandalous events. When passing the stadium Spartak fans, in their own words, I have met unfriendly riot. Banners were selected regardless of their content, and support the "nine times" was proposed solely sitting. After the goal by Alexander Sheshukova in the guest sector Fire lit, which led to the entry into the sector of riot police. After refusing to take one of the flags a fight broke out. Possible assistance to the police and had fans "Anji", throwing in guest ripped chairs. Leave a stadium crowd of red and white could only under the escort of police, as the vehicle they were given OMON trucks.

Many questions aroused banner, fans posted owners. There is an assumption that this is a reaction to the mixed reception on the part of Muscovites during a match of the first round. The authors of the controversial banner detained, lack of proof of guilt at police department of the Soviet district of Makhachkala there. Suffered a bus with the players of "Spartacus" on the way to the airport he was stoned. Another bus, but with red and white fans, was attacked after leaving the capital of Dagestan. On the way, the vehicle caught up with "Toyota", from which the shelling started from a traumatic weapons. Later, 25-year-old shooter was detained, he had taken a traumatic gun and a carbine "Saiga". For all the weapons at the detainees have the necessary documents. Seasoned Bus can not yet return to Moscow - in the middle of the way it broke. Not the best things were the fans of "Spartacus", Makhachkala is leaving on a train. At the station came a group of fans "Anji" and has long sought Spartak coach.

9. Anniversary of "Grandpa»

In April last year the match in Kazan Spartakovskaya sector has a banner fascist content. Anniversary congratulations of a "grandfather". In figure 120, and the swastika it was not difficult to guess that the banner was dedicated to the birthday of Adolf Hitler. Creation has hung no more than twenty seconds, and the fans, "nine times," also noted burned chairs, an organization fighting and crowding in the aisles. The appearance of the banner has received strong condemnation in the media fan of "Spartacus." Kazan police justified force majeure: Moscow club instead of the claimed four thousand fans brought in six Tartary. In the confusion of their placement and was skipped into the stands scandalous congratulation.

8. Piterskie "settlers»

March 31, 2007 the first "Zenith" and "Spartacus" met in the championship of Russia, and for 4 April the cup visit to the red and white. Both matches were taken increased security measures, but the mass fights could not be avoided. March 31 decided to meet the fans. In order to avoid similar incidents in the match of the Cup of Russia, St. Petersburg police have stepped up in the so-called "settlers." For the sake of "their own safety" fans of "Spartacus" was isolated and kept in the cold for several hours without food. Cordon off the area can be had for five hundred rubles. According to the Muscovites, some managed to negotiate with the police, and for less money. The reason for placement in the "settler" could serve only a passport with Moscow residence permit.

7. Room Tikhonov

Hot summer three years ago in Samara Spartak fans were not ready to talk about naturalization Welliton. The Brazilian did not have today's authority and did not go among the best scorers in the championship of Russia. The match with the "Wings of the Soviets" fans of "Spartacus" another banner expressed their attitude to the arrival Welliton and boundless love for Andrei Tikhonov. In that year, the RAF just joined the fight against racism by FIFA, and the inscription "11 room only for Tikhonov, monkey go home» could turn out for the Moscow club lifting points.

6. The massacres in the subway

March 2007 saw the fights the fans of "Spartacus" and CSKA Moscow at several subway stations. The incidents occurred on the ring line, the station "Dobryninskaya" train even had to stop moving. Passengers disembarked and went to an empty part of the depot. During the fights were broken glass trains Sokolniki line. A year before this fight was held at the metro station "Ryazan prospectus", which was attended by more than a hundred people.

5. Banner for Nalchik

Last year at the home match with "Spartacus" from Nalchik fans located on the podium of the "B", the letters that make up the name "Byshovets" lay down a banner offensive. All this was accompanied by the relevant shouts and swearing. Club of Kabardino-Balkaria in the Premier League addressed an official letter, and Valery Karpin condemned the actions of "pseudo-fans", "disgust learned that the stadium has penetrated informal group, putting the sector on a set of uncensored letters. Apparently, it's some new radical group, which identifies itself with cloven-hoofed mammals of the family bovids. The people - the sheep ».

4. Kreslopad in "Luzhniki»

A draw match with "Zenith" in April 2009 ended a mass brawl in the stands "Luzhniki". St. Petersburg fans vigorously celebrated their arrival in the capital and with pleasure pyrotechnics burned before the match and during the first half. Most of the meeting was held in the smoke, and at the beginning of the second half in the guest sector burnt flag "Spartacus." Fans of red and white responded throwing chairs that hit the policemen cordoned off the sector Petrograd. Fans of the blue-white-blue ring broke through police, which led to riots.

3. Shots Elbrus

Two years ago, another check in the Caucasus looked for fans of "Spartacus" troubles. Elbrus was a mass brawl and two Muscovites received gunshot wounds from a traumatic gun "Viking". Wounded in the left side of Constantine Kolchanova urgently flown to the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, where he underwent surgery. According to local residents, fans of red and white a lot of drinking and rowdy around the glade Azau. On appeals calm visitors responded rudely, if not let his fists. Patience local snapped, and they came to the hotel "Shahrizada" with the intent to understand the situation. All grown into a showdown with their fists, during which suffered the innkeeper. History will be continued in the stadium. The day before the match, someone snuck in the republican arena and burned landlady banners, defiling sector. During the game, Spartak fans chanted racist slogans and religious content.

2. "Sediment" in Rostowski

Five years ago, seventy-fans of "Spartacus" could not get on the stands of the stadium "Olymp-2", despite the fact that their hands had purchased tickets. Rostov police simply refused to visitors in the aisle for the match, explaining that their seats are already occupied by employees of law enforcement. The local OMON practiced introducing their people in the guest sector in the ratio of "one in three". Another seventy red-white fans just would not find a place. After a brief conversation with tickets Muscovites sent to the "reservation", which was placed in order to avoid riots fans Guests detained in the city.

1. "click»

The story, which has managed to grow a legend - and that does not like to remember in St. Petersburg. It is a mass brawl in August of 1997, known as the "click" sound. Shortly before the match "Spartak" - "Zenith" fans of both teams met in the area of ​​the Shchelkovo highway to clarify the relationship. On the side of Petrograd was outnumbered (500), but the Spartak (200) have the ability. Zenit long planned to welcome back the capital and in the northern spring of next year met the fans of "nine times" for half an hour before kick-off at the bridge over the river Zhdanovka. Twenty-Muscovites were seriously beaten and were thrown from the bridge onto the ice.


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