As for the match Spartak went on the subway

This one can not lay)

Spartak played yesterday in a puddle.
I just went to the Sparrow Hills and on the one hand full of cars spitting on fans, the other being a fan of anyone understood them, and wanted to win. in the car voices: "Look at what we have got the car !!!»
Well hit okay, and was thinking of his. a man came up to the intercom next to me and said:
(I thought then that someone became ill in the car, well, why else would like to use communication to the driver)
"In the last carriage rides football club Spartak, please stop at the station Sparrow Hills and linger longer»
here I started to look around. and I'm not a fan of Spartak, so in general, is not really anyone knew.
on the clothing could immediately understand who is who, and fans autographs.
I'm a little removed. nevertheless there was a bit crowded. on the Sparrow Hills cops surrounded them and took to the stadium.
just like that, probably for the first time Spartak went on the subway in the Luzhniki. by hozhe they missed all the same.


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