Markets, blanks, riot police and emergency lights

June 25, 2011. Moscow. FSB and the Russian Interior Ministry carried out activities to curb the illegal activities of persons engaged in distribution in various shopping malls in Moscow electronic media with information databases. These databases contain personalized information about the citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as the information that constitutes a state secret. Support special operations force have OMON officers. (From the information)

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I am an officer of the Moscow OMON and would like to tell you how it happened.
For us, this joint special operation began at 6:00 am on Saturday. It is necessary to change clothes, get your equipment and weapons, radio stations and meeting tables, non-lethal weapons. At 6.30 the construction and setting goals. Traditionally, adjusted operating environment in the city and provide for recording telephone messages with signs of those who is wanted. Upon detection of a "citizen 25 - 33 years old, of medium height, medium build, who was wearing a dark-colored clothes" should detain him and to inform the initiator of investigation ... Sometimes, I catch myself thinking that such signs can miss a second of each passerby on the street . But there's nothing you can not do - it marks the victim said. And it is necessary to manage to find the villain. Therefore, all carefully recorded in their notebooks.
 - Equals, Attention! I order to step up the protection of public order in the city hero of Moscow! While on duty to draw attention to the rule of law, as well as courteous and cultural treatment of citizens - sets the task Kombat - Left, landing quick march.

Landing - is a "snout", which drive up buses and cars allocated to us for today's event. We already know that we are working with the FSB. But it does not make clear. It is clear only that the goals and objectives of the special operation will bring us to the very last. It is common practice in such events. Thus insured against possible leakage of information. Sometimes it can happen even stupidity. So just loaded in trucks.
Exactly at 7 am, the convoy of buses pulled out of the gates of the base riot police in the capital district Strogino towards the center of Moscow. Weather cloudy, gray sky hovering above the ground. This catches dream. Therefore, half of the children asleep, someone reading the book, and someone pours a mug of hot tea from a thermos. Outside the window sweeps past us waking metropolis. Towards the column riding cars Muscovites who early Saturday morning want to quickly escape from the stuffy city in the country, on the garden. A lot of them, so that on the outskirts of the city probably will soon plug pohlesche than Friday evening.

We come to the rendezvous point without eight cents. We are waiting for 8 o'clock in the morning, so there is time to stretch our legs. Senior special operation today left the battalion commander. He went to the briefing. Began the rain does not stop smoking, and they are sheltered from the weather in the arches of the old Moscow courtyard under canopies and porches, smoke, discussing the latest news.
Revives was silent still black box "Motorola". We capsules using such a distance to each other audible. Combat collects officers and gives the command to get out of the buses and build a "square" - the letter "Pe". Thank God, the rain ended.
We were out FSB spokesman. Today they are the initiators of the security operation. Invigorates Internal Security Directorate of the MOI of Moscow and we riot. For me, this is the first joint operation with the FSB. At first glance, their eldest quite adequate. He immediately assigns those working on the "citizen" in the direction and presents its operatives. Finally, we learn that in the event today. Databases.

 - We are interested in databases that contain personal information about citizens, as well as information that should not be in the free market - patiently begins to explain to us committeeman - According to our information, these discs are sold in Savyelovskiy, Mitinskoe Tsaritsinskom and radio markets. The point where you can get hold of this information, our investigators have found. Today on them will work. You are in civilian clothes, so long as your colleagues will run up to the market, your task is not to give the seller close pavilions and escape. Are there any questions?
Questions we have. Everything is clear. Sometimes we have been working in civilian clothes. Roman, Operations Officer of the FSB, critically examines fighters. While it is possible, it is the same novel as I Theoktistos. But I'm on such subtleties do not pay attention. Myself sometimes, depending on the situation can be Petya and Vasya can. The calm face of Roman I know that face-control and we passed the dress code been respected. He notices my half-smile and says:
 - You know, I was afraid that people will come dressed as Gopnik. Short haircuts and tracksuits. Such a pavilion with computer disks are obviously out of place. In the rush to eyes and attention on the protection of the entrance will attract. Or other extreme is: police uniform trousers and shoes, and thrown over the top civilian jacket. But you everything is fine - the usual buyer, who came on Saturday pribarahlitsya.

The novel itself, unlike his colleagues, not in costume. Dark trousers, a shirt, a beige jacket. To catch the eye not for that. You'll see this in the crowd, so after 5 minutes and will not remember, and what was dressed not tell. But despite unobtrusive, professional he was really cool.
In the diagram, floor show us the point that interest. In addition, investigators say that it is for the wheels are of interest. Well, about the database traffic police, insurance companies and mobile operators, and so I know. But the fact that the sale is a database of customs, did not know. Runs around in the leaves, on which are written the main names by which we are interested discs sold. Memorable name of the program on the platform and which operates most databases, as well as its logo.

Nine o'clock in the morning. We split into groups - who will go to any market. All three of them in the category. I have the privilege to visit Mitinskiy. Group in civilian clothes are put forward in the direction of the market. Before reaching the market a few kilometers, turn to the small parking lot. Here again we specify who works with whom and what point overlaps. Groups of more than points, but apart from the pavilions will have to take control of the center and the back door, fire stairs and lift lobbies. There is still time, so someone smokes, someone poisons jokes. I opened my laptop, some of the boys buried in the phone.
 - Well, where are you ?, - the wife calls me.
 - Oh, the city buses sit.
 - When you are done today?
 - I do not know. I hope not too late.
 - Well, you'll go home - call, you have to go to the store.
 - Okay ...
I already know the start time of the operation of the markets. I know I will be looking for and where to work. But even in a conversation with my wife, I had this information will not mention. In any case. And not because I'm afraid of the Office of its own security, but because more than a dozen people were preparing today's event, and I respect the work of colleagues.

Ten o'clock in the morning. We are seated in several minibuses and leave to the market. A little before reaching the entrance to the market, I am a partner of the riot, and operative Roman go out, and slowly go towards the central entrance.
First, we wander on the second floor. Indifferent eyes traveling to familiar faces of colleagues who view television or ask the price of the air conditioner. Air conditioning, by the way, now would be just right. On the second floor is worth a terrible stuffiness. Therefore, in many pavilions in full chase warm air Chinese fans. While there is time, and since I got on the radio market, I go to one of the outlets and the mouse to choose a netbook. With regret I understand that if I now open the bag and reached for the money, then lighted station. And it prematurely. So what will happen after the mouse.
We went out on the street. Following hot on the second floor here and breathe easier. During the summer cafe plastic table sits a standby group. Well, just druzhbany come for shopping and wandering on the market came to smoke. Only soda instead of beer. We slowly go to the tent and buy water. Only now I realize how thirsty. I looked at the clock. Until the time of "H" is 15 minutes. I'm waiting finished his mate, and again we go to the second floor. Make a circle. Most groups are already standing at attention in the desired pavilions, and there choose disks with software and novelties of the world film industry. Operative Roman nods silently us. Everything. Went to work. It occupies a position at the cafe, next to the stairs to the first floor. My partner leisurely goes to the service door, looking at shop windows. There sits an elderly man in the form of employee CHOP. The idea is that he is obliged to help us, but as practice shows, sometimes here in these characters and works "syndrome vyhtёra" I do not know nicho, free passage, close the door, I will not, I have my superiors. So in my mind I wish my partner did not encounter such manifestations today and going down to the first floor, go out on the street. In his hand mnu advance stockpiled cigarette and listening. City live their daily lives, uniform course of which blows roar of sirens. This car traffic police pulled our column closer to the main entrance. You can call here, but we need to go around the whole complex of buildings. To run faster. Therefore, directly without waiting for a full stop buses, open the door to jump start our guys who work in the form and run here. Security is not going to lock the door. This buzzing.

 - Slyushay, bistros and tell Girik Suren, Chito mulberries riot bigut FSE capture, right? Let tochku zakrivayut and uёbivayut skaree. Here they tisachi more runs, no less, is not it?! - Patter gives a mobile phone handset guest from neighboring countries, and then throws a cigarette and runs toward the parking lot. Rather strange behavior for a law-abiding person, by and large with this type need to be more tightly to talk, but now I have another problem. While our soldiers run up, I manage to grab the bag and turn it on the radio. On Air no hassles. Combat calmly accepts reports from groups that come from the other side of the building. Run up the first fighters. I open the door and show where the nearest staircase. Come here. It's not just the entrance to the furniture store, there is access to the floor, which should be blocked. At platoon commanders notice in the hands of a copy of the plan of the second floor. Run confidently lead the people active. So suggest where someone runs is not necessary. I go to the elevator hall. My task is to block it. No one can go down the elevator and nobody should be let. From time to time the elevator trying to get visitors to go on the floor. Show license, politely explain that the floor does not work. Most understands and travels down. Some insist that they must be sure to go and see some small trinkets.
 - Please - I say to them - go. Just back I will not miss it. And will go on general grounds the central staircase, after you check documents and view all purchased electronic media.
This cools the ardor of battle in the most stubborn people.
 - And what happens?
 - Special operations
 - What?
 - And for what purpose you are interested in?
 - Well, just wondering the same!
 - I can not tell you - I have no authority. Want, I'll take you to the head of the operation? He can answer such a question, and I have no right.
 - No, thank you! Is not necessary. I'm just asking. I'd better go ...
In the elevator hall comes in the form of our staff. Had to change. Now he will explain that you can not go there. And I'm going to see what happens on the floor. All pavilions are interested in men in uniform. Neither did not have time to close. All who were in 11.05 in the pavilion, are also there. In addition to our soldiers and operatives in the shops are located, investigators of the Federal Service. Visitors now quick poll and released. But with the sellers and owners of retail outlets will be more substantive and serious conversation.

Head of operations gives the command to carry out visitors to the output. Sellers and owners pavilions can remain in the workplace, and the rest are asked to leave the floor. On the radio is our senior team to sweep. Release all through the central staircase, after checking the documents. First, only those who did not buy anything. Then those who have purchased any electronic media: from the CD-ROM drive, ending with hard drives on computers. All electronic media inspected and tested by specialists from the FSB. Those citizens who show any "ksivy" come only through the operations manager - FSB officer or his deputy - an employee of the Internal Security Ministry of Internal Affairs. They catch the fake identity of various departments. Just specify that such was not there. And a few of our colleagues who your day came on the market, quietly went home.
40 minutes per floor "trimmed". There are only sellers. And that's not all. Most chose to close the outlets and together with visitors leave the floor. So the empty corridors wandering patrols and riot police, FSB officers who conduct investigations.

Head of operations requested by radio from our senior forward several soldiers on the street. We need witnesses to begin searches and seizures. Combat gives an order and have already run down several fighters. I ask permission from the battalion commander to go outside to breathe - stuffy. He listened to talks on the radio, nods, saying, Come.
Guys on the street trying to find people who can be understood (with a passport, a Russian citizen, sober, etc.) and to persuade them to take part in the investigation. Living in the country blind persons, as soon as they hear, what they propose to participate, start waving their arms in the face, as if defending himself:
 - No, no! In any case. And if I find then?
 - Who will you? Sellers CDs? Why should they?
 - Well-at, I do not know. It's your business, but I'm going home.
But somehow manages to find witnesses. Here are two students agreed, arguing that the Faculty of Law and they learn it is even useful to look at, that's middle-aged man, seeing the futile efforts of one of their soldiers, fit and says that he is ready to be understood.
 - But I would never have become cops to help - says his friend smoking guy next to me fourteen years - not to patsanski it.
 - Yes - agrees the second - I would if something and saw what did not. And here to help! What is wanted. Schaz! I am because of them did not have time to buy igruhu. Expelled all. Then let them and suck.
And sweet couple largest specialists in all matters of life, slowly walked to the exit from the market by the service drive the columns of our parking of buses and cars DPS.

 - Well, let's go?
I look. Nearby was finishing detective novel. In humans, the talent to suddenly disappear in the crowd and appear out of nowhere. We climb back on the floor. While I'm on the phone, Roman stopped. It does not know the men who shaped. It shows the ID and password says. Password introduced to people using false identities not leaked. Certificate without a password automatically means communicating with the head of operations.
We pass on to the floor. I take out my notebook and to attach it to any bedside table for promotions. The Internet already has information that the FSB and the Interior Ministry conducted a major operation to curb the illegal sale of personal data on citizens. All actions of the FSB officers were videotaped. After some time I have an opportunity to make some shots.
 - Only I have to ask of you, - says Roman - photographed so that the faces of our staff in the frame not included.
 - Well, - I agree - I do not understand, or what?

The work of investigators and investigative mechanism of action, I will not describe. Not my thing, so I do not know what you can tell, and what better not. I can only say that all the actions of investigators explained the sellers, owners of shops and understood and confirmed by the Criminal Procedure Code (Code of Criminal Procedure).

Own investigations continued for several hours. At this time, access to the floor was closed. Not without of curious cases. On the floor were the so-called sub-offices of several banks. And now, the ladder rises an employee of one of these offices. He leads the young couple behind him. At the top of the head of the operation costs. He is calm like a tank and stares at rising. Bank employee name tag with "expert" on his chest, trying to pass between him and our fighter.
 - Young people, floor does not work - he tells them.
 - And this is me - casually throws over his shoulder "specialist" and stumbles upon a riot policemen who vsal in front of him and does not allow to go further.
 - And who are you ?, - asked the "specialist" FSB.

But nothing like that happened.





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