Floating markets of Vietnam (10 photos)

Floating Market - one of the nation attractions of Vietnam, reflecting the ancient tradition of trade with boats on navigable rivers. Floating market - a kind of market, located on one of the channels, where every morning traders sell their goods directly from specially equipped boats, and farmers in the old continue to meet and exchange goods.

1) Floating Market and Phung Hiep Kayrang in the Mekong Delta (city Tankho, Vietnam) are in the course of half an hour by boat from each other.

2) We really wanted to get both, so we left at 4 am and arrived at the first literally "for 15 minutes before opening." Of course, no door here, just at dawn, people are starting to crawl out of their boats in which they live right there, and gather from the surrounding villages.

3) Gradually begins trading, turning half an hour from the carotid violently. Local selling mostly vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, bread, herbs, flowers and much more. Visit these markets only within the boat.

4) All buyers and sellers get to the place of trade in boats and rafts, which are driving up the goods on sale and take away made the purchase.

5) These markets are collected throughout the year, except for the Christmas holidays on the lunar calendar, they are open even in bad weather.

6) River markets reflect a distinctive way of life of the population of the southern regions of Vietnam, which travels by boat, spend most of the day on the river.

7) With each passing day more and more tourists are showing interest in these markets, as a kind of attractions on the Mekong River.

8) To truly experience the atmosphere of the market is best to hire a motorboat.

10) Even in such markets is sometimes possible to find job sellers or service personnel.


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