The most unusual and weird abnormalities

Today we tell you about rare diseases and abnormalities. To cure most of these patients have not found techniques or drugs. Fortunately, all these deviations are so rare that patients with similar symptoms occur once in a few thousand or even a million people.

1. Robin Hutchings from England suffering trichotillomania - uncontrollable urge to pull out their hair. In April, she gave an interview to the London newspaper «Daily Mail», which admitted that the beginning to pull out hair from 11 years and now, 27 years later, still can not overcome their addictions. (Damien Mcfadden, Whitehotpix / ZUMA Press)

2. Shiloh Pepin was born with spliced ​​legs - a condition often called "mermaid syndrome." Although doctors believed that the girl was destined to live only a few days, she lived for ten years. Shyla died on 23 October 2008. In this photo, she is sitting on a table in his house in Kennebankropte, Maine, in the year 20007. (Gregory Rec, Portland Herald / AP)

3. 21-year-old Michaela Dutton from Birmingham, England, is allergic to water, which appeared after the birth of his son in 2005. She can not drink the usual beverages such as coffee or tea. It is necessary to limit communication with her son as tears, saliva and sweat can only increase the allergic reaction and pain. Allergy to the water is only one person to 230 million. (Caters News / ZUMA)

4. In the 2-year Reuben Grainger-Mead (left) was diagnosed with the disease, which doctors compared with a constant hangover. It slows its growth, and oslablinet his heartbeat quickens. Conventional medicine does not help. Then nutritionist found that Reuben gets almost certain amino acids and vitamins. His parents changed his diet and now 8-year old boy is recovering. (Ross Parry Agency)

5. The 72-year-old Jean Driscoll said in an interview with the newspaper «Daily Mail» in March that two years could not deter retching. Englishwoman says that two doctors and three hospitals were not able to establish the diagnosis and treatment of its unusual to find the disease. "I have nowhere I want to, because I feel uncomfortable - says Jean. - People are laughing and staring at me. " (Eastnews Press Agency Limited)


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