level standards or how much money you need

Each of us has some idea of ​​what we need in order to fully meet their needs. We call this level of standards.
What is the "level of the norm" in financial terms? This is the amount that you think is sufficient for themselves for a certain period of time. Enough - this means that it will be enough to meet all current needs. And you know exactly what you are for less in any case does not agree.

What do you think, for what amount in our country hard to live a month? In 5000 rubles hard? Of course, especially not clear. When you hear about the amount of 5 thousand rubles a month, then you think: "Well, not a lot ..." However, the 32 million pensioners in our country not only to live on this amount, but also manage to save money or to give them grandchildren.

But on 15 thousand rubles a month, many students live without any problems. 15 thousand - it's normal for a student? "Probably OK" - you might say. - "Living as a people." Some adults live by the same amount. The salary of an adult, which is considered normal in a small provincial town of Cheboksary - 15 thousand rubles.

And that will be good? 50 thousand - well? "Of course, good" - say 90% of people in our country. In Cheboksary the one who earns 50 000, opens the door to any club foot. 50 000 rubles, you can not simply buy only what you need, you have already defined a choice of where to spend: rent an apartment, rent a car on credit, give the girl an expensive thing or something else. All, of course, is not enough, but more importantly, that the choice, in principle, already have.

And what's even better? What is truly inspirational? A man from a small town call the sum of 250 000 rubles. 250,000 - it's cool, it's a lot. The head rush bright picture stays on the white beaches of distant countries, expensive cars, fashion apparel ...

And in Moscow? And that in Moscow? In Moscow, the level of "normal" is simply raised to fifty thousand rubles. That's the whole difference.

But how much money is beyond desires? How long should I earn a month to do nothing need? 500 thousand, and perhaps 1 million?

Probably a million a month for many, very many - is the symbol of fabulous wealth, daily pineapples in champagne and Ferrari in the garage

Eiffel Tower
So, we knew what about the numbers in the mind of a person associated with the concept of low, normal and very high income. Such a coordinate system with slight variations is in our minds. So we define what "good" and what is "bad».

5000 per month - it is bad,
15 - so-so, but acceptable,
50 thousand - it is normal and even good,
150 - excellent,
300 thousand - cool,
Well, 1 million rubles - "life is good»

. However, let us abstract from what surrounds us, and look at the whole picture of the independent observer eyes. There are special people - sociologists who like to be a model of society based on various factors. So, here the sociologist would have been the next model, like the Eiffel Tower, that is smooth and evenly thinner needle-shaped structure with a very wide and thick base.

At the lowest level there is a lot of people with an income of no more than 5 thousand rubles. Next, slightly higher incomes will be 15 thousand, even a little higher - 50 thousand, far away and in a smaller amount - 150 and 300 thousand. Somewhere close to a million. And only a thin needle, consisting of people living outside the conventional level standards, soars skyward. Almost at the base of the tower is a common level of standards - 50 000 rubles, and that they are guided about 90% of our society

. What is the difference between people whose achievements seem incredible? How do they do that quickly achieve what seems to others, it should take years or even decades? Why do they get to realize what the surrounding dare to dream?

The secret lies in the fact that these people are living with the feeling that the rate is somewhere above - not at the level of one million, two, or three, and above! What can fully meet the needs of others, for them is not sufficient. They were not enough. They crave more.

They may want the same thing, and the rest - a luxury apartment or a sports car, but the only difference is that it is not the ultimate goal, but only a passing phase. That is why sometimes they feel alien to other people in society. If they are trying to live by someone else's rules, at some point before his eyes as if an error message appears, System Error - something goes wrong. And they do everything possible to get out of this swamp.

The most amazing thing that the crowd, convinced that their level of standards is the only true, with surprise looks at such "black sheep" and calls them crazy. But quite the opposite ...

In the city of Cheboksary lived a guy named Oleg. He has his own, fairly large by the standards of the city, the construction business. Now he is building a monolithic high-rise buildings. Naturally, it was not always. Oleg hails from a small village in Chuvashia, you will hardly be able to find on the map. The first level of standards Oleg protested against rural reality, pushing it to the city. In construction it came, started to repair the bathrooms in ordinary residential apartments.

Rather than quietly enjoy reasonably good earnings for native village standards, Oleg wanted more - the fire was burning in his soul. After bathing, Oleg began to take repair and furnish apartments. Apartments replaced by offices, restaurants, shops and pharmacies. And then the repair was generally below normal levels. Rather than engage in decoration, Oleg wanted to build. He began to build buildings. But even at this stage, Oleg did not want to stop. He understands that all his success, which is so jealous Cheboksary friends, in fact only flea running. Its provisions level is still higher than achieved. Oleg did not calm down until it becomes one of the largest developers in the country and will be visible at the international level.

How to determine your level of standards?

Your life regarding the standards level can be compared to the work of the air conditioner. At what temperature it is set up, and gives such. Which amount of money corresponds to your level of standards - so you always will be. And you shall have as much as you is vital. Another question that someone is vitally important to have a roof over my head, water, and bread, and someone - to have five cars, a house with a view of the ocean, three men servants, and to eat healthy food quality. It is vital.

Accordingly, in order to increase the level of the norm, one must first understand where it is you. Even though you are the personification of themselves, often to see himself from the rather difficult.

To still feel their standard rules, first try to go down below. Take for example food, clothing, transportation - the usual necessities of life. Try to go down on the step below, and listen to your feelings. For example, go and have lunch in the cafeteria today. Answer honestly to yourself: "Is it normal for me? Am I ready to eat every day in the dining room? »

Buy a ready-made lunch at some roadside cafe. Eat it. Comfortable? If yes, then this is your level of standards

If it is not normal for you, then congratulations - you're already on the right track to increase their level of standards. Now go to the most expensive restaurant in the city. Most likely, you will be uncomfortable to spend so much money. You will not understand - why? And, at the same time - uncomfortable. You can also go to the most expensive boutique in your city or take a test drive Aston Martin or Bentley. Probably, you will disturb the vague feeling that you have jumped higher than his head, it was a little too.

Now you can see the upper limit of their level of standards that limit you. Now that you have figured out where you are, it's time to start gradually increase your level of standards. The key word here -. Gradually
The secret to increasing the level of standards is that you gradually but continuously for at least a little of its rise. Communicate with people of higher status, would buy each time more stylish, quality clothing, have dined in the best places, feeling every cell of your body that you do not agree less. You simply can not live differently, which means you just have to be standing to afford it.

A breath of air

So, at this stage, the main question that each of us must ask ourselves: where is my level standards? 15 thousand, 50 thousand, 1 million, and maybe more?

Your rate - this is the standard of living that allows you to feel comfortable, after which you stop annoying happening around. But what if just now you suddenly realize that your current level of standards you are not satisfied?

The main thing - do not put up with it

Imagine that you have plunged deeply the cart, and the level on the surface of the water, after which starts the air, and is the norm. The natural need for oxygen will push you to the top. What do you do in this situation? Most likely, you give all the power to you to get outside and breathe the air portion of the long-awaited.

It is unlikely that you will ascend to the meter and say, "Well, it will be enough." However, since it takes place in our society. We sit in the water, holding his breath, and consider it the norm. It is time to get out to the top.


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