We are confident the people of varicose veins does not happen: in detail about varicose veins

The disease in oriental medicine is associated with disease Cold, descended into the lower part of the body. Chill - combination of wind (vata dosha) and Phlegm (Kapha dosha) in different proportions - it is primarily the lack of circulation.

Excess Kapha can manifest a "viscous", "fatty" blood, which is simply difficult to move freely through the vessels, the excess Vata - lack of elasticity, fragility of blood vessels. Kapha diseases are treated very well in regular physical activity.


One of the most effective agents in the treatment of this disease - products with potassium and magnesium, which improve the elasticity of vascular wall. The meals should include foods that have lungs diuretic - a corn, barley, rice, celery, carrots, parsley, coriander, pomegranate, cranberries, beans (general recommendations, checked against the list of products recommended for your condition - may be a contradiction). Not recommended for strong diuretics, since long-term use, they weaken the kidneys.

As often with varicose blood is thicker than normal, then turn on the blood thinning products (also pre-checked against the list of products recommended for your condition - may be a contradiction). Contribute to increase the blood thinning receiving plain water (not suitable for edema Kapha state)

Of the products useful olive oil, ginger, lemon, orange, pomegranate, figs, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, red currants, garlic, beets, artichoke, sunflower seeds. From Kalanchoe plant, nettle (tincture orally), Chestnut (tincture inside, oil and cream massage). Well it accelerates the blood in the veins of ginger (if not high Pitta) with honey and apple cider vinegar (if there are no problems with the thyroid gland) need to take 1 kg of honey, 300 g of grated ginger. It is also recommended to take 1 tbsp. l. honey and 1 hour. l. apple cider vinegar to 1 cup water 2 p. per day.

Another recommendation Ayurvedy - drink ½ st. l. aloe juice for 10 minutes. before a meal with a pinch of ginger powder and a pinch of cardamom seeds (or the contents of 2 capsules). You can drink for a long time, for 2 months, then make a 2-week break, and continue until the disappearance of the symptoms of varicose veins. Cardamom and ginger restore blood circulation, ginger well strengthens blood vessels, increasing their flexibility.

Aloe helps prevent potentially inflammatory responses (from Aloe contraindications).

This composition acts gently but effectively, does not overload the "chemistry" organism allowed allergies.

Figs in any form - fresh, boiled in water or milk: it is recommended to eat as much as you can with varicose veins, if there is no concomitant diseases - diabetes, inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and gout

. Remember that thickened blood sugar, buckwheat, bananas, potatoes, white bread, alcohol, sweet food, fat protein foods, meats, pickles, soft drinks

. Strengthens and tones blood vessels: buckeye, nutmeg, ginseng root (for Vata - in small quantities), ginger, garlic

. Physical exertion

Problems with legs must be considered not only as an imbalance of the doshas, ​​and more - as insufficient blood flow (blood is bad comes from the legs back to the heart), the walls of the veins of the lower limbs are thin and weak venous valves are poorly developed or destroyed as a result of inflammation of the veins. Preferred massage, which aims to stimulate blood vessels and deep kneading of muscles on the type of sports massage.

Biking, swimming, exercises (simulated cycling), capillary method gymnastics Maya Gogulan, exercises aimed at improving endurance and strengthen the muscles (not just power and cardio load) - the best remedy. If everything is done correctly, the muscles will "holders" of the vascular walls.

To these venous valves work properly, you can perform a very simple but very effective exercise: in a prone position to pull the toes to face and heel - from himself. All. Results - better than when taking pills and ointments - because it improves the natural movement of the blood flow.

Of the total Japanese system of healing - to rise on his toes and with the power to descend on the heels of - 50 times. Do as much as you can. Activates the kidney channel (urge to urinate immediately go).

In Japan, also known gymnastics elderly - is walking on his heels, often - walking backwards, advance to the Welding of heels in the ground. Backwards is not always convenient to go. Walk normally, just put a strong heel. The results will soon be visible.

Walk as you can and on the way to work, to shop - practically not noticeable to others. 15 minutes a day is enough to act better kidney channels. Especially noticeable improvement after this exercise for varicose. It is clear that when walking "heels" shoes should be appropriate.

Also, from the eastern systems of healing - tapping calves bamboo sticks (this is not common so-called "Creole body massage thick bamboo sticks), it is easy tapping of caviar from the bottom up. Walking up the stairs (a few openings in the day) - helps the opening of the valves. Replace lift the elevator to walk on foot. Ate work in high-rise building - during a break pomarshiruyte bit. Use every opportunity to correct the load valve blood flow.


Sleep always roll or pillow under your feet to feet were above his head - there is a flow of blood from the legs, giving the severity of the morning. At rest - watching TV, reading - not only to put his feet taller, but just under 90 degrees lean on the wall

. You can use the gym ball. When reading, watching TV, put your feet on the ball, a very high, better than podkladyvaniem valikov.Takzhe with this ball, you can massage the calf - how to "walk" prone, slapping calves on the surface of the sword - a very pleasant experience, giving gentle massage uterine and leads to the outflow of blood in the veins.

When veins excellent result gives lubrication feet undiluted apple cider vinegar - several times a day. The result will not immediately, but it is very noticeable. If there are no problems with the thyroid gland, the apple cider vinegar is well taken orally. It strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Excellent acting tincture of nutmeg. It is better to buy in the form of a hammer as hard grind house huge nuts impossible. Of Nutmeg tincture made with vodka, alcohol, and oil used to lubricate the veins. Same - inside. Grated nut insist on vodka and drink for a long time. 200 g of nuts per liter of vodka insist 10 days. Drink 20 drops three times a day. By the way, nutmeg, passed overnight ½ tsp with warm milk - a great sedative

. But the best of traditional medicine is considered to be a horse chestnut tree. Because the chestnut (inflorescences, fruits and leaves are weaker) make decoctions, alcohol tinctures, oil infusions. Applied inside and outside. Chestnut is sold in department stores herbal health, but very rarely (or through online stores). Chestnut is included in all the known ointments and creams from varicose veins.

Ointments large pharmaceutical companies are quite expensive and not all can be bought. From home cooked oily solutions and water decoction obtained an excellent cream for veins that you can cook at home at all times. Those who did -. Delighted with the cream of chestnut inflorescence

The technology is simple: Chestnut bought in the Internet shop, insist on oil, even of parts of inflorescences prepared aqueous extract thick, add wax and glycerol, all kept in a water bath, stirring)

. Recommended proportions - inflorescence chestnut pour any vegetable oil 1:10 ie 1 tbsp. spoon chestnut 10 tablespoons oil, insist 12 days. Then boiled in a water bath for 30 minutes. From the same inflorescence dense infusion is prepared and used in cooking as an aqueous cream osnova.V this cream would be good to add vitamin K in liquid form, but it is almost impossible to buy.

Can this cream add a few drops of essential oils of cypress and juniper (best). essential oils of rosemary, mint also operate well (remember the minimal doses of essential oils - all measured in drops). The main thing - keep the proportions of oil and water base. Well, the rest of the technology. If a critical condition, and a person really need - and will inflorescence chestnut cream and cook

An excellent result gives a simple rubbing alcohol tincture Chestnut - the veins disappear before our eyes. It is not "oil" occupation, as the application of the cream. Rub need as often as possible. Keep a bottle of the best in the bathroom next to a toothbrush (not to forget, and then it turns out that you have at least 2 times a day will smear and massage the veins (do not forget - you need to massage from the ankles up by helping the blood flow upwards)
The proportions of the prepared tincture - on the eye than concentrated (within reason) - the better. Infuse for 2-4 weeks. With chestnut oil well to take foot baths: 2 liters of warm water (40 ° C) to dissolve 40 grams. chestnut oil. After the bath the feet warm woolen cloth for 1 hour. Also good packs. In 1 liter of warm water (40 ° C) to dissolve 30 grams. chestnut oil. Wet the cheesecloth in this part of the legs and wrap 1 hour or overnight.

Compress with Tea Tree Oil: 1 liter. water 5 drops of tea tree oil. Heat wrap (medical bandage), both cold and hot, made of several layers of gauze and cotton wool layer sandwiched between them. Legs at the same must be lifted up, shins be at least 30-40 cm above the pelvis, and compress with the help of a bandage tightly wrapped around the legs. Duration 30 minutes procedure repeated 2 times a day.

When varicose veins also works well honey-salt application. Mix 1 tbsp. l. coarse salt 200 g honey. Apply the mixture on the skin of the feet with a thin layer in places the patients veins. Cover with parchment paper (not recommended for use cellophane tape), wrap a bandage. Keep the compress for 2 days, then take a break for 1 day. The course of treatment - 10 procedures. Take a break. If necessary, repeat.

Self-massage (available with cream of chestnut)

Lie down, placing his feet higher than his head. Stagnant blood from the veins stechёt and self-massage will be more effective. Soft covering movements palm with closed fingers stroking the lower leg from the ankle to the knee - 8-10 times. The next technique - rubbing. Circular motion bases palm rub shin.

Take a good walk around 8-10 times lower leg from the bottom up. Now again pat shin, but stronger - as if you squeeze the excess blood from the veins. Place the hand so that the thumb is on one side of the lower leg, and the other four - on the other. Remember how knead the dough? Exactly the same movements carefully knead the muscles of the lower leg from the bottom up by 3-4 times. In conclusion, do stroking shins.

Outwardly very well it helps blood circulation copper application. The "grandmother's" recipes are advised to take coppers of a given year. Find them unrealistic. Find a copper plate, and then successfully put it under the foot - also not an easy task. What you can do - to make a flexible adaptation of the wire

. Copper wires of different diameters is sold in construction and hardware stores. From this, you can wind the wire (snail from the middle) plate, similar to the insole, or wrap the finished insole. It is clear that with such an insole can not go far, so use these insoles can only be at home, you can invest in a sock at night.

You have to understand that we should not expect a one-time cure. Almost all the time need to maintain vascular tone legs. It - like brushing your teeth in the morning. In the same way - daily greasing of the veins above means periodic wraps and compresses. And with the beautiful legs, you will live a lifetime!


One of the main causes of varicose veins - psychosomatic. Usually the legs - an indicator of the internal state of certainty. Not only is a person, and in any field - people like unstable on his feet in this area (mentally). suppression of personality problems may come from childhood -. from authoritarian parents

Also psychosomatic cause may be the dominant partner in the family, at least - in the professional sphere. Davit feeling that nothing can be done and got out veins - how to protest, the problem of "crawl" out. We are confident the people of varicose veins does not happen. Just look at the successful managers - they always smooth legs (they are confident)

. Meets life - was unsure people zatyukali close. Health problems (varicose veins - a mandatory list). And suddenly - a very successful business has gone, or very successful marriage insecure woman. It takes a short period of time - and no varices. The man is saying, "I felt confident standing on their feet. Problems more of me, do not climb. " As soon as the problem is removed from the human brain - the disease will disappear from the physical plane

. We must remember that varicose veins can not be cured once and for all. But it is possible to support the veins in very good condition. However, it is - almost to the end of life - exercise, grinding. As the morning toilet. Take a shower, rubbed the vein. And until the evening. In the evening - the same thing. Therefore, all kinds of grinding should be stored next to the toiletries.


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