54 facts about Vietnam through the eyes of Russians

1. The Vietnamese are very petite and undersized. 175-inch youngster is considered a giant. Moreover, despite the low propensity of people to rapid muscle gain, the Vietnamese are extremely slender, with the exception of the guards in nightclubs.
2. Tourism in Vietnam is in its infancy, and the people are very friendly to tourists, and especially to Russian. Obsessive only traders and drug dealers at the same time offering you a "lady-boom-boom." Or you will be taken, or if they already have another close klofelinschitsa.
3. Tan is considered to be the lot of the plebeians. Wealthy and trendy Vietnamese carefully hide their skin from the sun. He is seen on the beach "creature" only with the eyes. In the hands of gloves, socks on the feet and jeans, throat scarf / shawl.
4. Throughout the worker-peasant population is national hat. They help everything. Save from coconut falling from a palm tree (used to be a very high percentage of deaths for this reason), protects from the sun, eat from it, and even catch crabs.
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5. The Vietnamese have a positive attitude to all foreigners (even Americans), except the Chinese. China has repeatedly tried to invade Vietnam.
6. Vietnam - socialist country with the superintendent, the power of the party and public censure.
7. This treasure of Vietnam - painting silk. The price goes up to 800 million rubles per one picture. And it is a profitable investment. The cost of paintings of colored silk yarns is constantly growing. Girls to create a picture, have no margin for error. No lumps strands curves stitches ... everything is cut and two years in the trash. Redo. Get $ 300.
8. Average salary - $ 250-300. President Salary $ 250. The course of the dollar kept more than ten years. $ 100 ~ 2 1 million VND.
9. Halong is a list of natural wonders and is located in the north of Vietnam.
10. Money Vietnamese made of plastic. They can swim, crush whatever. They are in perfect condition.
11. Smoke many Vietnamese. In special honor Lao tobacco. One puff - like a pack of cigarettes.
12. In Viet Nam, a very high life expectancy. According to the guides who have lived more than five years in this country, a record is kept at 180 years of age, the number of people older than 140 years in the thousands. Check, as you know, is impossible.
13. Officially, the country's Buddhist, but the Vietnamese "gather additionally" to the faith of a little more each, which they are satisfied.
14. The Vietnamese are mostly Monogamous, and usually ends with friendship school wedding. Remarkably, Vietnam girls is not as such a dowry, instead of brides in early childhood are preparing for marriage, because in Vietnamese families, the woman should do everything up to the roof of the house and fix the engine busting the scooter. Before the wedding, the future wife must spend two months in the house of the groom, so that parents could see her future husband in his ability to manage the entire economy daughter.
15. The death of a Vietnamese - a joyous event. Plow all my life in the rice paddies, and now bam - Nirvana and enlightenment! At the funeral, having fun and laughing.
16. If there is no money to bury with dignity - buried in the ground, then dig. Cut the flesh, washed bones and buried with military honors.
17. In Vietnam, many columbaria.
18. In many churches neon bells and whistles, and at altars in temples seen some beer and fruit.
19. Due to the fact that tourism in the country only develops in the Vietnam hotel has no animation and beach sports with the exception of rare volleyball courts and kitesurfing. Price per lesson - $ 50-75. And three will be a lesson in the sand, then three more in the water ... Do you need this sport for the money - decide for yourself.
20. At weddings Vietnamese traditional "face off" the richness and variety of wedding albums: the more Photographs, and changed the more bride dresses, the richer the family is considered. Wedding WALKING few days, one of which young people are not allowed to invite their friends and girlfriends, and you can only invite older relatives who are very much each family. In the "small" wedding walk 200-300 people usually.
21. Fruit in Vietnam very much. Rarity - apples and kiwis, but order at the restaurant fresh mango, orange (he green cloth) or papaya with passion fruit - easy!
22. "Left" cafe ice can do from river water. Ask "Nou ice." In normal restaurants with this procedure.
23. The Vietnamese are very fond of sweet cuisine by adding sugar to the fried pork Frechet. Ask "know slush».
24. On the table as condiments always be sliced ​​lime, a mixture of salt and pepper (black), and a sweet and sour sauce.
25. Vietnam's branded products - a special fish sauce Nuoc poppy, which is prepared from fish lying in the sun under the pressure. And so nine months ... Then it is drained, filtered and gives a wonderful flavor fish dishes, though it smells nasty.
26. You can eat anything you want. Meat of crocodile, ostrich, a scorpion, the turtle in order. Stingrays baked whole. The spectacle is amazing.
27. On the sand is better not to sit. Sometimes the sand fleas are found. Cockroaches more, but it is mainly found on the street. The hotel main living creatures - small geckos, which the sea, but they do not strain.
28. By tipping the Vietnamese are not accustomed to, although if left ten thousand dong (15 rubles), the staff will take them, but other people's things, money, wallets, smart phones - will not touch.
29. The most delicious fruit here - mangosteen (in Russian - garlic because of the similarity of color and shape of fruits), rambutans and mangoes, for an amateur - the heart of the dragon (Pitahaya) and cherimoya (scaly green fruit).
30. The steaks are often served with blood. We must ask the fry.
31. Taxi is better to take city. It is worth a penny, and the account is on the taximeter. In the motorcycle taxi can be fun to say goodbye to life.
32. International and Russian driver's license in Vietnam does not operate.
33. Traffic regulations in this country, in fact, not. Everyone goes as he wants. Scooter about 50 million to 80 million of the population, and on the road chaos. Maximum speed - 60 km / h. In fact - 20-30 km / h. All travel in helmets and face masks, without a hand, reconstructing a crazy speed and in all directions. On the "oncoming" go constantly with a view to overtaking. To go this way, you just need to raise your hand and pray that you saw. However, children and cyclists are respected and passed all.
34. In order to meet with a girl with a piquant purpose, there are special "holiday homes».
35. Urban residents usually have two children, for on the third simply draconian taxes. The cost of education and health care jumps tenfold. Country spit on all the bans and advice of the government, giving birth to ten children.
36. Sex-service disguised as massage parlors and (attention!) Karaoke. :)
37. In the summer the temperature reaches 60 degrees in the rainy season about 28 degrees and the air almost as much water. Since the rains are transferred easily into the swimming pool with fresh juice mango.
38. On the beach are frequent visitors tides. It is a normal situation in the morning to discover the absence of half of the beach, or stranded at a distance of 100 meters from the surf. Just like in "Diamond Hand". :)
39. On the beach selling fruit with pearls and seashells.
40. Pearl distinguish from the real unreal teach guides, but this silver or the gold is almost nonexistent. Do not trust certificates. It dyes.
41. There are many sewing factories of famous brands, and Vietnamese, making the shipment to the conditional "Dolce & Gabbana", can sell these products under the brand name slightly altered, but not the quality of the domestic market.
42. Three Vietnamese prison are among the ten most horrible prisons in the world. The general principle - the cell 1, 5 × 1, 5 meters. Standing bent. The light is always on. People break the psyche of those who lived in the prison for two years - akin to God ... Lock-bottle-two-three-meter deep with a diameter of 40-50 cm at the bottom. Top throw rice and pour water. Not caught - wait tomorrow.
43. In the Vietnamese peasants truly steel back. All day, polusognuvshis in rice fields - it will not huhry-muhry.
44. In the south of Vietnam is a "Russian" position. Tourist village of Mui Ne, famous seafood of excellent quality. There you can meet people from the former Soviet Union, opened their travel agency or cafe, where you cook and dumplings with mashed potatoes and belyashi with dumplings. There are karaoke menu in Russian almost everywhere.
45. The staff are extremely sociable and cheerful, unlike Arab servants in the resorts of Egypt or Turkey.
46. ​​The Vietnamese school can take courses to choose from. What is taught, what will be in the certificate is true, everything is paid, so that even the students are working.
47. The most successful are considered among Vietnamese businessmen and traders. Almost every young person wants to open at least a cigarette stall.
48. The Russian ruble in Vietnam are not listed, do not take them with you, as well as the euro.
49. Vietnam - it is very real tropics with 100 percent humidity. Get ready for the fact that things dry in the room will not.
50. The variety of souvenirs do not hit. Traditional hats, magnets, shells with fake pearls, but a bottle of local reptiles.
51. The Vietnamese released their rum. A bottle costs about 100 rubles. Beer 0, 33 (local, of course), you can buy in the supermarket in terms of 11 rubles.
52. For help in the US-Vietnam War the people of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam forever grateful Russian. Everywhere monuments, steles. The older generation holds cherished Soviet binoculars. Our very helpful weapons and personnel in this war, it is not officially taking part. Anecdote:
"Entered service the Vietnamese new Russian MIG - ... Fly, so it Vietnamese and saw the plane appeared Jankowski. Vietnamese reading instruction: "If there was an enemy aircraft, press the green button." Vietnamese clicks, immediately triggered autoguider system, the shot rocket - no aircraft. Flies on. Suddenly, for two! Vietnamese - in the statement: "If two enemy aircraft - to NJ Button". Vietnamese presses blue button MIG navёl himself and fired missiles - no aircraft ... flying on, five! Vietnamese, according to the instruction, pressed white button - and destroyed these! Flies further - towards an entire squadron of a dozen aircraft. Vietnamese in the statement: "If ten or more - press the red button." Clicks ... There is removed the chair, the man gets anxious look and says, "Well, spacecraft narrow-eyed, PODVIHSYA!" »
53. 10% of the country (in the north) and was not restored after the napalm attack. Now there is a desert.
54. 25 million Vietnamese have gone into the jungle during the war.



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