Victims of the poison: after decades in Vietnam, children are born freaks

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After more than 30 years after the end of hostilities in Vietnam, relations between Hanoi and Washington are still strained. The reason - the use of America's chemical weapons agent "Agent Orange» (Agent Orange).

The war ended April 30, 1975, but her curse affects second and third generation residents of Vietnam.

In the 60s and 70s the Americans, trying to find shelter Viet Cong sprayed from aircraft, "Agent Orange". The main ingredient of "Agent Orange" - the poison of "number 1" - dioxin.

Dioxin - generalizing the name of a group of organochlorine compounds is quite specific structure. Total dioxin about eight dozen. The most common in the "language of chemists' abbreviated TCDD. Perhaps it is also the most dangerous, as 67 thousand times more poisonous cyanide. It can be a powerful immunosuppressant, as the AIDS virus. May cause serious cancers.

During the US war in Vietnam was sprayed over 80 million liters of "Agent Orange & quot; ...

45 million liters secretly sprayed over the southern parts of the country, near the Cambodian border.

This contains dioxin devilish mixture not only turned the fertile regions in the "dead zone».

The Vietnamese had to sit for weeks in shelters because of American bombing. When they went outside, the trees around were already without leaves.

"Agent Orange" has had and has a detrimental effect on the gene pool of the population of these regions.

Powerful defoliant guilty of that in the areas where the toxic chemical was sprayed, people have an increased rate of birth defects.

Until now, in Vietnam there are children born with congenital deformities of various kinds, physical and mental. Many of them are at increased risk of cancer.

Especially a lot of disabled people in remote villages in the Mekong River Basin.

In Vietnam, there are approximately 4, 8 million victims of this toxic substance, including three million directly affected by the so-called "orange rain».

Registered still a large number of people who have become disabled due to the fact that their parents and grandparents, were subjected to dioxin treatment.

In the late 1990s, Canadian researchers took samples of soil, water, and living in her fish and ducks, as well as human tissue samples.

They found that the affected areas of soil concentration of dioxins above normal in 13 times, and in the fatty tissue of the human body - 20 times.

Japanese scientists who were engaged in comparing infected and uninfected areas, found that in infected areas three times higher risk of having children with a cleft palate, cleft palate so-called ...

... Or extra fingers and toes.

In addition, children born in these places, is eight times more common umbilical hernia ...

... And three times more likely congenital mental disabilities.

Spraying chemicals on Vietnam ended in 1971 with the requirements of the public, but by the time it was made 6000 sorties.

Nguyen Trong Nhan, a representative of the Vietnamese Association of Victims of Agent Orange and a former president of the Vietnamese Red Cross, believes the use of this substance as a war crime.

"We are trying to help those affected by this substance, and it contains dioxin, but the possibilities are limited to our government," - he admits.

In 2004, activists of the Association appealed to the US Supreme Court on the manufacturers of the chemical. The plaintiffs sought from chemical companies damages to human health and the environment of the country.

The monetary compensation in the event of judicial victory could amount to several billion dollars.

But in 2005, a federal judge in the US has rejected the case on the grounds that while the use of the toxic defoliant did not contradict any international laws ...

"To meet the claims of the plaintiffs have no basis either in the domestic law of any country in the world, nor in any of the branches of international law", - says the recently published 233-page written opinion Judge of the Federal District Court in Brooklyn Jack Weinstein.

"The fact that some people fell ill after spraying is not sufficient evidence that it was the cause of spraying of the harm" - said in conclusion.

However, in 1984, manufacturers of chemicals contributed $ 180 million to the fund of the American veterans of the Vietnam War, after they filed them in court. However, they did not recognize any guilt.

America normalize relations with Vietnam 10 years ago. But in 2004, a joint US-Vietnamese project dealing with the study of effects of "Agent Orange" was closed.

The United States found the money to clean up Vietnam mine left over from the war. "I think the same should be done with" Agent Orange "- says Nguyen Trong Nhan.

"This issue will not go away by itself - it affects a very large number of people in Vietnam ..."


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