Terrible torture in history

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1. Chinese bamboo torture.

Sadly the world-famous Chinese way of terrible punishment. Perhaps the legend, because up to now did not survive a single documentary evidence that the torture is really used.

Bamboo - one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Some of his Chinese varieties may one day grow up to a meter. Some historians believe that the deadly bamboo torture was applied not only to the ancient Chinese, but also the Japanese military during World War II.

How it works? 1) The germs live bamboo sharpened knife to get sharp "spearĀ»;

2) The victim is hung horizontally, back or stomach on the beds of young sharpened bamboo;

3) Bamboo is fast growing in height, pierce the skin and martyr germinate through his abdominal cavity, people die very slowly and painfully.

2. Iron Maiden

Like torture bamboo, "iron maiden" Many researchers believe the terrible legend. Perhaps these metal coffins with sharp spikes in only frightened defendants, after which they confessed to anything. "Iron Maiden" was invented in the late 18th century, ie, already in the sunset of the Catholic Inquisition.

How does it work?

1) The victim is pushed into the sarcophagus and close the door;

2) spikes driven into the internal wall of the "iron maiden" is quite short and not sacrifice to pierce through, but only hurt. The investigator, usually in a matter of minutes, a confession that the arrested can only sign;

3) If a prisoner shows fortitude and continues to be silent, through special holes in the sarcophagus to push through long nails, knives, and a short sword. The pain becomes unbearable;

4) The victim did not admit to the crime, it was locked in a sarcophagus for a long time, where she dies of blood loss;

5) In some models, the "iron maiden" spikes were provided at eye level, so that they put out operativnenko.

3. scaphism

The name of this torture comes from the Greek "skafium", which means "trough." Scaphism was popular in ancient Persia. The victim is most often a prisoner of war during the torture Insanitarium different indifferent to human flesh and blood of insects and their larvae.

How does it work?

1) The prisoner was placed in a shallow trough and wrapped with chains.

2) His force-fed large amounts of milk and honey, from which the victim begins copious diarrhea, which attracts insects.

3) Captive, obgadit, smeared with honey, in the trough allowed to swim through the swamp, where the usual lot of hungry critters.

4) Insects immediately start the meal, as a main dish - the living flesh of a martyr.

4. Horrible pear

"Lies pear - you can not eat," - said about medieval European cannon "education" blasphemers, liars, women who gave birth outside marriage and homosexual men. Depending on the crime, the torturer pear stuffing sinner (CE) in the mouth, anus or vagina.

How does it work?

1) An instrument consisting of a pointed leaf segments pear shape is inserted to the customer at the right hole of the body;

2) The Executioner gradually turns screw on the top of a pear, with "leaves" -segmenty bloom inside the martyr, causing infernal pain;

3) After a pear fully revealed offender received internal injuries incompatible with life and die in horrible agony if you had already fell into unconsciousness.

5. Copper Bull

The design of this machine of death developed by the ancient Greeks, or to be more precise, the coppersmith Perillo, who sold his terrible bull Sicilian tyrant Falaris who just loved to torment and kill people in unusual ways.

Inside the copper statue, through a special door, pushed a living person.

And then ...

Falaris first of all tested the unit on its creator - greedy Perillo. Subsequently, and in most Falaris roasted ox.

How does it work?

1) The victim is close to a hollow copper statue of a bull;

2) Under the belly of the bull to make fire;

3) Victim roasted alive like ham in a skillet;

4) The structure of bull is that the martyr cries are heard from the mouth of the statue, like the roar of a bull;

5) from the bones of an executed made jewelry and amulets, which were sold in the bazaars and in great demand ...

6. Torture rats

Flay rats was very popular in ancient China. Nevertheless, we consider the technique of rat punishment developed the leader of the Dutch Revolution of the 16th century Didrik Sono.

How does it work?

1) to strip the martyr is placed on the table and tie;

2) Large, heavy cage with hungry rats prisoner placed on the abdomen and chest. The bottom cell is opened by a special valve;

3) the cells are placed on top of hot coals to stir rats;

4) Trying to escape from the heat of the hot coals, rats gnaw their way through the flesh of the victim.

7. Cradle of Judas

Cradle of Judas was one of the most excruciating torture machines in the arsenal Supremo - Spanish Inquisition. Victims usually die of infection, due to the fact that peaked sitting torture machine never disinfected. Cradle of Judas as an instrument of torture, was considered "loyal" because bone does not break and no ligament tearing.

How does it work?

1) The victim, whose hands and feet bound, seated on top of a pointed pyramid;

2) The top of the pyramid thrust into the anus or vagina;

3) With the help of ropes sacrifice gradually dipped lower and lower;

4) The torture continued for several hours or even days, until the victim dies of helplessness and pain or bleeding as a consequence of the rupture of soft tissues.

8. Stamp Out elephants

For several centuries, this penalty is practiced in India and Indochina. The elephant is very easy to exercise and teach him tread down their huge feet delinquent sacrifice a matter of days

How does it work?

1. The victim was tied to the floor;

2. Hall give birth to a trained elephant that crushed the head of the martyr;

3. Sometimes, before the "controlling mind" animal crush victims hands and feet in order to amuse the audience.

9. Dyba

Probably the most famous and unsurpassed in its kind of death machine called "the rack". It was first tested in about 300 AD the Christian martyr Vincent of Saragossa.

Anyone who survived the buck, no longer able to use their muscles and turned into a helpless vegetable.

How does it work?

1. This instrument of torture is a special bed with rollers on both ends, which are wound on the rope holding the wrists and ankles of the victim. By rotating the rolls of rope stretched in opposite directions, stretching the body;

2. Bundles on the victim's arms and legs stretched and torn, the bones popping out of their sockets.

3. The use of other variant reared called strappado: it consisted of two pillars, dug into the ground and connected by a crossbar. Interrogate their hands tied behind their backs and lifted their hands tied behind the rope. Sometimes his feet bound to attach a log or other loads. At the same time his hands raised to the rack man wrenched back and often out of joint, so that the convict had to hang on splayed hands. On the rack were from a few minutes to an hour or more. This form of rearing used most often used in Western Europe

4. Russia raised the rack suspect whipped on the back, and "applied to the fire," that is led by the body burning brooms.

5. In some cases, the executioner was breaking from a man hanging on the rack ribs with red-hot pincers.

10. Paraffin bladder

Savage form of torture, for certain applications are not installed.

How does it work?

1. Candle wax hands rolled out into a thin sausage, which was introduced through the urethra into;

2. Paraffin slip into the bladder, where it started to precipitate solid salts and so forth. Muck.

3. Soon after the victim began kidney problems and she died of acute renal failure. On average, death occurs within 3-4 days.

11. Shiri (Camel cap)

Monstrous fate awaited those zhuanzhuany (alliance of nomadic Turkic peoples) were taken to his slaves. They destroyed the memory of the terrible slave torture - putting on the victim's head in the expanse. Typically, this fate befell young men captured in battle.

How does it work?

1. First, slaves bald shaved head, carefully scraped every hairs at the root.

2. Executioners sacrificed a camel carcass and osvezhovyvali his first duty otdelyalyaya its most severe, dense nuchae part.

3. Dividing the neck into pieces, it was immediately pulled in a pair on the shaved heads of prisoners. These pieces of plaster covered his head like a slave. This is meant to put the width.

4. After putting the width neck doomed chained in a special wooden deck to the subject could not touch his head to the ground. In this form, they were taken away from crowded places, so no one heard their heart-rending cries, and threw it in the open field, with hands and feet bound, in the sun, without water and without food.

5. The torture lasted for 5 days.

6. The units were still alive, and the rest did not die from hunger and even thirst, but from the unbearable, inhumane tortures inflicted drying out, shrinking rawhide color of camel skin. Inexorably shrinking under the burning sun, the width clench, compress shaved head slave like iron bands. Already on the second day were beginning to sprout hair shaved martyrs. Hard and straight Asian hair sometimes grow into rawhide, in most cases, no way out, her hair curled and again went to the ends of the scalp, causing more suffering. Within a day a person loses his mind. Only on the fifth day zhuanzhuany came to check whether anyone had survived the captivity. If you were caught alive at least one of the tortured, it was thought that the goal is achieved ..

7. Anyone who undergoes the procedure, or dying, unable to bear the torture, or deprived of a lifetime memory turned into mankurt - servant, not remembering his past.

8. nuchal skin of the camel was enough for five or six expanse.

12. Implantation metal

Very strange means of torture, punishment was used in the Middle Ages.

How does it work?

1. On the feet a person makes a deep cut, where to put a piece of metal (iron, lead, etc.), and then the wound is sutured.

2. Over time, the metal is oxidized, poisoning the body and causing terrible pain.

3. In most cases the poor man tore the skin in the place where it was sewn metal, and died from blood loss.

13. The division into two parts human

This terrible punishment was born in Thailand. She was subjected to the most hardened criminals - mostly murderers.

How does it work?

1. The accused is placed in woven vines hoodie, and prick it with a sharp object;

2. After that, quickly chop his body into two parts, the upper half of immediately placed on a red-hot copper lattice; This operation stops the blood and prolongs the life of the faithful of the person.

A small addition: This torture is described in the book of the Marquis de Sade, "Justine, or the successes of vice." This is a small excerpt from a large piece of text where de Sade describes alleged torture of the world. But why supposedly? According to many critics, the Marquis loved to invent. He had an extraordinary imagination and a pair of mania, so that this torture, as well as some of the other could be a figment of his imagination. But it does not apply to the field of Donasenu as Baron Alphonse Myunhauzenom. This torture is, in my opinion, if it did not exist before, it is quite realistic. Unless, of course, before that person pump painkillers (opioids, alcohol, etc.), that he would not die before his body touched to the lattice.

14. Inflation air through the anus
The terrible torture in which a man pumped air through the anal canal.

There is evidence that in Russia this sin even Peter himself first.

The most common way thieves executed.

How does it work?

1. The victim was bound hand and foot.

2. Next, take the cotton and stuffing their ears, nose and mouth of the poor man.

3. In his anus insert bellows, by means of which a person was pumped into a huge amount of air as a result of which he becomes like a balloon.

3. then plug it back pass piece of cotton.

4. Then he opened two veins above the eyebrows, of which under tremendous pressure all the blood flowed.

5. Sometimes bound naked man posing on the roof of the palace and shot arrows until until he died.

6. Before 1970, this method is often used in prisons in Jordan.

15. Polledro
Neapolitan executioners affectionately called this torture "polledro" - "foal" (polledro) and were proud of the fact that it was first used in their home cities. Although the history and kept the name of its inventor, said that he was an expert konnozavodskogo case and to pacify their horses came up with an unusual device.
Only a few decades, fans make fun of people turned into a real device breeder the torture machine for people.

The machine was a wooden frame similar to a ladder rungs of which were cross had a very acute angle, so that when a person put them back they bumped into the body from head to toe. The ladder ended in a huge wooden spoon, which, as if in a cap, put his head.

How does it work?

1. On both sides of the frame and to "cap" are drilled, into each of which the rope is threaded. The first of these was delayed on his forehead tortured last linked toes. As a rule, the ropes were thirteen, but for particularly stubborn increased their number.

2. specially adapted rope stretched more and more - the victims felt that by crushing the muscles, they dug into the bone.

16. Dead Man's Bed (modern China)

Torture, "Dead Man's Bed," the Chinese Communist Party applies mainly to those prisoners who tried to protest against the illegal detention via a hunger strike. In most cases prisoners of conscience, imprisoned for his beliefs.

How does it work?

1. Hands and feet strip naked prisoner tied to the corners of the bed where the mattress instead of a wooden board with a hole cut out. By opening substituted bucket of faeces. Often ropes tightly tied to the bed and the human body so that he could not even move. In this position, the person is continuously several days to weeks.

2. In some prisons, such as prison number 2 in Shenyang City and Jilin City Prison, the police under the victim's back More enclose hard thing to strengthen the suffering.

3. It also happens that the bed is put upright and 3-4 days a man hanging by the limbs stretched.

4. These tortures are added more and force-feeding, which is carried out through a tube inserted through the nose into the esophagus, which is filled with liquid food.

5. We perform this procedure mainly prisoners on the orders of protection, rather than health professionals. They do it very rude and unprofessional, often causing serious damage to internal organs.

6. Past through this torture say that when there is a shift of vertebrae, joints of hands and feet, as well as numbness and blackening limbs, which often leads to disability.

17. Clamp (Contemporary China)

One of medieval torture used in Chinese prisons today, is wearing a wooden yoke. He put on a prisoner why he can not normally walk or stand.

The collar consists of a board of 50 to 80 cm. In length from 30 to 50 cm. In width and 10 - 15 cm. Thick. In the middle of the yoke made two leg openings.

The victim, wearing a collar which, barely moving, should crawl into bed and usually has to sit or lie down, as the vertical position can cause pain and injury leads to toe. Without help, a man with a collar can not go to eat or go to the toilet. When a person gets out of bed, collar not only puts pressure on the legs and heels, causing pain, but it clings to the edge of the bed and does not allow a person to return to it. At night, the prisoner is unable to turn around, and in the winter does not harbor a short blanket feet.

Even the worst form of torture called "crawling with wooden yoke." The guards put a collar on the man and ordered him to crawl on the concrete floor. If it stops, it hit the back of a police baton. An hour later, the fingers, toenails and knees bleed much, while, as the back is covered with wounds from the blows.

18. impalement

Horrible wild penalty came from the East.

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