ASTROPROGNOZ this year soedinennny of several system forecasts.

Dear friends, we offer you ASTROPROGNOZ this year soedinennny of several system prognozov.Astroprognoz this week was given at a constant theme of the Akash (you can find it obscene relevance). ASTROPROGNOZ January will give either the subject, as a continuation of, or in the same subject "Akasha. ASTROPROGNOZ »

2015 was a year of Uranus with the dream of originality, search, studies, discoveries, in 2016 - the year of Neptune with a dream of everyone to be a necessary and valuable to the world on the basis of diversity accumulated in 2015, the experience and the values ​​of life for reciprocity in the relationship.
VA Polyakov
2016 will continue the transition period that began with a moment of transition of the solar system to a new plane of the Galaxy 21.12.2012, when the world turned upside down, resulting in changed targets mankind. These changes became apparent in 2014, when the cross of 4 crucial planets - Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto - intensified the process of its transformation, which began to unfold at an unprecedented rate, threatening the planet and putting civilization on the brink of disaster. In 2016, as in 2015, these processes will continue permanently, taking all large scale.
2016, as well as the next three, will not bring the world to facilitate and harmonize - all crisis and conflict trends intensify, and the degree of their impact on our lives will steadily increase. In general, all the processes, which started in 2011, and that in such devastating form so clearly manifested in 2014, will receive their further development and implementation in 2016 - their results will have an impact on the world at least until 2018. Moving into a new age of Aquarius irreversibly continues and we still have many years of change and transformation. On kosmoskheme at the start of the New Year's fight chimes in the tower of the Kremlin, in contrast to last year when a small parade of planets in the signs of Sagittarius to Aries balanced by giant Jupiter, the planets are relatively evenly arranged in an arc stretching through the signs of the zodiac of the Virgin to Aries. As can be seen, the vast majority of planets in the signs located synthesized evolutionary hemisphere (from Libra to Pisces). This means that humanity it is time to "gather stones", that is responsible for all that it "mess things up" for 2,000 years, throughout the previous era of Pisces - this underlines the strong and Neptune in his monastery in Pisces, "defeat" square from Saturn in Sagittarius and outputting to the surface all the distortions. And as the global experience of this era is far from perfect, it is possible to understand why the current period resulted and in the future will lead to further exacerbation in all spheres of human life.

Furthermore, the predominance of planets in the evolutionary hemisphere means that in the coming year (and beyond) the energy of the cosmos will teach us how to live not so much for "a loved one," but for the world, aiming at his service and its improvement. Another important indication of this configuration - is the need for unity and cooperation among people and nations on a scale from tiny family groups to global civilization as a whole. If these principles during the year does not prevail over previous periods inherent desire for self-assertion and the suppression of competition, humanity risks being on the verge of self-destruction. Only peace, unity, cooperation and mutual assistance are able to save the world from impending catastrophe, to which more than clear "hint" us light from the cosmos.
Along with "raskhlebyvaniem brewed oatmeal" last in 2016 will continue actively shaping the future - as well as last year, the Sun in Capricorn resonates with the square between Uranus and Pluto, has for five years a program determining radical renewal of humanity. And this year, supported by Uranus trine from Saturn, so that the upgrade process will become more manageable, predictable and structured, in contrast to the rampant and randomness in previous years, but no less powerful and energetic. In the coming year we will be able to deliberate harmonization of their lives with these reforms that will help many of us to understand, accept and fulfill his destiny. "Open" the evolutionary arc of the planets Jupiter in conjunction with the Moon at ascending node of the moon in Virgo trine to Mercury. In this configuration, all the planets are involved even levels of the solar system (2 - Mercury, 4 - and 6 Moon - Jupiter). This means that the main prospect of the development of mankind in the coming year should be to harmonize and build beauty at all levels - between people, in groups, in society. Our utility companies included in its hierarchy and the service it will open the way toward a more harmonious and voluntary entry into the stream of evolution and change, the end of which in Aries flame shines ruler of the new age of Aquarius Uranus, serving us a guiding star on the way to the future. < br />
Now consider and describe the position of the planets in the zodiac throughout 2016. For the general global trends and development strategy for the whole of humanity as a whole meet the three higher planets discovered astronomical science in modern times - is Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Their current position in the zodiac signs established in the spring of 2011 and remains a constant 7 years - as long as Uranus in 2018 will not go into the next sign - Taurus. Therefore, universal human evolutionary development program and the transition into the Aquarian age remains valid for 2016.

Pluto in Capricorn puts the achievements of modern civilization test of their fitness for purpose of humanity, which is related to the harmonization of life on Earth and the creation of new forms of relations with nature and between people. This position of Pluto to the very foundations of the system and shakes all the organizational structures on which to base the existence of modern civilization - state, social institutions and economic mechanisms. And all those that are contrary to the global program of the evolution of the planet, or prevent it, be ruthless to break. Therefore, humanity is still should be prepared for severe shocks and changes in all spheres of life - including politics and economics. Geopolitical conflicts and confrontation, which began in 2014, will continue and intensify. Probably the deepening global economic crisis. In addition, possible natural disasters. Therefore, people should be clearly aware of their unity with each other and with nature, and indeed the unity of all things, taking on a certain share of responsibility for the fate of the world. Neptune in Pisces - in its "native" sign of the zodiac, which it controls, so it is now the most powerful position for as much as half a century. Influence of Neptune directs humanity to the highest ideals and values ​​of love and wisdom, inspired by his faith in the triumph of good and helps to reveal the sensitivity to the world. However, the strong position of the planet is intensifying and strengthening of both positive and negative manifestations of its potential energy. Therefore, if a certain part of humanity all the surrounding space as if will be filled with waves of love, kindness and inspiration, the other risks more to break away from reality (through strong drink, drugs, leaving the virtual network life) completely lost and confused in the illusions and dependencies . Of course, the choice of one of these poles depends on the level of consciousness and target orientation of the development of every human being, so it is always important to remember the universal spiritual values ​​and to build a harmonious relationship with the hierarchy of the world around us, guided by the knowledge of the universal laws of evolution.

Uranus in Aries is actively introduces a new era of humanity, of which he is the ruler. He inspires people to new and exciting ideas and literally puts us all in the face of the future. And all this novelty bursts into our lives in the fiery active, impulsive, persistent, and sometimes because too revolutionary and disharmonious, causing some chaos and like cutting the ground from under his feet. The whole world is updated, but this is not going perfectly - sometimes there is resistance to the new energies large that can not be overcome except by riots, revolutions, wars. In 2016, still a possible military confrontation, revolution and terrorism around the world. This flow is not easy to keep the right direction, so some people are beginning to feel the fear of change and go in yourself, closing on new trends era. But such a reaction is a hindrance to development and an even greater disharmony in the future, because the future can not be avoided. Therefore, all people should be as open to new ideas, energy and processes, do not be afraid of new situations and non-standard solutions, feel free to dream of the future and create it in their lives. The square between Uranus and Pluto in 2016 will weaken the first time in five years, from mid-June until the end of October at the time of interrupt its action. This means that the incentive tuning humanity on the difficult but effective global evolutionary work on updating and improving ourselves and the world will begin to wane - the cosmic forces have done their job and teach us a lesson, and then humanity should already act itself. Therefore, the second half will show how this lesson has been learned, and whether mankind to manage the process of its renewal and transformation. Yet most of the year, this aspect is still testifies to the active destruction of all forms of counteracting the flow of evolution, and instead building their new, more modern, progressive and committed. All the earth will continue to tremble under the influence of a powerful transforming the flow of cosmic energy, so in this period can expect natural, technological and humanitarian disasters - from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to the local military operations and terrorist attacks. Therefore, throughout the year will need to be a conscious effort to maintain harmony and peace in the world, starting small - with his closest associates, friends and relatives, himself. At the same time, this voltage will rapidly stimulate the development of humanity - you can expect a large and fundamental scientific discoveries (for example, in the field of alternative energy sources) to help mankind more harmonious cooperation with nature.

However, as most of 2016 - from late March to mid-December - the global power continues to be somewhat mitigated between Neptune and Pluto, which can give support to all the positive creative initiatives evolutionary orientation, provided a clear awareness of the goals and trends of global development and opportunities of a new era . This aspect is held intermittently since the 1950s, because Neptune and Pluto at the site of their orbits are moving almost in sync with each other. Thus, humanity has more than half a century strongly stimulated to an intense evolutionary development through the aggravation of sensitivity to the world, refined perception, strengthening spiritual thirst. "The key to the Highest Heaven" Chiron serving conductor of the human mind from the individual through the group to the planetary whole in 2016 still hold in Pisces. This is his position will require each person to understand their most subtle and elusive feelings and experiences, to find and carefully close up all the loopholes for internal dishonesty and self-deception.

The strict and unforgiving "Guardian of the Threshold" Saturn in 2016 to hold all in the sign of Sagittarius, where it will continue to be tested for strength and examinations for compliance with the requirements of the evolution of our world, the ability to control the general level of life and culture. If this test is not successfully delivered, it may be subject to restrictions of human existence in the areas of social activities, leadership, management, education, travel, spiritual development and practice. In humanity as a whole accelerated the process of the withering away of the old, outdated and contrary to the progress of their ideologies and cultures. People, life and activity which is contrary to the plan of evolution, are in their subjective feelings for a long time as if "frozen" in the past. However, at the same time humanity will be stimulated by the concentration of thoughts on looking for more accurate planning of the path of spiritual development of each person, deep understanding and awareness of their own individual purpose, vision of global evolutionary trends. For the people standing on the progressive path, subjective passage of time and the intensity of living events, on the contrary, accelerated. The danger is that many people will be unprepared for this the test of time, so they will be subjectively perceived as stress and tension.

Most of the year - until mid-November - Saturn forms a square to Neptune, who will be seriously tested universal ideals and values. All false scientific, cultural and spiritual achievements and false, not evolutionary value will be severely and painfully exposed and crumble. The same touch feeling of finding harmony in people, stop, or, even worse, turning back the clock in his spiritual development. Many in this period may increase the feeling of loneliness and the feeling of pessimism and hopelessness of life, a kind of "stalemate in the development." Unfortunately, the same aspect will also exacerbate the negative ideological trends in society - such as nationalism, religious fundamentalism and fanaticism and general intolerance of dissent in any area that is fraught with further deterioration and so unstable and tense global political situation. However, at the same time it will make many people on the background of constantly "gathering clouds" think more deeply about the meaning of life, eternal values ​​and its mission.

Fortunately, this tense and largely negative trend will partly soften and balance the other - it will trine Saturn and Uranus, which will run in two phases - before the beginning of May, and then from the beginning of November until the end of the year, and by year-end positive renewing influence of Uranus surely prevail over the above depressing influence of Neptune. Trine Saturn and Uranus will update philosophical concepts and targets of mankind, and it will be structured, purposefully and systematically, not randomly. This aspect will also initiate structural changes in power in most states. Therefore, it is hoped that by the end of the year the actions and decisions of the authorities around the world a few change their character. They gradually begin to exert greater influence over the peace-loving and ready to cooperate at the international level are people for whom the interests of peace and the evolutionary development of their peoples and humanity as a whole will prevail over personal and clan interests prevalence and domination. In addition, this aspect will stimulate new research and development, as well as new principles and concepts in economics, finance and social sciences to help more harmoniously adapt the most important spheres of human life to the requirements and conditions of the new era. In the individual life of the people, this aspect will see new prospects for expanding the process of renewal of society.

"Good luck," the sky - Jupiter - most of 2016 hold in Virgo, bringing good luck and new opportunities in everyday affairs - to work every day, work, family life, as well as in relations between people. At this time fate will be easy to patronize employees in all areas, responsibly and accurately perform their duties, as well as people such occupations as farmers, doctors, engineers, analysts and programmers. In society, he will direct the main focus of attention in the sphere of economy and social welfare issues. In addition, people will be given excellent chances greatly improve their health and life - enjoy a wellness practices. Jupiter in Virgo will make our daily life more interesting and meaningful, and its parts - a bright and attractive. The results of honest and hard work will be appreciated by society - including in material and financial terms.
Jupiter in Virgo forms a tight configuration of the T-square with Saturn on top of and opposition to Neptune, which will be given to the crisis nature of social processes - many political events, the causes of which were laid in the past year, in the first half of 2016 will receive their completion.


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