Know how to use what is.

To do something significant in life, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Look around you - and you will find many ways to express themselves. None of them is perfect. Some make you adapt. Sometimes you need to be able to adapt. That's right - to understand that the same thing can be said and done in different ways.

If you try for a perfect shape - the perfect job, the perfect relationship - then you will constantly be disappointed. The world can not ensure perfection in this sense. It just offers everyone the opportunity to grow and change, which is not difficult if you are not tied to a form of self-expression. Use the form that is available to you at the moment. Free yourself from prejudice. Every moment is new. Each situation requires something special.

Attachment to ensure that say or do something a certain way - it's the shackles of time. Such attachment rivets you to the past. It locks you inside a false identity. Every experience is occurring in your way, raises the question, do you desire to escape, wish to believe, if you wish to go beyond time. If you're not tied to a form, go beyond time easily. You focus on the present, on the eternal "now." Whatever happens, it requires you full attention.

But are there many of which are fully present in what is happening? Most of you are involved in the assessment of what is happening, searching for flaws in it, the desire to make it look the same as they had expected. In other words, you cling to the wrong image of his personality. Currently trying to bring into line with the past. Try to honestly answer the question: do you want measured, predictable life? This is exactly what you want? If yes, then you should realize that the world can not provide this.

Everything in the world is constantly changing. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is predictable. Security can only be temporary. Thoughts come and go. Relations arise and end. Bodies are born and die. The only thing you can offer world - impermanence, growth, change. At the level of shape constancy exists. Every form in nature is a distortion of the original formlessness universe. That includes everything, takes everything loves everything can not be limited form.

Love does not choose any subject of love or the moment of its manifestation. Love extends to all at all times. Love exists without any conditions: it is, so to speak, "devoid of form". Does this mean that you can not experience love in this world? Of course not! However, the experience of love is diminished in direct proportion to your requirements in its interpretation or control.

Interpretation imposes conditions that should not have conditions. Putting conditions of love, you feel the conditions, not love. You're dealing with the form, not the content. Love manifests itself only through an open heart. A heart open - it is not a technique, and emotional readiness that goes beyond definable concepts. As soon as each shape is changing, the heart opened without fear of changing its co-tenancies.

If you want to understand something in this world, to learn to see the shape of a creative intention. Tune in to the intent behind what makes the other person, and you will understand what this activity means to him. And when you look only at the naked form, you see just what it means for you.

"To see what is behind the form" - the same thing that "to see what is beyond your own prejudices┬╗.

To see a brother for what he really is, you have to go beyond the boundaries of their own judgments about it. To find him, approached him, open your heart and ask what his intentions. Just so you can understand it. When a person's intentions are changed, expressing changing their shape. If you become more sensitive to their own intentions and intentions of others, you will be better prepared for changes form.

Non-attachment to the form is not born as a result of alienation from the people, and as a result of a rapprochement with them. It is impossible to achieve detachment, keeping away from people. The result will be the opposite. Only allowing others in the heart, you gain the ability to get rid of them. Compassion and detachment go hand in hand. You can not love someone and at the same time, try to control it. Just wanting to fellow what is best for him, you have to provide him with freedom. And, without giving him freedom, you do not give him love.

Attachment to form stems from the profound insecurity. You can not fully understand it until you go out beyond the attachment. But such a solution is imminent. It is programmed life. Any situation in life gives you the opportunity to achieve both greater intimacy and greater freedom. When you stronger and stronger love more and more and more people, the attachment to each individual decreases. You become attached not to a specific person, but to the love that each of them extends to you. You are approaching the experience of Divine Love, which is outside the body, but in essence - is any form.

Calling to use any form available at the moment, I ask you to be flexible and responsive. Please go to the level of intentions. I ask you to go to the close without trying, at the same time, to define or control. If you do this, you will never be limited by form or obsessed with her. You will gain the freedom to create spontaneously. This is the best advice which I can give you.

Stay in the present, without expecting anything, without worrying about the result.

Do not complain about the form that is provided to you, and do not give it more importance than it has. Perfection is impossible without you.

If you want to find the truth, look inside. Look at your own intentions. Then, you can certainly understand the intentions of the other person.

Paul Ferrini


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