As it will be "doomsday"

In 2012 will again be "doomsday", again according to the Mayan calendar ... And so every year until 2020 th, which "doomsday" is planned by Sir Isaac Newton.
Let's look at the possible options for doomsday.

We will destroy the monster from the depths of space

Many Saints believe (and generally speaking, not without some reason) that someday the earth will perish in the depths of space when faced with some terrible object. This doomsday scenario is quite plausible. Our sun, dragging all the planets of its system, rushing to the star Vega, one of the brightest stars in our sky, at a rate of more than 69 000 km / h. Who knows what might encounter on its way this giant spaceship on which we are all passengers? Collisions of cosmic bodies to each other is not so rare. For example, in 1994 the comet Shoemaker-Levy collided with Jupiter. Its wreckage of bombed the planet from 16 to 22 July. If such a collision occurred with the Earth, it would have gone well for the "end of the world", because the fall of the largest fragments caused the explosion, which was 750 times stronger than the simultaneous blasting of all nuclear weapons stockpiled in the world. In 2009, Jupiter is again faced with a cosmic body. As a result of this encounter in its atmosphere appeared a black spot the size of our Pacific Ocean. Should this occur on Earth, "doomsday" would also not be avoided.

Even if such a space standards for a "trifle" as the Tunguska meteorite, hit the capital of a large state, the "doomsday" is bound to come in the one state, and maybe in the next too. Earth about once a quarter of a million years, faced with meteorites whose dimensions are much greater Tunguska. Thus, according to some hypotheses, the mass extinction of all life on earth (the Permian-Triassic extinction), which occurred 250 million years ago was caused by the fall of a giant meteorite, whose crater hide the ice of Antarctica. On the eve of another mass extinction occurred 65 million years ago, the Earth is also faced with a meteorite, the diameter of which was about 10 km. Strike a colossus on the earth in oceans caused a tsunami height of 100 meters, and dust rose from the explosion, then a few years eclipsed sun. None of the people did not suffer because of their in the world did not exist, but there were dinosaurs, which are now no more.

Perhaps the Earth will face a 300-meter asteroid Apophis in just what some 25 years. April 13, 2036 the asteroid will approach the Earth at a dangerously close distance. Astronomers comfort that the probability of a catastrophic collision is extremely small, but deny the possibility of worst-case scenario. So the face or not - very soon all will see themselves, and without a telescope.


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