As it will be "doomsday"

In 2012 will again be "doomsday", again according to the Mayan calendar ... And so every year until 2020 th, which "doomsday" is planned by Sir Isaac Newton.
Let's look at the possible options for doomsday.

We will destroy the monster from the depths of space

Many Saints believe (and generally speaking, not without some reason) that someday the earth will perish in the depths of space when faced with some terrible object. This doomsday scenario is quite plausible. Our sun, dragging all the planets of its system, rushing to the star Vega, one of the brightest stars in our sky, at a rate of more than 69 000 km / h. Who knows what might encounter on its way this giant spaceship on which we are all passengers? Collisions of cosmic bodies to each other is not so rare. For example, in 1994 the comet Shoemaker-Levy collided with Jupiter. Its wreckage of bombed the planet from 16 to 22 July. If such a collision occurred with the Earth, it would have gone well for the "end of the world", because the fall of the largest fragments caused the explosion, which was 750 times stronger than the simultaneous blasting of all nuclear weapons stockpiled in the world. In 2009, Jupiter is again faced with a cosmic body. As a result of this encounter in its atmosphere appeared a black spot the size of our Pacific Ocean. Should this occur on Earth, "doomsday" would also not be avoided.

Even if such a space standards for a "trifle" as the Tunguska meteorite, hit the capital of a large state, the "doomsday" is bound to come in the one state, and maybe in the next too. Earth about once a quarter of a million years, faced with meteorites whose dimensions are much greater Tunguska. Thus, according to some hypotheses, the mass extinction of all life on earth (the Permian-Triassic extinction), which occurred 250 million years ago was caused by the fall of a giant meteorite, whose crater hide the ice of Antarctica. On the eve of another mass extinction occurred 65 million years ago, the Earth is also faced with a meteorite, the diameter of which was about 10 km. Strike a colossus on the earth in oceans caused a tsunami height of 100 meters, and dust rose from the explosion, then a few years eclipsed sun. None of the people did not suffer because of their in the world did not exist, but there were dinosaurs, which are now no more.

Perhaps the Earth will face a 300-meter asteroid Apophis in just what some 25 years. April 13, 2036 the asteroid will approach the Earth at a dangerously close distance. Astronomers comfort that the probability of a catastrophic collision is extremely small, but deny the possibility of worst-case scenario. So the face or not - very soon all will see themselves, and without a telescope.

We had exhausted the "cosmic rays»

Asteroids, comets, meteorites and other jewels - this is not the most dangerous threats lying in wait for us in the black depths of space. At least with these phenomena, within certain limits, can try to somehow cope. Scientists have long offered to create a special line of defense, allowing us to destroy flying meteors or to split them into smaller ones. All of this is still, of course, out of science fiction, but at least there is at least some proposals to protect.

As always, far more dangerous than the enemy that is invisible. Take, for example, a lethal gamma-radiation, which emits huge quantities of massive collapsing star at the time of his death. If such a release would do any supermassive star in our neighboring galaxy (and the probability of such an event does nonzero), the consequences for life on earth would be just awful. The most powerful gamma-ray flare just burn the ozone layer, which protects us from no less deadly ultraviolet radiation of our own sun. If that happens, then the living beings, and they will face the need to die slowly and painfully. Severe radiation sickness - it is very painful. In addition, the hard radiation required to destroy not only the plants on the land, but the plankton in the ocean, and this will necessarily entail a monstrous hunger for all the animals, and perhaps even choking, because the taiga forest and ocean phytoplankton are among the top suppliers of oxygen in our atmosphere. By the way, if we do try and sufficiently holing ozone layer (what, in fact, right now we are doing, throwing in an atmosphere of freon), or if the ozone layer is thinned by some mysterious natural causes (this also happens), then the consequences will be absolutely the same.

We all fell into a black hole

Ah, if only we were threatened with stones or hard gamma radiation. From them as it is possible to try to hide. For example, dig a shelter with a thick glubochennoe walls. Dilute underground stunted kitchen garden, sit on it, tremble, do not stick your neck out and hope for the best. Of course, the outlook is not so hot fun, but, says a famous proverb: "It is better to live badly than die well" (but there is another option: "better a well to die than to live badly" - so everyone can choose what that he likes, and will be the same rules).

But there is a pervasive force in the world, from which it is impossible either to hide or protect themselves. It is present everywhere, from her no screens. This force - gravity. Gravity acts on all matter, and all of the energy. Gravity lights the stars, gravity keeps the planets in orbit, gravity gave rise to life on Earth, and gravity in space creates terrible black hole. Massive stars, dying, can no longer resist its own gravity and turn into black holes. Black holes are created around him is enormous gravitational pull that not only objects with a mass, but even weightless light can not leave them. Black holes in space a lot - and small, and supermassive. In the center of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, too, is a supermassive black hole, around which another smaller black hole. All in all, our galaxy, scientists have counted about 10 million black holes of different sizes and weights.

To die, the world does not even need to fall into the black hole itself. Just look close enough to her, and the monstrous gravitational force will make life completely impossible. For example, with increasing force of attraction only 8 times compared with the norm (ie, the force of gravity that we experience every day), people are going blind, and getting into the gravitational field is 16 times stronger than ours, kills a man for 1 minute.

The meeting of the Earth to a black hole, scientists believe it unlikely (but still not incredible!) Event.

Our galaxy will die from a collision with another galaxy

Galaxy collisions happened more than once, and astronomy, this phenomenon is familiar. Moreover, our own galaxy, scientists have planned a collision with the Andromeda galaxy (or as it is called Andromeda) where some five billion years. Now Andromeda galaxy is from us at a distance of 2, 52 million light-years and is approaching us at a speed of about 120 km / sec (or 432 000 km / h). However, some scientists say that now we can not say for sure whether the big clash with the horrific explosions, peaceful merge into one large galaxy, or galaxy simply disperse without causing each other harm. Some assume that our solar system all at the same time throw a collision outside the galaxy.

Collision with any galaxy, of course, is always dangerous, but in any case, the collision with the Andromeda galaxy - the smallest of the problems of the inhabitants of the Earth. Indeed, by the time we raid on the Andromeda galaxy, we have in the world is sure to be a far more important issue. In 5 billion years our sun will become a red giant. Bloated, it will reach the current size of Earth's orbit. Earth it does not absorb - she goes on, but all the water evaporates while, and most of the atmosphere evaporate. Therefore, life in its current form (but just this form and it is important for us) would be completely impossible.

Compresses the universe will destroy every living thing

Today, every schoolchild knows that our universe originated about 14 billion years ago in the Big Bang. Since then, she is constantly expanding - are scientists see well. Thus all concerned about what will happen to her now? To what extent it will expand and so will not happen if the universe suddenly again shrink to a point from which it originated. If compression occurs, we or our descendants not sdobrovat.

Asked about the possibility of the compression back to the point clear answer is no, because there is still not know the exact value of the average density of matter in the universe. If true today accepted the theory that in the event that the average density is less than a certain value (which has already been determined), then compression does not threaten us - will expand forever. However, it is not known, perhaps, is the eternal expansion also threatens something bad.

Now, if the average density is greater than this critical value, then expanded to a certain limit, the universe will begin to contract necessarily, and will return to the starting point condition. And of course, in this case, we with all our learning and ingenuity nothing to oppose the universal compression can not - it was too unequal power and scope. And then, who knows, perhaps curled up to a point, the universe again decides to make a big bang, and again will be expanded.

Aliens, science fiction and other hell

Until now, we admired the apocalyptic scenario, while remaining within the framework of generally accepted science. But, as Hamlet said: "There are more things on earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy," so the option destruction of our planet from the various fantastic and so-called pseudo-scientific reasons more. And who is right - the science or pseudo-science - it's show time, and will be sure.

Here are bred in the world from the damp earth dwellers. History shows that very often some of them are evil, greedy, angry, goofy, envious. Krushat themselves and their environment, and not only did not repent, but they believe that they are absolutely right, and that otherwise it is simply impossible. What happens if you arrive here any aliens from another planet, who all look like us, but they are stronger and smarter? Probably happen to us the same thing happened with the Indians when they were discovered by Columbus - first some strange and terrible disease, then hopeless looting, rape and slavery, then the total loss of the local civilization. And remember that the Romans did with the less enlightened enlightened neighboring peoples? They just drove them to his Rome - someone in slavery, but someone to death in the circus. And so they do not destroy a people.

History tends to repeat. Once this has happened to the human civilization on Earth, why would this not happen again, only on a larger scale? Very likely.

Deadly aliens that will destroy every living thing here, it may not treat sentient beings. Maybe it will be something terrible virus particles that fall to the Earth with cosmic dust. That will evolve into our DNA, and turn us all idiots and rotting alive. "It is terrible, as much horror!" Why are there alien viruses! Our own earth, viruses and bacteria can mutate at any moment and kill us all. Dream, so dream!

We gave birth to the sun, the sun will kill us and

Everything that happens in our mortal world, everything depends on the sun. But the Sun - a star capricious. It is constantly flowing powerful lesser known processes, the results of which are difficult to predict. Take, for example, regularly occurring coronal mass ejections. As a result of these emissions the Sun spews into space vast quantities of matter. Moreover, it is not radiation, namely a substance having mass. When the emission is particularly strong, the solar substance can reach the ground, and in the world that is very well marked. Recall, for example, the famous geomagnetic storm in 1859 It is also called the solar superstorms. The flash was then a monstrous force that the substance reached the Earth is not for 3-4 days, as is the case in conventional emissions, and in just 18 hours. Geomagnetic storm broke out immediately burned telegraph across North America and in Europe. Worldwide flared auroras. Over the Rocky Mountains in America radiance was so strong that night, people decided that day came.

Studies of ice in Antarctica and Greenland show that such phenomena occur about once every 500 years. Should this now, when all that is necessary and should not be vitally dependent on computers, so many this event seem even worse than the real end of the world. And yet at the same time there is no guarantee that one day will be the release of a force that will burn not only computers, but we are with you.

The intensity of solar "burning" is also changing all the time. If the sun barely heats up, or decide to take a nap, the consequences for life on earth will be more than terrible.

Our own Earth we will kill

If we carefully look at the myths, the myths of every people there must exist a legend, or a flood, or how the sun extinguished, or something else no less terrible. The stories are repeated with surprising unanimity, so they have much truth.

The Earth has more than enough resources to at any moment to wipe off his face all life. Recall, for example, a powerful earthquake in Southeast Asia, which took place 26.12.2004. Then, just for a few hours as a result of the tsunami killed 235,000 people - nearly a quarter of a million.

In Yellowstone Park in the United States is the famous volcanic caldera (sinkhole above the top of the volcano), the size of which is 55 km to 72 km. This whopper formed here in the last 17 million years, resulting in more than 140 eruptions. Because of the huge size of this natural phenomenon became known as the Yellowstone supervolcano. Constant changes in the landscape associated with unabating volcanic activity are there now, and the speed of these changes is growing. Some scientists predict large-scale eruption here in the 2074 exploded supervolcano destroy all life around you in a radius of 700 km in just a few minutes. Ashes will be thrown so that it will cover the entire surface of the earth to a depth of 8 cm.

Of course, such a powerful eruption is not without origin equally powerful tsunami that would destroy life in coastal countries.

Discarded volcano ash falls to the ground at once. For some time it will be a cloud hanging in the air, obscuring the sun. This will result in lowering the temperature of almost 20 degrees, and the cold will keep for many years. Darkness and a decrease in temperature will cause mass destruction of the plants that will inevitably lead to the extinction of animals and humans.

The planet is not just suited her living beings mass extinction. Total of extinctions was 5. most massive extinction - great Permian extinction - was 251, 4 million years ago. Then it disappeared 95% of all living beings. Only 5% survived.

Humanity will destroy itself

Arsenal self-destruction of humanity is extremely rich: weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, biological); pollution, over-population; program to reduce (or increase) the birth rate; color revolutions; genetic engineering; addiction; convict some work + malnutrition and sedentary overeating + others (surprising, but according to statistics, kills the same); refusal of vaccination; universal vaccination; bold and expensive scientific experiments ... The list is endless. People are very careless invade the most basic natural processes, excitedly told that finally found a cure-all and a source of eternal joy, then with sincere surprised to discover that another discovery really brings no joy, no health, but only further accelerating the development of cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

Depletion of Earth's natural resources

In addition to the above listed one of the most popular options - if not the end of the world, the end of human civilization - is the depletion of natural resources. Yes, once predicted that oil reserves on the planet runs out in 2010.


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