What will be the end of the world?

Immediately say, that we should not treat this article seriously, to buy salt, matches and detergent. Just now, the so-called "prophets" of all stripes heavily talked about the end of the world (actually, it's an ongoing process, the broadcast of the end of all things), and I suggest to get acquainted with what is, according to the different religions, scientists, and the same prophets, we expected at the end of the world. Look.

So Christians, in particular, John the Evangelist, quite clearly paint a picture of the end of the world. Allow me to quote a small piece of text: "And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs. That the spirits of devils, working miracles. They go to the kings of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of the great day of God Almighty. " In general, the end of the world will take place in a place called "Armageddon" (it's somewhere close to Israel). In the event of a doomsday will occur disasters, various miracles, in particular, will resurrect the dead, is the angel, fall from heaven by fire.


Scandinavians see (saw) end of the world in their own way. According to legend, the Scandinavian doomsday scenario was voiced dead visionary völva, which temporarily rose from the dead on the orders of the supreme god Odin Viking. First there will be a devastating earthquake, which resulted in a well-known available cunning god Loki, who will lead his troops for the last truly fight to the death. The wolf named Fenrir will swallow the sun, and his sister Moon 0. Once the light goes out, the world of the dead will sail a ship made of dead men Naglfar nails. Then from the south arrive giant named Surt, in whose hands will be the sword, brighter than the sun (but that's how to determine whether the brighter when the sun would not be?). In general, is not very pleasant event.

Muslims argue that before the end of the world we are faced with a massive fall of atheism and morality. Cease to pray in mosques, traders - will cheat (I wonder where they are not kidding?), Drinking will become commonplace. After that will be a descendant of God, which is a cloud over his head. Angel from the cloud will usher in all that Allah's name is a descendant of the Mahdi, and all need to follow the commandments of God. Suddenly there is a false prophet Dajjal (his curly hair, crooked legs, short stature, and one eye is damaged).

Here begin and natural disasters - the sun rises from the west, our Earth will cover the fog, which will contribute to the death of infidels. The voice of the pipe belonging to the archangel Israfailu will kill all life on earth, and then there was a terrible earthquake and storm. Mountains crumble. Israfail then shall sound once more, announcing the resurrection of the dead, and begin the judgment seat, where everyone gets their just deserts.

Indians of South America, before being assimilated with the Europeans, had to present their version of the end of the world. According to it, our planet has experienced four greatest era, and during that time had four human races. Most of the representatives of the previous races died in disasters, and only a few survived to tell about what happened.

Upon recommendation of the Mayan Fifth Sun is shining today, his era began August 12, 3114 BC. That era is coming to an end, that is, soon we will have another cataclysm. The first sun was 4008 years before the earthquake happened. Second - 4010 years, after which there was a end of the world because of fierce cyclone and hurricane winds. The duration of the third period was 4081 Year ended volcanic eruption of the set. The fourth period, the longest lasted 5026 years, and ended with a flood (what an interesting coincidence, right?).

Our period soltse fifth to end "the motion of the planet", because of which all living things die. What the motion of the planet is going to happen as long as no one understands. Perhaps all of this will happen because of the shift of the poles.

Various prophets to broadcast at different times, say that come the last days of time known to us. An era of wars, the era of natural disasters, diseases and contamination. People will die soon, not realizing that the same can be done for their own salvation. True Nostradamus, the world would end only on the 3797-th year. Wang so generally left us a lot of time. Hopefully, right after Wang.

We now turn to the prophecies of the scientific world. Scientists believe that by 2020 climate change so that Europe will be the end - most of the country will be destroyed by floods. Others will suffer because of persistent drought. In all of this there will be new strains of influenza virus, and by the end of the first half of the 21st century will disappear about 20 percent of the flora and fauna. Then begin the earthquake, as well as war - people will fight for resources, not only for oil and gas, and for food. Chance and the option of a nuclear war in which even die all living things.

There is an interesting, if I may say so, a variant of the end of the world, according to which there will revolt nanorobots created by the best minds of humanity. An exemplary scenario is presented in the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still", but without the aliens.

Having said this I would like to encourage our readers not to worry - because of unfulfilled prophecy, the most famous, one can count more than a hundred, not to mention all sorts of little things.



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