End of the world, who were waiting in Russia

The most superstitious people, in my opinion, live in Russia.
People are constantly in something believed in and waited for trouble.
Let us remember some parts of the world, which is expected in Russia.

1033-1037, the first the second coming
1033-1037 The first Second Coming In Russia expected that the world would end in 1033, the year (after 1000 years after Christ's death). People believed that the case of the first of Christ's second coming, and the world will dominate the Antichrist for three and a half years.

1492 Seventh day of creation

1492 Seventh day of creation In Russia believed that the apocalypse will come in 1492, the year (after 7000 years after the creation of the world). The peasants did not sow the fields, waiting for the end of the world, but the church did not count Paschal next year. Rusichi believe that the Lord will enter the gates of the Spasskaya tower, but that did not happen, end of the world was once again postponed.

1666 Antichrist Nikon

1666 Antichrist Nikon All of Europe and Russia waiting for the Apocalypse. People observe a hard position, did not eat for a few days, many died of starvation. Rusichi tried to clear his sins by fire: shut themselves in the wooden house and set fire to. People who were hesitant to commit suicide, lay in a coffin. An important role in the attitude of people have church reforms of Patriarch Nikon.

Fourth Apocalypse in the early 19th century

Fourth Apocalypse at the beginning of the 19th century In the early 19th century it was widely Freemasonry, even Alexander I was a member of the Masonic Order. When Napoleon attacked Russia in 1812, many declared him the Antichrist. Priests cursed Bonaparte from the pulpit, in magazines published his cartoons. In a secular society, we believed that «l'Empereur Napoleon» contains the number of the beast - 666. Such secular character wore end of the world, expected in the early 19th century.

1999-2000. Millennium

1999-2000. Millennium World dawns after the end of the 20th century all the forecasters predicted the coming end of the world, many believed in the Apocalypse since the 80s. It was believed that the asteroid collide with our planet, there will be a nuclear war, the Earth is conquered inhabitants of the planet Throne, the Atlantic Ocean will fall comet. Many variants of the Apocalypse was prophesied at the turn of the century.

2012 End of the world on the Mayan calendar

2012 End of the world on the Mayan calendar The next epidemic of panic around the world experienced in 2012. Predictions were that the Apocalypse occurs, the planet will move to a new level. But this did not happen and we had survived another end of the world.

"Mausoleum" Apocalypse

"Mausoleum" Apocalypse May 15, 2013 has not come true yet another prediction. Lenin's Mausoleum on the day was open to all comers, before it was closed for repairs. Believers believed that repair arranged specifically to bring Lenin's body. The prophecy of a certain elder monk-hermit John, written in the last century, reads: "In April, when will make" bald "from the mausoleum, there will be a failure of Moscow in salted water and very little remains from Moscow. Sinners will be a long time to swim in salt water, but no one will rescue them. They all die. So those of you who work in Moscow, I recommend to work there until April. It is flooded Astrakhan, Voronezh region. It is flooded Leningrad. City Zhukovsky (Moscow region., 30 km. From the capital) will be partially destroyed. " But, apparently, the end of the world was once again postponed.

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