Storm in the Sea of ​​Marmara

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I warn you once, the story of a sad and even scary, funny in it a little. Therefore, fans of positives - it can not read. Real history, I was there.
Storm in the Sea of ​​Marmara
Morning of December 29, 1999 dawned sunny and relatively warm. Our ship «LO-RO» such as "Astrakhan" to the eyeballs rolled steel and laden containers docked at the port Ambarli in the Sea of ​​Marmara near Istanbul. Port is not protected by a breakwater, and the waves from the sea freely reach the docks. At the dock we were waiting six wives of sailors who, for reasons of geographical proximity of Turkey and Ukraine, as well as the coming of the New Year, the company is allowed to come and see the men on the ship. Basically, of course they were wives of officers, but there was also the wife of a minder.
The vessel was upbeat atmosphere of the approaching holiday. All tried to put himself in order - shaved, put on clothes ponaryadney, sprinkle perfume. Only the "eternal" 4th engineer, always dissatisfied with everything, grumbled on a smoke break in the smoking room, "Baba on board - to be trouble" (as the water looked stsuka). Beautiful, this tree is still stocked in Canada and now put it into the main cabin. We got a box of Christmas toys, but decided to dress up in the evening after work, the whole crew, with the participation of women.
By sunset the weather began to deteriorate rapidly. Sky as quickly clouded the leaden clouds. Once it was dark. A strong wind blew a basket, which is amplified very quickly, literally every minute. The vessel was pressing from the dock, mooring lines crowded like the strings. A wave from the sea is getting higher and higher.
The captain declared Abraham to make additional mooring. On the coast and Boatswain Mate gone to start additional tips on mooring bollards. The chief engineer, sensing evil also went down to the engine room. For a couple of minutes, we brought to all corners that were on the ship. But the weather got worse every second. The wind turned into a storm. Waves began to gush through a dock, and each successive wave was greater than the previous. The captain realized that the ship does not hold in the long mooring lines will be torn. He ordered the XO VHF drop everything and return to the ship. Boatswain Mate and ran to the ladder. But little did not have time. The next wave of twice the previous perehlestnula washed over the pier and the pier Exec. He was in the icy water between the ship and the quay. Boatswain had time to grab the bulldozer standing PA berth and stay on the dock. From the same wave burst several mooring the ship and threw another meter from the pier. The length of the ladder is not enough, and he fell overboard, the boatswain to retreat was cut off and hiding behind it all possible hiding places on the dock, short dashes in the intervals between waves ran ashore.
XO immediately tried to throw a lifeline tied to a 20 meter lin. But the wind has already reached such force that lifeline as a kite, flew up into the sky along with the rope, even in the end did not manage to catch. Weather rapidly deteriorated. Standing on the other side of the pier digger rolls onto its side and began to sink (thank god on board were not crew, she stood on the sludge). Began to burst power lines, broken wires dangled in the wind spraying sparks. The port 2/3 extinguished light. Because VHF came an unimaginable din. Requests for assistance in different languages ​​unintelligible commands and shouts from ships in distress. Somewhere near split in two and began to sink Russian tanker.
Master, because of the futility of VHF, switched to the speakerphone and all subsequent commands were heard throughout the ship. The frightened wife gathered in the mess and trying to understand what's going on, listening to talks on the speakerphone.
XO probably born under a lucky star, he's already lost consciousness from hypothermia, he managed to grab a stranglehold in a piece of hanging from the side of the mooring end and managed to drag on board. His half-dead carried to the cabin and placed directly on the table on a festive tablecloth (gala dinner on the occasion of the arrival of wives cover and do not have time). He looked terrible, covered in blood from the Scenic and numerous cuts, shaking from cold and stress. Seeing her husband in such a state his wife fainted, he had also othazhivat it. Women stripped him, rubbed with alcohol, was treated and bandaged cuts, especially strong he injured a knee. Under the right hands of 6 women he immediately felt better.
Once lifted exec master, handsfree ordered: "Give the fuck ends! That had not been given chop fuck! By ebinyam uebyvaem here! "(Having worked with the captain before a few years, I never heard from him a single swearword). Already hacking last stuck the end, they saw how the dock next wave washes bulldozer.
Ball machine ready, and the main engine started immediately. Once given the maximum possible speed. But the ship has tremendous inertia, and to accelerate to at least some time, it is necessary to speed. The vessel suffered a neighboring dock. Already gaining momentum ship was hit on the dock. The first, yet not strong blow fell in the middle of the ship, then went to hit harder. Last terrible blow fell on the stern of the vessel. From this concrete strike, a five-meter long, 2-meter-thick section of the second pier broke off like a piece of chocolate. Fortunately propeller and rudder remained intact, and our vessel sailed to the open sea.
Immediately they began to inspect it for damage. There are 5 holes in the engine room, but still above the waterline, the water is not coming in, but sometimes overwhelmed especially big wave. Worst of all was the case in the feed, which came last, hardest hit. It housed the premises of liquid carbon dioxide extinguishing system - a huge 30 cubes in the tank insulation, which stores 25 tons of liquid carbon dioxide at a temperature of - 25 ° C and a duplicate Ref. Installation for cooling. It was formed in the side of the hole in which it would be possible to travel by bus. Ref. installation crumpled in a cake. The blow tank is moved, damaging the pipes. Carbon dioxide began to leave the premises of the vessel. Everything obmerzlo everywhere hanging icicles room began to resemble a cave some of the Snow Queen. 2nd mechanic to mechanic in breathing apparatus were able to go there, and with the help of the incredible effort in a terrible frost, unscrew the valve emergency gas venting to the outside (the valve is not touched 10 years, it still bent from the impact). Two-thirds of the gas was vented to the outside, the balance turned into a huge 5-ton piece of "dry ice».
The next day the ship passed around in circles in the open sea when the storm abated - anchored. All this time the crew tirelessly fought for survival vessel. Cut off the jagged edges of holes, they were sealed with sheets of metal and wooden shields, set "cement boxes." After 2 days, the storm abated at all. Lowered the boat to inspect the damage from the outside. Inspection held in mournful silence, broken only by sayings like "ohuet" and "this is fucked up." Starting from the middle of the ship towards the stern feet from voterlinii every few meters were dents, gradually increasing in size and changing in the hole. At 2/3 the distance from the middle of the stern of the vessel to the mooring bollard bead sticking, which pierced the board and remained in it to hang. Food with one side almost all U-turns.
On the third day brought new mooring lines, as moored we were nothing, and the ship went to the port. Port looked like after the fighting. Felled lighting poles, overturned machinery, piles of garbage. Excavator completely sank, just sticking out of the water tower. Two other ship is in port, and had not managed to escape from there - washed up on the rocks, and they sank half. As we later found out there are several deaths. Boatswain without documents from the port is not released, and it bummed in the port of 3 days until our ship back. His dripping wet, in one suit only a thin and light jacket sheltered by local builders -rabotyagi that something built in the port area. There's a trailer of it and lived it, and they are also fed. From the official authorities - any kind of help, well at least in jail without documents are not taken.
As soon as the ship docked, soon, even before the ambulance which called to take the exec to the hospital, ran the local authorities with complaints about the broken pier and "Why the ship left port without official permission." The fact that we have sunk to fuck like other vessels, if not escaped in time - it was deep shit. But the opportunity to tear off the penalty, they could not miss. The next day began to unload the ship. Wives flew home. A Christmas tree was left standing are not dressed up. Here's a fucking new year.
After unloading the ship lifted, and the holes were rather high from the water level. Through much persuasion, and I suspect no small bribes, the vessel was allowed to make a one-time transition to Nikolayev, where he planned to repair the ship.
After all the proceedings, the company sent the captain and crew of a letter of thanks for the rescue vessel. Mate made a knee operation, all treatment costs paid by the company insurance. But the leg is not fully recovered since he was limping slightly. Swim he threw, now works in the same company as supercargo. I saw him a couple of years ago - it is quite satisfied with his life.
Before Nikolaev arrived without incident, and stood there in repairs on a former military Black Sea Shipyard, where he repaired and a half months. That is already there without incident has not done. But that is another story.
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Many people write in comments that are jealous of seafarers. Not worth it. In fact, this is a very dangerous and hard work, often boring days a week. Just come home from a flight sailors talk about their fun or exciting adventures, but says nothing about the hardships and problems that are not really much more than the happy moments.

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