10 facts about the Black Sea (10 photos)

The first mention of the Black Sea found in documents relating to the V century BC. It is on the Black Sea were Jason and the Argonauts in Colchis for the Golden Fleece.


1. The Greek name of the sea - Pontus Aksinsky (Gr. Πόντος Ἄξενος), which means "Inhospitable Sea". It is expected that the sea was so named because of the difficulties of navigation. Later, after the successful development of the coast of the Greek colonists, the sea became known as the Euxine (Gr. Πόντος Εὔξενος, «Hospitable Sea"). Romanian Black Sea called Marea Neagră.

2. A characteristic feature of the Black Sea is complete (except for some bacteria) the absence of life at depths of more than 150-200 m. The fact that the deep layers of the Black Sea are saturated with hydrogen sulfide.

3. The circuit currents of the Black Sea are two huge closed cycle with a wavelength of 350-400 km. In honor of Nicholas Knipovich oceanographer who first described this scheme, it was called "Points Knipovich»


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