8 amazing facts about the Black sea


Here also there has come long-awaited spring. This means that not far off and the holiday season. We offer to your attention interesting facts about the black sea.

1. The black sea is the home to 2500 species of animals. In comparison, for example, with the Mediterranean sea, which is home to about 9,000 species, this number cannot be considered large. At the bottom you can meet oysters, clams and mussels. And of a predator such as Rapana, brought the ships sailing from the Far East.

2. The most dangerous fish inhabiting the waters of the Black sea is a sea dragon. This fish is poisonous. The venom contains on the Gill flaps and spines of the dorsal fin. Not less dangerous are such representatives, as the slope and scorpionfish.

3. The black sea is characterized by the fact that at the very bottom (depth more than 150-200 m) there is no life. The only exceptions are some bacteria. And all because the layer at the depth of the Black sea is saturated with hydrogen sulfide.

4. The black sea is the only large Peninsula is the Crimea.

5. In the waters of the Black sea inhabited by such representatives of mammals: harbour porpoise, white-bellied seals and two species of dolphins.

6. The mountains that surround the Black sea, growing all the time. The same applies to the sea – it is constantly increasing. The only difference is that the mountains rise over one century about a couple of centimeters, and sea occurs at a rate of 20-25 cm over the same time. On the seabed had already disappeared ancient city of Taman.

7. In the Black sea is a very unusual species of planktonic algae – nochesvetka. It is endowed with phosphorus. It is because of nochesvetka in August you can see the glow of the Black sea.

8. Prickly shark the spiny dogfish is the only shark that lives in the Black sea. But close to shore the SES is, as is very afraid of people.


Source: mif-facts.com.ua


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