Black dress

The little black dress - the perfect dress, which is in every woman's wardrobe - appeared in 1926 thanks to the indispensable Coco Chanel. Once Coco said: "Fashion changes, but style remains. I want to be copied, it will be the best proof of my success. " If she only knew how irreplaceable is her creation - 85 years later, the little black dress is still unique.

The revolutionary discovery Chanel looked quite modest: the length below the knee (Mademoiselle believed that part of the female body ugly), long narrow sleeves, low waistline and as decoration only tucks forming pleated fabric. Despite its simplicity, the little black dress was already a model of chic. American Vogue called it "Ford". As the car Ford Model T, the little black dress was a hit, a very popular product, but available only in black.

Sketch "Ford" in Vogue, 1926

History of dress associated with the tragedy. As you know Mademoiselle Coco was a lot of novels, but she never married. The greatest love was Chanel Boy Capel (he suggested that in addition to the Coco create even hats and clothes), who died in a car crash in 1925. As Mademoiselle could not wear it for official mourning (The battle was married), she created the little black dress as a sign of mourning for the beloved. The whole world, used to wear a lush toilets and hats with roses, called the dress "misunderstanding" and basically laughed at her grief, but in six months all of these people, one by one, ordered in exactly the same Chanel dress.

To create a SPE Chanel inspired the look of French sellers - their uniforms were ugly black outfit. Its creation has forced women to give up affectation and mannerisms and focus on domestic content. In a free modest dress with a minimum trim beauty of a woman he was not associated with her figure, but with personality.

Later she Coco Chanel and other designers have experimented with the look of the dress, creating thousands of new options, but one constant has always been - at all times MPP was a model of elegance and femininity.


Straight silhouette and modest length. Admitted decorations in the form of lace, transparent veils and multilayered skirts - in the best tradition of Charleston.


The little black dress is becoming more open - an open back and peacock feathers adorn many models. A little later, again turned to fashion femininity and sophistication with fitted silhouette and lace.


The era of the 40's was divided into two periods - before and after the war. For the war years are characterized by minimalism and practicality. Silhouettes look easier, comes the fashion for leased line shoulder.

Post-war years: the legendary Christian Dior creates the New Look, with its slender waist, full skirt and feminine throughout.


The game of contrasts: in high esteem the direct fitting silhouette, the skirts.

Grace Kelly

Marilyn Monroe


Powered by the most famous little black dress in the world: the creation of Hubert de Givenchy appears on Audrey Hepburn in the cult film "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Later, it was sold at auction for 200 thousand dollars.

Sophia Loren in a little black dress, supplemented classic accessories - leopard hat, shoes boat and precious brooch, 1965.

In 1965 the fashion finally comes the mini - knees come to the fore.


A variety of styles - there are no restrictions. In honor not only feminine silhouettes with lots of frills, but dress disco, as well as the notes in the form of rock.

Liza Minnelli with his father at the ceremony "Oscar»

Debbie Harry


Karl Lagerfeld led the house Chanel - the experiments, but still at the peak of popularity of classic silhouettes and the length of the floor.



Lots of open body (even the royals) and Gianni Versace is the first time the public her dress with pins.

Top models of the 2000s in dresses in the style of 90th

Liz Hurley in Versace

Lady Diana at one of the most famous in the world MPP

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and her husband John

00s and beyond

Available all that was fashionable in all previous epochs - fashion returns

"Sex and the City»

Scarlett Johannson

Michelle Obama


Heidi Klum


According to statistical surveys, 96% of women in the locker room there is at least one little black dress. And you?


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