Vladimir Pozner: debilizma smacks

This did not want to write anything about the Crimea, or rather, wanted, but forbade himself, because so much has already been written, and the true way, and lies on the surface of the state pulled out, and add that like nothing. But it turned out that many of my friends, which I thought was appropriate people, a quick call to the ban on all social networks, and showed its face is that not every pensioner at the rally Communists see. So I write this post and I will continue to refer to it, not to write a lot of letters again. Em>

I will not rely on someone else's comments and rumors. We have two fact - Yanukovych Ukraine and Russia kicked off overcame Ukraine Crimea.

First. Ukraine. It's a different country, with other laws, citizens and the federal structure. What we overcame this country until it went complex processes Peninsula, does this process legitimate. Imagine that during rallies on Bolotnaya Japan would have sent troops to the Kuril Islands, and two weeks later there residents would vote for accession. The same situation. Kuriles, at different times of ours, tribal and Japanese territories were ours, because someone once so drew a line. We would have given them so easy? No. Or Chechnya? That Ukraine Crimea not so easy to give up. In addition to Russian live there and Ukrainians, Tatars, and a lot of people who live there, where no applicable Russian laws. Now, I repeat, only now in Ukraine are beginning to treat bad Russian, Russian channels cut out, because the clock is unpleasant to hear lies and heresy, is removed from the production program with Russian actors, etc ... What we got in the end instead of protecting the Russian population? Increased risk if the escalation continues. This objective collector of land? So, those who say that the Russian must be protected, here are wrong.

Second. Crimea - our land. And Tatarstan? And Kaliningrad? Crimea was first attached to the 18th century. Central Asia, the Caucasus, Finland - it's all the same in the 19th century to join? Why not fight? Or why not pay to take by force? Any precedent related to the change of existing borders, now able to open a Pandora's box. Let me remind you confident in the military power of the country that covers only the Russian air defense Moscow. Bombers dolelyat any country to any other city without resistance. A nuclear weapons well as a deterrent, not the application. And seized the Crimea, in the future we began way to lose all the other lands. So, those who are a little of our presence on the world map, is also not right in the historical dynamics.

Third. Crimea subsidized. There's the standard of living is lower than in Russia, there is no infrastructure, its water, electricity, a normal port, bandwidth w / d, the airport and more. It's easy money. This frenzied spending more than the Olympics and World Cup 2018. If there is a place for gold, why is it 20 years turns into a shit? Perhaps make it a jewel of the resort business is not easy. And given the enormous popularity of Sochi, Adler and Tuapse in diving and shopping around the world, we will not be able to make a priori. That is, we undertake to feed 2 million people, knowing already on the beach, we could not make it. No savings from the lease fleet base and supply Crimean products that money does not repulse. It's just a show-off, as all the great projects of recent times. Cut, stolen, on TV show ribbon cutting and happy retired in shorts from pereshito shirt deceased husband. So, those who believe in the strengthening of Russia from this merger, also lie. Crimeans fight for Russia will not go. Otherwise would have long since left the do or do normal beaches and hotels, if you would be fighters.

Fourth. Again about the money. The Economy. International sanctions - it is clear, everything will be buying more. If you drop the oil - we will see new nineties, and all the problems that stood in the year 1991, and the lack of money, and barter, and sovereignty of all they want. Internal costs are also clear. Why do we need new roads, pensions, normal clinics, not falling aircraft, high-speed trains and other pleasures of the 21st century? We close the 19th century, serfdom and the expansion of the empire. Now approximate figure 243 billion. Rubles this year alone. This money could have been saved Russian million other ways. Although schools and universities build, even grandmothers of endangered villages in the normal nursing home relocated, though scholarships to talented guys pay. And the fact that Crimea will receive money from our pension savings, says about the return of the scoop. When all the Soviet republics were supplied better than Russia. Again, for the sake of empire the government is ready to trample in the shit of its citizens.

Fifth. How many of you, my friends and readers, it became better from the Crimea? I do not go over there, and is unlikely to go to Turkey cheaper and higher quality, more expensive than in Spain, but in general a different world. Approx. I am not an indicator. Who goes to the Crimea to rest, sincerely hopes that Russia there will be cheaper? When facing Russian military and security services it will be safer? Any incident where our fault will be washed out and hung on the victims, so as not to excite. A local, 65% of the traffic of tourists whom were Ukrainians and 10 foreigners will be too difficult to survive this loss. Russia, of course, also help, give money to all shut up. Our money. Yours and mine. That someone will buy the Crimean wine now? Why have not bought? It is sold everywhere. So what is the use? And if it is about the money. Why was it necessary to invest trillions in the Olympics to show the world a positive future Russia, if two days is washed off the invasion of the Crimea? Debilizmom smells. And yours, because both of these scams - your money.

One bald boy wants to go down in history, and it does not matter how many hospitals because it will not be built, and how many people die because a loaded gun once shot. No benefit to any of the inhabitants of the Russian annexation of the Crimea not. Russian TV channels have been translated into war mode, and it will stay so for all other areas for a long time. All public space is cleaned, all who do not soglasen- traitors, provocateurs and fascists. Ukrainian fashistami.Rossiya scare scares. A country where almost every fan sector swastika, which cut and beaten foreigners, where half of the Jewish citizens obzyvatelnoe word, and all the rest - Ukrainians, lumps, tatarva, strabismus, animals, Czechs, - a lot of good adjectives to all other nationalities. < br />
Do you know why you want to enjoy all of the Crimea? Because you all want to give us something to be proud of? And nothing to be proud. All products that can be used with pleasure, imported. Products already on the 2/3. We do not produce anything that would be interested in the world except the Soviet development of weapons and oil and gas. Only a very expensive sport and small, but very expensive war.

You know how the Finns are proud that their president is flying with them on the same plane normal class? Know how Londoners are proud that their mayor goes to work by bike? We are nothing to be proud. And here, if pipiska of soiled pants onanist, pops Crimea.

In fact, it's the legacy of slavery, from which Russian citizens and can not go. Creative class went on a swamp, was given on the head, all caked. Went to Independence students received on the head, a week there were tens of thousands of people. Not all of them, of course, were altruistic, not everything is understood, someone, of course, tried to guide them, and provoke others. But the fact is important. People came out among the half a million and said go-ka you are in the woods. Anyone following the President Yanukovych, knowing this experience will realize that lawlessness has limits. And this framework will shrink every year until it equals the clause in the Constitution. And compare with Moscow. Constitution here equalize day by day with the medieval fortress Code. It is impossible, it is only by permission of the master, it is a prison, it gives, why do you want the business. The Ukrainians were able to stand up and say "zae ... lo!". And to defend it by force of arms. What did Russia. Shelters man who ran away from his people. Perhaps he has something to tell the world and about Putin and about other shady dealings. What is a normal country will cover the offender having sins to his people and country? Clearly not one in which all good inside.

Previously, I was convinced that all the evil in the Kremlin. Now, for the last three months I saw how much shit boiling in the minds of my friends, which I think is not a stupid people. I brought five points on which rejoicing war with Ukraine Russian justifies his joy. You can still many items to list, and all of them would be contrary to logic. Besides the three exceptions from the Russians. If you want to cash in on the cut of the Crimean money - you are not a moron, you're just a thief. If you want to divert attention from the falling economy and raise my rating due to an attack on another country, then you are not a moron, you will soon line in the history books, ending with the words "died in prison." And third - if you play Russian Civilization, then you are not a moron, you play.

So, my dear everyone else. It's time to stop playing and give play to our state. I am convinced that Putin - our president, because all these adoptions berkutovtsy, fifth columns and coloring different contour maps give birth to sickly erections in most herds. And my first ever visit to the idea that the herd is unlikely to change for the time of my life.

I do not need imperial overstretch, I want to ride on a flat road. I do not need the Crimea, I want to trust the products that I buy in the store. I'm not afraid of NATO on the border with Russia, because more than a steal now Putin comrades, steal impossible. I just want to live, earn, spend, and take care of themselves and their loved ones. I think such people in Russia just 20%. Actually more, but many more They reflect and shout "hurray" for the company. And perhaps what is happening with Ukraine, it is a chance for these people. If Ukraine will stand if it will be a free press, and the laws that are not overwritten every day for more dictatorial, it would be a good place to live. Moscow Kiev beautiful, delicious cuisine, low prices, Ukrainian and Russian always understand each other in everyday life, we have so much in common. The climate is milder, remains, to hell with it, Odessa for Maritime Affairs. Europe is closer geographically, and if it will bring your order to the right and safety, then Europe will be closer and psychologically. All who have been to Europe, known as the birthplace of then meets, and what a shame. It may, however, who can relocate there. For example, I am. I was born in the USSR, for me it is at least some, but homeland. And I would be happy to stay and what to change anything here, but as I realized I was a minority in my country, and most of all more begins to brown and become blunt. IMHO. If only there was no war.


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