10 birds, which should be avoided (10 photos)

Birds are often associated with a sense of calm, they - it's the first thing you hear on a sunny day, when you wake up in the morning or when you go for a walk in the park. But they can also be very violent, leaving death and destruction.

Despite the fact that they are capable of a variety of types of violence, it is a kind of confirmation of the fact that we live in a world in which a clear trend & quot; Darwin & quot; sports where the strongest survives.

Here are ten species of birds, of which you should avoid.

10. Seagull

You may believe that the worst of what they are capable of seagulls - it steal your lunch or shit on your head, but the residents of the beach there is a dark side that lurks under their feathers. And you will see it if they run into the socket. When a seagull feel a threat to their chicks, it is the force of its impact can penetrate human skull and brain start to bite.

9. velociraptor

Yes, they existed in ancient times in one period of the dinosaurs. But it is necessary to clarify that, contrary to popular belief, the lighting in the & quot; Jurassic Park & ​​quot ;, velociraptors were actually clawed feathered birds, not scaly lizards. It was the most cruel bird of all time, even today there are representatives of evil birds are not able to overshadow them. They were incredibly smart, hunted in packs (one theory) and had sharp claws as a hairpin, through which they could easily cut the throat of his victim. And the victims were usually the dinosaurs, not the field mice and fish.

8. Falcon

This bird of prey attacks the small rodents and fish, tearing their flesh with the help of incredibly sharp claws. Because of their unique shape of the beak, they can break the victim in the area of ​​the spinal cord. This machine hunting equipped features that help them in their self-sufficiency. Despite the fact that they can be trained to hunt for people, they still have great potential, so they can cause serious harm, especially being at a young age.

7. Sinegolovaya ifritah

Despite the fact that this bird eats only insects, it is armed self-defense mechanism that helps it protect against the most serious predator. Eating a certain kind of beetle that produces a particular chemical component, turning the body into a bird poison, she really is dangerous. If you take it with his bare hands, then of course immediately go numb, and penetrate into the skin toxins. Who would have thought that such a beautiful little bird can cause a serious injury?

6. Sorokoputovaya Flycatcher

This bird, like the previous one, armed with a lethal toxin, common among poisonous frogs. It lives in tropical and subtropical forests of Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea. The bird has olive color, thanks to which it is well camouflaged in the trees, thus producing special musical sound like a siren.

5. Pitohu

It was the first of the three newly discovered toxic birds, skin and feathers which carried a deadly poison. Papua New Guinea called it & quot; garbage & quot ;, a bird as it is inedible. Nearly. Craftsmen can free the bird from the poison, removing its skin and feathers, and the fire on the coals. Still not worth the risk and eat something else.

4. Eagle

The danger of this bird is its potential harm. He has the special structure of the beak, extremely sharp claws, and even more incredibly keen eyesight, making it one of the biggest predators in the wild. He can fly and hold the carcass in its beak dvuhkilogrammovy victim. It is very voracious, as able to eat about a kilogram of fish in four minutes. These birds are a symbol of power, they are so serious that their image is present on the arms of countless countries.

3. Vulture

These birds look disgusting and ominous. They can be found overhanging and circling over the corpses, because they are largely scavengers, bringing members of his flock of the dead, which started decaying flesh. Wednesday in their stomach is very acidic, which protects them from bacteria, viruses and anthrax, from which most of the other animals are killed. In addition, their urine - is a powerful antibacterial agent that kills any unsanitary dirt.

2. Ostrich

These birds are the largest in the world, their growth may reach 2 to 8 meters and weighs 158 kg. They are very unpredictable. They can be over 10 kilometers of running at a speed of 50 km / h, and its legs are so strong that a single blow can kill a hyena. Moreover, they have very sharp claws. If they did not have the & quot; bashful & quot; habit of hiding his head in the sand, we could swear that they are no more than an elongated monster

1. cassowary

This bird is considered to be the most dangerous bird in the world, with a criminal record, worthy of the death penalty outright. This bird lives in Papua New Guinea, its 12-inch dagger-sharp claw located on top of another claw, which can kill a person. Their feet have incredible power, and they run at speeds up to 50 km / h. During World War II American and Australian troops in New Guinea were warned to stay away from nih.Istochnik:


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