Sea Fishing. The Black Sea

Good day friends! Here, too, decided to show off the results of performance (excuse the tautology) recreation. And it will be about sea fishing with fotoatcheDami and with all the consequences. But first things first.

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Some facts about the Black Sea and reptiles inhabit it.
In the Black Sea 2,500 species inhabit animals (including 500 species of unicellular, 160 vertebrate species - fish and mammals, 500 species of crustaceans, 200 species of mollusks, and the rest - different kinds of invertebrates).
Among the main reasons for the relative poverty of the animal world to the sea: a wide range of salinity; moderately cold water; the presence of hydrogen sulfide at great depths.
The fauna of the Black Sea noticeably poorer than the Mediterranean, in particular, there is no sea stars, sea urchins, sea lilies, octopus, cuttlefish, squid, coral
Among the fish, leading to the Black Sea: various types of gobies (Holovatch goby, goby whip round goby, goby martovik, bull-Roth), Azov anchovy, Black Sea anchovy (anchovy), dogfish, plaice, flounder, flounder, turbot, mullet five species, bluefish, hake (whiting), sea ruff, goatfish (common Black Sea mullet), haddock, mackerel, horse mackerel, herring Black Sea-Azov, Black Sea-Azov sprat, garfish, sea horse, etc.
That's just steers, we will flounder catch.
Location otchalivaniya places. Place dislokatsii- Dniester bank (called the place where the open sea there are areas with shallow, no more than 10 meters deep), distance from the shore from 5 to 20 km.
Time of departure to 5:00
Time of arrival at 13:40 (in the autumn time of departure and arrival, I)
Selection does not break. I will inform you finish. Thank you))))

Description of our ship, we call it the "Victory", as in the eponymous cartoon:

 - Capacity - up to 20-25 people.
 - The ship is equipped with a powerful navigation system GARMIN, that allows to go to sea in any weather conditions (fog, rain, etc.)
 - The length of 21 m.
 - Galley (gas. Cooker)
 - Latrine!
 - On board the ship has a BBQ, where you have the opportunity to fry a shish kebab with vegetables in the open sea)), as well as tables that can accommodate more than 20 people.
 - In cases of stormy weather, have two showrooms.

Bait. Goby in this plan are not picky, takes on almost everything. We took with: beef heart, mussels, shrimp (raw), raw squid, too. Picked mainly on squid, large crustacean, worse on the heart. Several times reversed.

Strictly speaking to the most important. FotoatcheD. Came out. 5.00. Cool. Captures the sunrise. KSAT shot at spinning so especially not kick))

Came to the place in about forty minutes. Tellingly, the water changed its color after 3 kilometers, became azure, clean, clear. Peck beginning immediately, and that's how they say firstborn.

Zatarilis we seasickness pills (just fire), but luckily the weather was great, the sea is calm, so it is not required. Yes, and the vestibular apparatus I have never let)))


Bite does not have to wait long. Steer very voracious creature. So it is a pleasure to fish out, only manage to pull))

Equipped Motor ship navigation system Garmin, different sonar


And here and shot my finest hour. Here it is ... here it is a fish of my dreams !!! Black Sea plaice)) Flounder - mother. Long and hard to not want to go to the sea depths.


Time to run, and Zadok all filled)))

For example, what would make a picture. 3 Picchu.



By the way dude there katranchika sickly catch. Krasava ...

More phot flounder

and yet

Photos from the vessel

And what kind of air, the water is gorgeous. Once had the opportunity to swim, which we have used))

This is the culmination of the process as EB. Home ... Impressions Sea arrived tired but happy. We will prepare for the next record. A total of 21 kg, of which 4, 2 Kamba. Thank you all for your attention. Kick)))

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