Global Fishing Watch: service to track illegal fishing around the world

Consumption of natural resources (both renewable and not) is more active pace. And if some of the resources will be enough for many centuries, the other already or do over, or end. Disappears resource can assume many species, in particular commercial species of fish.

Because of the illegal catch some valuable varieties of fish are on the verge of extinction. And the problem here is not only that the reduced "food base" man, if I may say so. The main problem - the domino effect on ecosystems. Disappeared one species - the problem starts with the species of animals and plants that with this kind of touching. And poaching in industrial fishing leads to a very rapid reduction in the fish population. In general, the organization Oceana , with the help of Google, has developed an interesting service Global Fishing Watch , showing a point of legal and illegal fishing.

The service itself was developed with the financial support and engineering corporation Google. Using satellite data from SpaceQuest and software from SkyTruth, the system shows the activity of more than 25 thousand fishing vessels from 2012 to 2013.

Some ships - officially registered fishing vessels, other - obviously poaching vessel. The activity of all types of fishing vessels is highlighted on the map orange and yellow dots.

It is worth noting that a purely financial losses from poachers anglers only for 2013 amounted, according to rough estimates from the 10 up to 23 billion US dollars . Currently, the service displays only active anglers in the previous 2 years. Nevertheless, Oceana plans to monitor almost in real time, to the authorities of various countries could quickly respond to violations.

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