Mythology of a healthy lifestyle

View certain number of topics relating to health Geektimes discovered stream of myths on the subject. A few examples of what caught my eye.

For the health of the back is primarily useful for swimming

The spine is 33-34 vertebrae, and between each pair of the intervertebral discs in addition there are a few joints, ligaments, muscles of different sizes, the nerve roots. Pain in the back (if it is taken as the most obvious and reliable sign of ill health) can be caused by damage to any of these structures. In all cases, whether the pool will also help if at all?

Actually, it was a rhetorical question. Not all or even most. And if you look at what people typically do in the pools, you can do neutishitelny concluded that for most of the aquatic gymnastics fans from such studies can be more harm than good.

Of all these structures the most attention for muscle rehabilitation is obtained - this active part of the vertebral complex as suspension-justified in expensive modern cars, which chooses the rigidity and height of the clearance depends on the type of road. If the muscles are not strong enough, they can not handle this function and all conditions, from tying shoelaces to weight lifting, spine meets not in the fortunate position, and the load at the same time goes on ligaments, joints and discs. Gradually they are injured, more and more, compounded low mobility in everyday life (and therefore disturbed blood supply and the power of all of these elements), and it comes already to more injuries and inflammations.

Swimming in the pool some muscle strengthening, but not all of those that are responsible for ensuring that the load is properly distributed among the large joints, and did not go on the structure of the spine. Therefore, the main tool in rehabilitation is not a swimming pool, and exercise type squats, incline, various drafts and presses for the upper body, strengthens the muscles of the body, eliminating the imbalances in power and mobility of the various muscle groups. Here they are primarily useful for the health of the back as a preventive tool.

You can pump up the muscles for 4-6 weeks

It is possible, but very little. In the first couple of years of active resistance training (without doping) increase muscle mass in 5-6 kg per year is average, it is necessary to have a significant underweight and detraining to recruit more. A more experienced athletes increase muscle mass usually occurs more slowly.

All other stories are either urban myths and legends, or history of drugs, or (usually combined with the preceding paragraph) Marketing zamanuha.

Fractional power helps to lose weight

Slimming the only important condition is the lack of energy. If you eat less, you spend, you will lose weight. Everything else is secondary, and only on how many meals daily ration is divided and does not matter. By analogy with the car - refill it once for 40 liters or 4 times in ten, is still at an average flow rate of 1 liter per 10 km of this is enough for 400 km.

How can I confirm this thesis, in addition to general logic? After seeing the information of special studies.

Authors often quoted analysis of 1997 reviewed existing at the time of research and concluded that there were no significant benefits with respect to energy consumption in those who eat more often, could not be detected. In more recent studies on this topic from 2010 , as expected, there was no difference in weight loss and other performance between the two groups that had eaten 3 and 6 times a day at the same deficiency of calories (approximately 700 kcal / day).

And there are a sufficient number of studies, not to start a song about that split meals helps to lose weight.

Be sure to have a lot to drink, OK - 8 glasses of water a day, and caffeinated beverages are subtracted

And if I eat a day 2 kilos of fruits and vegetables, and so go to the toilet frequently, even on top of a 2 liter? Regardless of the ambient temperature, humidity, level of physical activity, body weight? It is clear what I mean?

Need to drink as much as you forcibly pouring a water does not make any sense, but in recent years, such divisiveness "glass" recommendations have begun to raise in professional discussions in scientific journals, and there are studies that excess fluid intake may not be very useful ( example ). How much do you need? Prompt thirst and urine color (it should be a pale straw color in the majority of visits to the toilet, which on small need an average healthy person might be 6-8, if you have not eaten anything to change its color, of course, such as beet or multivitamins around which also, incidentally, myths enough).

And moderate caffeine consumption does not lead to dehydration , and so on that about it is not necessary to include paranoia. However, more than 3-4 servings of tea and coffee a day also should not drink, negative effects from excessive consumption of caffeine still available.


In summary I want to urge: geeks! To their health in geek! :)



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