Practical advice for those who aspire to a healthy lifestyle and wants to be the perfect man

1. Read books
This will help prevent the degradation of your brain, and fill it with new words and expressions. You will learn how to formulate their speech, will acquire the ability to make informed, correct decisions, will gain credibility among friends and acquaintances.

healthy lifestyle
2. Learning foreign languages ​​
Learning a foreign language can help to raise your own self-esteem, it is a huge advantage when searching for a decent, promising and high-paying jobs. On the Internet has long been plenty of free material for the study of foreign languages. Be sure these loans!

healthy lifestyle
3. Eat right
The activity of your body in the first place depends on the vitamins and minerals that your body gets during the day.

Nutrition Tips:

Do not wash down while eating and drinking before its reception. Usually drinking during meals, you are putting your body in the first burning, as well as other disorders of the stomach during digestion. Tea, coffee and other drinks should drink 15-30 minutes before eating, and water can be 10 minutes.
Try to eat 5 -7 times a day in small portions, so you in no way overload your body and get the maximum absorption of vitamins.
Try to drink at least 1.5 liters of water throughout the day.
The last meal no later than 19:00.
healthy lifestyle
4. Move more and play sports
Remember that our body is designed for movement. Sedentary lifestyle leads to laziness and the rise in blood pressure, affects the appearance of poor appetite, and as attractive as you'd like, you just will not be!

For this reason we advise you to:

More traffic throughout the day - the most effective way to lose yourself from accumulated stress, help you regain mental clarity.
Morning mini charging - will help to disperse drowsiness.
To support the tone of the whole body - 2 times a week gym, while lack of time - Train yourself at home.
Why do sports?

It promotes good health, heart, blood pressure.
To oxygenate every cell of his body.
To keep the muscles toned, make them strong and hardy.
To control the appetite.
To counter laziness, chronic fatigue and strengthen the faith in their own strength.
For faster recovery after serious diseases.
In order to cheer up and to cheer yourself up.
healthy lifestyle
5. Do not fall into depression
What is depression?

Depression - a disease sharply reduced ability to work. It brings suffering not only to the sick person and his family. Today, few people realize the seriousness of this disease. But often the disease takes a protracted, very severe, which can lead to very negative consequences.

What are the main symptoms of depression?

The main symptoms of depression are sadness, suffering, depressed mood, irritability, charge yourself in anything, decreased performance and poor self-esteem.

In this state, you will not have the appetite, you'll be persistent sleepless nights, violated function of the intestine. You constantly feel tired doing the most simple physical and intellectual load.

How not to fall into depression?

In order not to fall into depression, even in the most difficult moment of life distracted by reading books, watching interesting movie, chatting with friends over a cup of coffee, as well as walks in the fresh air. If you are lazy - busting their laziness by creating a blog relevant cases to be performed throughout the day. Follow our advice and do not turn in on itself ... Try to be yourself and stick and carrot.

healthy lifestyle
6. Naladte his dream
Dispensing a long time without sleep, you drain your brain and body, become irritable and realize that you are having difficulty with the clarity of thought and concentration at work. In this dream - this is the time it takes for you and your body's cells to recuperate after a hard day's work, the accumulation of energy reserves for the next period of activity.

How much sleep should last?

On average, for total relaxation of the body it requires at least 8 hours. During this time, you will improve heart function, hormonal balance, righting cells to improve memory and cognitive function.

healthy lifestyle
7. Get rid of bad habits
Habit - simply put, it is an action that you perform so often that even cease to notice it.

The main types of bad habits:

Use non-normative lexicon.
Biting his nails.
Picking your nose.
Clicking joints.
Chew on a pencil or pen.
To use foul language.
Spitting on the floor.
Types of good habits:

Adherence of the day.
Charging the morning.
Wash hands before eating.
Blanketed bed.
Putting things into place.
Brush your teeth every day.
Wash dishes for a.
Clean up all the things in place.
Eat right, etc.
How to get rid of bad habits?

To do this, determine the amount of your bad habits and replace them with new ones - useful. To do this, define a plan of action that is required to achieve this result, for example: do not come to the meeting for 5 minutes later and 10 minutes before its start. Constantly performing this action you reach your desired result.

healthy lifestyle
8. doing things you love -
the ability to be happy
You can not have people not prone to anything. Each of us has specific talents and abilities they need only show. Identify them, and make them a part of his life. Your favorite must become the main source of your income. Feel free to go after his dream, going this way - you are sure will find success and your life will pick up the positive momentum.

Change your life, because all changes are only for the better!


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