2 categories of people: "WHAT?!" and "wow! WHAT KIND OF THINGS HAPPEN..."

Two categories of peoplePsychologists divided people into various personality types: leaders or subordinates, phlegmatic and sanguine, the couple in the position of adult or child and many others, but perhaps in the entire history of mankind on earth existed and continue to exist only two categories of people:

those who are knocked down, hefalls to his knees and begins to inquire to the heavens "why?!" and

those who also knocked down, they will also be on his knees in front of destiny, only smirk and comment on an event "wow! WHAT kind of THINGS HAPPEN...", get up and keep going.


Enjoying anything, a person is not inclined to wonder about the cause of his pleasure. We ask ourselves about the meaning of life only when once again feel the pain.

Slaves of the 16th century at night, applying the herbs to the beaten body, asked myself why their fate is the fact of belonging to the slave class.

Aristocrats whose families have been destroyed because of the change of the political system of the country, could not understand why such a terrible fate came in their time.

Prostitutes, most of whom are raped in childhood women agree that they are born for the humiliation, for this fact, apparently, was ordained to them by destiny. Believers looking for the answer to the question "WHY is MY FATE like this?!" with prayers and expectations of life in Paradise. Esoterics believe that in the next life, their share will fall to a better fate. The powers that be are trying to compensate for their bitter fate, growing your Bank account. And the children of the world look to parents and waiting for an explanation as to why "some get everything and others nothing..." and the parents themselves don't know.

When a person swallows a certain portion of food, his body takes it, converts and freed from residues, the satisfaction of getting. But not all food can satisfy the whims of a person, however, any food is to sustain life. In addition, the plate from which the food is consumed, it seems, does not matter in terms of good body. If the man began to fight with the organic matter needed to napichavanie his body useful chemical elements, or if the person stubbornly refused to eat because of the wrong plates, soon the person would just die.

The problem of human consciousness, unable to enjoy the reality that, so to speak, fell to his share, — that a reasonable man doesn't want to take the food (and the plate), which would allow him to stay alive and therefore have the opportunity to enjoy the life that he is able to create in accordance with their wishes.

The majority is always dissatisfied with the era in which each of the dissatisfied was born, not according to their social position and sad about the origin of their parents from poor families.

Most of the countries on the planet are dissatisfied with their position on the world stage, and the native inhabitants of these countries are dreaming of a better life abroad, while not having the slightest idea what conditions are forced to live immigrants away from the country in which you were born. Many of the dreams of "Paradise abroad", as a result of their immigration, you lose the psychic link with the home country is similar to the sense of rejection of alien Paradise. So people getting bad everywhere, wherever they moved. They begin to feel the absence of the house in principle. There is one Russian proverb: where was born there and handy.

However, life is short, sad and unhappy with no other choice than to join the community of pessimists, each of which discharges its sense of bitterness about the hardships of the fate of their own, specific, way. Someone decides to clean up the human race like Hitler, someone chooses to change the roles of "white" and "red" (who was nothing will become everything!), others sit on the needle, someone else goes to the monastery and pray for it to the war on earth was finally over, and others go to a psychologist, that he still answered to the question "WHY is THEIR FATE SO MISERABLE?"

For example, two people knocked down and humiliated. One asks "WHY ME?", gets up and goes on.The point is, he knows where he wants to go. Another asks "WHY me AGAIN!?" and remains standing on his knees.

Simple life logic dictates that the first of two disgruntled wants to live in order to enjoy their life. What does the second? May — the same, only the results of his being unconscious, he continues to choose the position of the victim, which in this life someone something enough issued. Unfortunate unwilling to forgive the pain he had to feel in the past as well as sometimes you just have to feel for the rest of his life.

He forgets that pain is not the only emotional feeling of the entire spectrum of human feelings. This man probably did die (on his knees).Of all the colors of life each of us has the opportunity to enjoy not only black. Rainbow consists of at least seven colors.


There are those who believe in God, others the devil, and someone who believes in himself. As you know, belief in yourself is a guarantee of human success in business and in personal life. What, in fact, is the success of a person which is able to earn a respectful amount of money through his own head and that feels like your desired partner?What explains the conscious smile of someone in a particular time is unemployed and sleeps alone? Needless to say the concept of success, as the possession of numerous assets, significant Bank account or prepodnesenny nature good fortune of owning a appearance of a top model. Looks can be deceiving. WithRediwealthy people with vibrant data, a lot of characters who end their way of life by suicide or die of a drug overdose.

Indeed successful is the only person who feels truly happy regardless of the events happening to him in his life. A successful person is experiencing stable mood for one simple reason: because he wants to live his life with a sense of joy. Those who choose to remain on my knees, will also make the Lord God query about the reason for life's unfairness: why some feel happy, while others cry at night!? After all, it's not fair!..

The problem of man, sobbing into the pillow, lies in its fear to change their life circumstances, causing his position on his knees. This man does not allow the presence in his life feelings of pain as feelings, the same joy, love, success and so on. People crying from the unbearable gravity, which itself makes to carry throughout life. Sad skeptics are people condemning themselves since birth.

Those of us who do not want to forgive the people you love, contributing to our painful experiences, usually refuse to accept the fact that they can just as well be the cause of someone's tears. We are not able to prevent the discomfort of all those who live with us on planet Earth. Each of us can only plan your life so that at night I had to cry.

The key to seeing oneself as a successful person in the absence of self-criticism about, and without reason. When a person feels hatred towards life, we can confidently talk about his sense of self-loathing.The human mind understands life only as a perception of themselves as individuals. Loving those subjects, learning about cancer of the brain or cancer of the uterus, react so: I always win; next to me – those I need; I have no right to stay sick. And well, despite prescribed them a few months before the end of life. Two children, one of whom stole a piece of candy will react to the cry of "candy's gone!" in different ways: a thief blush.The fact that he feels like a thief upon decisions. It is impossible to offend a man who doesn't want to be offended.The person who deep down does not feel humiliated, to perceive the verbal insult with a laugh. People are not able to perform the actions, required in which they can not see for themselves.

The logic of life suggests that the author of your reality is the man himself. In one well-known Russian feature film in the 20th century based on the work of Ilf and Petrov "12 chairs" there is such a scene: two thieves when using public property, explain the behavior in the following way: "to Steal and ashamed... Ashamed and steal..." — says one of them. Humanity goes this way: women pray for the cessation of wars on earth, and the next morning escorted sons to the war, praising their integrity.

While we are waiting for a miracle, we may inadvertently die from old age.


If a person chooses to be happy, you cease to care about the questions of the universe, in particular, questions about where he came from, where you are going and why his fate is so bitter. First, faith will be rewarded. If we believe in the achievement of the goal the most successful way for us, we cease to notice the obstacles, and the results achieved goals perceived as pleasure of the route. And secondly, someone who is looking for in his life and benefits, no time left to cry at night, feeling a sense of despair.

Happy people live in the present. They daily make the effort, they solve a lot of problems in life, they are happy and in love they are experiencing and find a way out of difficult situations, they take the disaster as well as taking nice gifts from loved ones. Happy people do not think about your successful state. They just enjoy by themselves, during their only life that they know in the present. A few years ago in Russia was a popular one song, which is sung smile: Happiness is! It can not be...

All ingenious is simple indeed. Happiness is the ability of a person to feel love and joy in the life that he lives. For free feeling of joy is also free to afford feelings of discontent and pain. The feelings that a person experiences are the food needed his soul for a healthy life. A person's psyche is able to absorb the emotional the food, process it and get rid of waste, will be grateful to his master.

While the individual is fighting with his feeling of pain, yet he believes in the possibility of eradicating from her life problems, as such, while he denies unpleasant feelings, he remains incapable of experiencing feelings of joy and love also. Otherwise, if one takes the psychological food for what it is, however, experiencing difficulties with the release of emotions, in his soul there is a constipation.

The soul (or if you prefer, psyche) homo sapiens always selects only one of the two senses, as a reaction to external circumstances. This chosen feeling is Love or Fear. Another Academician Pavlov discovered that the animal responds to external stimuli through reflex. Love and fear are two sides of the same mental reflex response to a stimulus. A man in love chooses laughter, sexual desire, interest in life, and scared the person chooses to feel anger, distrust, impotence or skepticism. A scared man is not capable of love.

The problem of who is protected from his fate with fear, that such an individual lives with a sense of guilt. The result of his self-condemnation is a constant criticism of other people. Man, dissatisfied with himself, always dissatisfied with the country where he was born or lives, unhappy with their spouse, their children... and even his fate. Those who choose to trust in yourself, self-respect and concern for their living conditions, I see no point in self — criticism, much less condemnation of others. People who know how to love, are valuable for themselves people. Such people in this life are not likely to experience fear. According to Roosevelt the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Ask the unfortunate destiny of money or love. Happy ask for the strength to keep moving. Perhaps the last turning their requests to themselves. But it is not enough. The man who loves himself, prefers to live in the present. Successful person sees the meaning of his life in the daily presence in the reality that is his destiny. In the reality that he has power to create himself. The only force that cannot win, is human love.


The one who chooses love, feels the pleasure of the process of resolving life's problems as such. And what else is life if not a succession of arising problems?! Fate in love with a man becomes a precious metal from which it is smelted required shape or decoration.

Those who are waiting for miracles from above, hopes that the war will end soon and people will start to love each other. And those who do no one is waiting, go to Haiti personally to help earthquake victims residents. Someone prays, but someone signed the Treaty to end the war. Someone blames their parents lack received in childhood love, and someone comes home from work and hugs the partner with the words "Thank you".

It is unlikely that someone will want to argue that we want only the best for those who really love. While people do not appreciate, do not respect his identity and takes care of himself, he has no desire to create favorable conditions for their own lives. He who does not love themselves, usually living in the past (or future), and in rare moments of feelings of his present, he seeks to answer the question about why his destiny was one that he had been offered. Then he asks the most important question: who is the one who is he such a sad fate suggested... And then relationship problems, then the problems in business... lost the taste of life and finally, at least, alcoholism. While the person is not satisfied with himself, he will project his dissatisfaction with his sexual partner. And when an abused partner leaves the house, dissatisfied people will fall to his knees and begin to inquire "FOR WHAT? WHY? HOW CAN I?"

Many people, especially in old age, tormented by the question of whether some compensation (or punishment) after his death.The reasons for the issue arising in some, is the lack of realization of the personality of these people during his life on earth.

Fear of death experience for those of us who are not able to realize themselves in their lives. Those who spent all their time fighting with his unhappy fate. "My life is a tin... And well it into a swamp! And me to fly hunting!.."

If the person is not looking for self-realization in love, in profession or in the position of parent, he will never find himself in principle. And the one who searches, that always finds. Religious people are looking for happiness in the requests addressed to the heavens. Only here in their own words, God somehow does not always answer. More precisely, rarely hears. This, in itself, the Bible is the idea that human suffering is to find the answer within himself and that God only hears those who ask about the realization of their true needs.

These true needs are is only the possibility of development of his spiritual world (John 5:14, Matthew 5:3). Irresponsible people like powerless children, "God... What they did to me!.." Those who want to get pleasure from your life, look at his fate: "wait a Minute... How can I fix it?" The feeling of spiritual power occurs in humans, due to his choice to feel love and respect for himself. Those who care about themselves, able to understand the other. And those who condemn the very fact of its existence, looking at the weakened vital troubles passer — scornfully mock him. We give each other just what they need themselves.

The difference between the human desires to create your way of life, sometimes in opposite forms, each of which gives pleasure to its Creator, due to innumerable factors affecting a person from birth. Probably a fate we may call the birth of the individual in a certain family, a certain time and in a certain country, and certain physical parameters of his body and health will characterize the conditions for the development of his personality, its capabilities and lack thereof.

A few years after the birth of a person can change, improve or maintain the conditions of the external reality that causes him a reaction, and moreover, to modify your internal world on the rights of the absolute owner. Usually, people denying yourself the pleasure to take responsibility for what happens to them in life, complain of fate.

Those who instead of fear choose to feel love, intuitively know what all of them do not fully conscious children's decisions and actions were aimed at the formation itself, the personalities that these people are today, as well as the creation of the fact that today's presence in that place and in those conditions, which they had planned yesterday.I think many would agree with the view that our present is the result of our feelings, thoughts and actions in the past.

One Russian writer of the 20th century there is a story that has become the talk of the-town for the Russian mentality, the story is called "Soup". Probably guys known brewed soup, did not complain that their life is crap. As we remember, the children were having fun in creative process of making soup. And seems to be, excellent chowder. Perhaps the concept of destiny is viewed from the point of view of ingredients, each of which offered living for the lifetime of the human race.

No matter in what era and under what conditions we are born is important, as in the future – under these conditions, we managed to choose a sense of yourself as a successful person that is able to love and be loved, which is able to change the level of their cash income from minus to plus, which is able alone to immigrate to a foreign country to seek their professional development, knowing about forthcoming troubles and losses and not being afraid of upcoming problems. Which lets favorite — the past forever — with a smile and said, "Thanks, we were together."

If we are unable to accept the circumstances of his birth, don't accept their parents, their country, their age, their gender or their disease, we will have to grieve his unfortunate fate. And when we believe, at least in their own uniqueness - then lose your fear to change your reality to that which does not suit on the one that confirms the love of himself to himself. Favorite deserve .o How Makarevich sings, it is not necessary to cave in under the changeable world, let better he will SAG under us. published


Author: Alice Valerie

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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