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Interesting facts about the real prototype of Alice in Wonderland - Alice Liddell, it was Lewis Carroll once told stories and decided to write his famous work.

This Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll Photo, England, in 1862

Alice Liddell lived a long and happy life. At age 28 she married Reginald Hargreaves, professional cricketer for Hampshire, gave birth to three sons. Unfortunately, both senior Niveton Alan Hargreaves and Leopold Reginald "Rex" Hargreaves died in the First World War. Alice died at his home in Westerham at age 82 in 1934.
This Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll Photo, England, in 1862

Initially a fairy tale called "Alice's Adventures Underground", and her handwritten copy given to Alice by Lewis Carroll was sold it in 15, 400 pounds one of the founders of the company for the production of records «Victor Talking Machine Company» Eldridge R. Johnson in 1926. < br /> Alice Liddell, Lewis Carroll, June 25, 1870

After the death of Johnson's book was bought by a consortium of American bibliophiles. Today the manuscript is kept in the British Library.
Adult Alice through the mirror

Alice was 80 years old when, on a visit to the United States, she met with Peter Llewelyn Davies and thus that inspired George. M. Barry in his famous work "Peter Pan».
Alice Liddell, Photo unknown photographer.

In honor of Alice Liddell named a minor planet 17670 Liddell.
Alice Liddell Hargreaves Pleasence in old age, in 1932

A few rare original photos of the real Alice in Wonderland.
Last page of the original manuscript L.Kerrolla "Alice's Adventures under ground»

Alice Liddell (right) with her sisters, picture Lewis Carroll (1859)

Alice Liddell (right) with her sisters. Edith, Ina and Alice, Lewis Carroll Photo (1860)

Alice Liddell (right) with her sisters and brother, photograph of Lewis Carroll (Spring 1860)

Julia Margaret Cameron: Photographic study "Pomona" (Alice Lindell, a young woman)



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