10 stories about modern-day slavery

In fact, slavery has not been canceled, it just changed, and now it looks like this:

Ninety nine million four hundred ninety three thousand eight hundred forty three


1. Credit card

Peter Klyushkin gets 30 thousand rubles per month. He also has several credit cards with a total debt of 100 thousand rubles. For the service of this loan Petya monthly pays banks ten percent of his salary: three thousand.

While slowly to repay the loan and stop to pay tribute to the moneylenders Petya can't. First, it firmly holds on the hook this technique as "minimum payment": if Peter will stop spending money from credit cards, he will have in a few months to live on half pay, which he cannot afford.

And secondly, there are so many temptations, so many things-which-can-buy-for-money... that Peter sees no choice but to continue year after year to feed fattening on his trouble banks.

Fun fact: Pete had dreams of their own business, with the return in thirty percent per annum more than would suit. However, to organize absolutely iron gesheft to pay to banks debt and start putting the interest on the loan in his pocket — Peter can't. The matrix does not permit.

2. Cars

Nick Patch loves cars. Previously, he traveled by subway, then saved their money on the Lada. Now moves on borrowed Lancer. He had money to spare, you often have to skimp on the most important type of vacation or doctors. But life without your car Kolya is not.

He should be given credit for the car, pay for tuhande dealer additional equipment and absurdly expensive insurance. He had to solve a bunch of small problems with Parking, scratches, with the replacement of consumables and with warranty repairs. He needs time in the season to change tires and three times a week to fill a full tank.

Kohl, in principle, does not complain. Each individual cash injection in the car quite feasible. That's only if Kolya carefully calculated the cost of possession of the treasure, he would have found that narrow-eyed cyberocracy "friend" monthly eats a third of his salary and half his free time.

Could Kolya to buy instead of Lancer good old Harmony Chisel, not to bother at all neither hull nor rust/scratches, no expensive parts? To throw the car anywhere, and to get it running again for the small price good service close to home, without paper fuss and without queues?

Maybe, I could. But if you say the stake that he chose the car is not level, Kolya will not even send you on your advice. Kolya just make the surprised eyes and wagged his finger at his temple.

3. Small expenses

Bob Gamobramov works as a plumber on call. There are a thousand, there are two, five hundred here rubles... in General would have to get a good earnings. However, the purse from washi rarely accumulate significant amounts, he's almost always broke.


Because Bob how to make money, so they spend: not counting. Five hundred rubles for a taxi home. Thousand rubles for lunch in the restaurant. Kind of like, work and work... and money as there is no.

If Bob got himself a Notepad and began there to record all income and expenses, it would be a horror stirred the hair. Bob would see, what to eat in the restaurant is not miserable thousand at a time, as he thought, and fifty thousand a month, six hundred thousand a year. Vasya would see that the taxi is convenient and comfortable, but two months movements on the minibuses will allow him to buy a new computer, which he wants for three years.

However, as befits a normal servant of the Matrix, to count money Vasya does not consider it necessary.

4. Weddings and birthdays

Alice Scatenano getting married. Alice works as an assistant Manager, her choice — Junior technical support engineer. Budget an family — forty thousand rubles a month.

Budget wedding — five hundred thousand.

Why Alice did not sign quietly in the registry office and not to go to celebrate the exchange of rings together with your spouse in some quiet restaurant? Why would she do this petrochemisty the host, why she has these shameful contests, why does she have this drunken crowd cattle, clumsily by stomping feet under Verka Serduchka?

Why do I need to get into debt, bankrupt parents, to feed and water people, who, to be Frank, is quite able to eat and drink at his own expense? Alice isn't stupid and realizes that if she doesn't get married, none of this and would pay attention: shrug their shoulders and forget the next day.

Reasons to pull in anywhere annual family income Alice two. First, so she orders the Matrix in the face of our customs and traditions. Secondly, Alice wants to stand out in a white dress and Alice believes that the year of work of two people — is a normal price for a few wedding photos.

Of course, defenders of naive girls could say now that the wedding happens once in a lifetime... But there is still birthdays, funerals, New year's decoration. How much money Alice will pull every year for these stupid gatherings?

5. Alcoholic loop

Yuri Cableplug periodically looks in the mirror and thinks that it would be necessary finally to go to the gym: to remove a beer belly and invigorate the muscles with weights-free weights. However, Yura works five days a week, and after work drinks a Cup or two of dilute ethanol.

He is not an alcoholic: JRA believes that alcohol in small doses if not useful, at least not particularly harmful.

However, the work and the alcohol is so well structured it the time that to go to the gym him decisively once, and forces after the feats of labour feats sports does not remain.

Acute reason to change the rhythm of his life Yura no. Just Yura looks fifteen years older than his age and all the time feeling a bit lousy... but in General everything is OK. the Matrix holds the Jura steel grip. Likely to tear from his throat her fingers Yura, frankly, a little bit.

6. Advertising

Lena Vurdalaka Cola drinks, smokes Marlboro, chewing Stimorol and eats three throat of hambuger at McDonald's. From it always smells like Dolce Gabbana, and your iPhone Lena is in the bag from luiviton.

At the same time Lena is sure that the advertising on it in any way does not work, and sick stomach and an empty wallet is her own choice.

Predatory snout from TV chorus support Lena in her naive confusion: "You're a free man, Lena, you're a smart and beautiful woman, you are always absolutely voluntarily and independently choose which one of us you dutifully take his next salary."

7. Expensive thing

Gleb Werblun not rich enough to buy cheap things. More precisely, he is not rich. Gleb — rogue, and the money he had often not even enough for a Cup of steaming coffee in the machine on the floor below his office.

However, to say "you go as far as possible, this is for me too expensive" Gleb not know how. Because of this, he always buys things, which even in much more wealthy man in the throat immediately closed cool green legs.

Leather jacket price in the two salaries? I am not so rich to buy cheap things. And I don't care what sizes and styles Gleb does not understand, because of what looks in this jacket as the brother of the fence.

Laptop latest models have a hundred thousand rubles? I am not so rich to buy cheap things. Will take the credit under mad percent, will be two years to eat porridge with salt and ride hare on the subway, but I have on the shelf to gather dust beautiful silver laptop.

The question is, why would Gleb not to be modest, and not to buy things a little worse, but ten times cheaper?

Yes, everything is simple. Gleb lazy to spend three hours of time to poravnati prices and characteristics, in order to calculate the pros and cons of the purchase. It is easier cavalry to shake his hand and say "I decided to buy". In addition, despite a leaky boots and glued tape glasses, Gleb somehow hesitate to inform the sellers that he was rogue.

8. Repair

Claudia Sarrebruck believes that apartments in Russia are too expensive. God knows how much effort her and her family were worth this new one bedroom apartment. Now Claudia makes the apartment renovation.

Take, for example, the kitchen.

You can go to the hardware store and buy the cheapest kitchen, thousand so for eight roubles. For the money the Clave will get some poor lockers of chipboard, let without any claims on the design, but still able to store inside the plates and pots.

You can go to the Swedes at IKEA and choose their already something decently, thousands of so-fifty. Quality, of course, is not the fountain, but if you find a good collector who will spend a few days perfecting products stingy Swedes to mind, you get quite a even cute.

You can see some of our furniture factory and choose from the directory the kitchen under the order. It will be two hundred, but bridesmaids Clara will approvingly click languages at the sight of illumination inside the lockers and sinusoidal cornice above the dust decorative shelves.

You can go to the salon Italian furniture and succumb to the modest charm of the bourgeoisie. There prices for food begin anywhere from one million, but with a little luck, you can grab something from the old collection with huge discount...

The question is, what chlorine Klava with all the richness of choice bought the kitchen for six hundred thousand? It's the annual (!) she and her husband's salary. However, no savings in the family is not planned, and so they had to take to complete the repair for the winter.

No, I understand, the kitchen is important, kitchen is a long time, Italy is quality... But if Klava could not in any way affect the price of the apartment, here at least the price of the repair was in her power? Now seriously, if Klava spent on repair of two million and two hundred thousand rubles — that saved three years of work not paid for her mental suffering from a form of cheap tiles and thin laminate?

9. Nagging

Egor Oscopic constantly tells a familiar story, one simply surprisingly different. About the crisis. About some politics, rallies. Egor forever on edge, he constantly someone is wrong: the head, the policeman, the popularly elected President of the Russian Federation.

Of course, we live in a free country, and Egor has the right friends to collect genitalia anyone... but Yegor constantly suffers from other people's problems. Habit to go into other people's problems regularly makes him feel oppressive powerlessness, to realize that somewhere, something bad, and he can not change anything.

If Egor someone explained that our world is unfair, and that the only way to make it better is to start with yourself, Egor probably would already have been on any managerial position. Brains and hands Yegor in place, the energy from it and rushing.

Here are just Egor, unfortunately, prefers to spend his inexhaustible energy not on creative activity, and to the conviction and punishment of people who — according to Egor — behave incorrectly.

Himself Egor believes is well suited to the life of man: he knows how to make trouble and to stand on his own, may, on occasion, even in the face to give. Friends look at Egor with ill-concealed pity. As Egor constantly vlyapyvaetsya in a level place in scandals, fights, even in some ridiculous courts.

10. Nedosyp

Olga Golovastaya sleeps six hours a day. Sometimes for five hours. Woke up, slammed coffee and began to fuss until night.

The other girl in her place would have thought that somehow incorrectly lives. But Olya for many years now, not getting enough sleep, and think she has long studied. When Oli fall free half an hour, she pours himself another Cup of some refreshing Burda and sits... blunt. Watching TV, sticks to the Internet, just looking osolovevshy eyes in the wall and rides in a circle empty of thought.

Seems like to get out of this vicious circle is very simple. You just have to take it a rule to dive under the covers at exactly midnight. A couple of weeks of the eight-hour sleep, and Olya will never know. She will be calm and kind, will cease to bark at people and begin to catch up.

But... to the waltz to alter all things to the eleven in the evening it is necessary to make a sour willpower. And such an effort sleepy Olya, alas, can not.

Sleepy Olya will be to spend every day several hours on all sorts of meaningless nonsense. Because of these lost hours Olya every day will not go at twelve and two. And at eight in the morning — like it or not — it will have sleepy to get up and hoof work. Where here to think about some kind of change of activity and big money. So, dreams.

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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