This Is Slavery! Welcome back ...

What do you know about slavery? Do you think it a relic of the past? BUT ... is this true? Do you feel so often celebrated by the media a taste of equality of rights with everyone else? Do you have the opportunity to live where you want to go on what you want and work as much as you want about you, but not as much as you need for something? If this is not possible, then you - slave! As if it was not disgusting taste, but slavery - this is our routine. It is with us here and now.

< TIPS (how to get more freedom):

< Stop evaluate their success in life from the material point of view This is for you is imposed in order to make it work. Success - as superior to the others, can be in any other sphere: who knows more, who better to run, drawing, frame girls pulled or writes poetry. In this respect, money - the most flawed and gray of the areas because they are not tied to a specific person.

< Cool its financial appetites and learn to live within our means. Most of those things that advertise, and you want to buy for the money, you do not need! To enjoy a well-painted picture, reading a book or from a victory in the sports competition is much cheaper than to enjoy the latest Lexus models. This will reduce your need for finances and free up more time. Less work - more time. MORE FREEDOM!

< DO NOT TAKE CREDIT! It's difficult, because there are too many ads have taught us that it is right and good. But it must be done. The only way to cope with this dependence - learn to understand when and how you manipulate. You can take the credit only if it will reduce your spending. For example, you pay 500 USD for rent and then you drew with the same mortgage payment. Of course, in this case we can take, because it is not a loan, and the minimization of costs. And that, finally, it is logical.

< Learn how to save money This is your "economic security", which will give more freedom in our world of slavery. Most people do not have a sufficient degree of self-discipline for the fact that to save money. That is why most people are in the worst slave cobalt - in the credit bondage. Just learn how to save a certain percentage of their income.

< Ask yourself how long you can live on the money available to you in the absence of further earnings? Security is determined at the time rather than money. If you and your family can live a lifestyle habit without wasting your time and effort to earn money for 6 months, my congratulations. You are more free (rich) people, 90% of Russian citizens.

< plans and controls their spending (money). And how? You thought only plan for training? Plan is necessary in everything. Actually man differs from an animal that can see the result of distant "from outside" and to take consistent action to achieve it. The plan will help you get more freedom. Get yourself a notebook and write it in the micro and macro objectives. Generate monthly and annual budget. Create reserve funds and contributions. It can even be fun if you approach it with humor.


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