Chlorophyll against cancer

Cancer treatment using natural substance — chlorophyll. Developed by Professor V. A. Borisov. In our opinion the method is not quite perfect and, like other inventions of civilization takes man away from its natural perfect development, but still has the right to implement, because our distorted time, not all people have the opportunity and will power to change lives, for example, eat natural, live in the village, to grow your organic crops.

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What is a cancer cell

This cell, which consumes a lot of nutrients very quickly divided, actively propagated in all tissues, replacing the normal cells, drains the body and leads him to death. How to deal with it

  Trick! It must be poison so that healthy cells are not affected. Imagine that the gathered group of guests. Harmful owners knew the habits invited, decided some of them to get rid of and put on the table a cake, seasoned to under-measure, Hemlock. And while most of the guests grandly talked and crumb cake tasted several hasty gluttons quickly all ate the cake and died on the spot. And all the rest are alive and well. In much the same way Professor Borisov cures cancer. It enters the body, instead of "cake" the preparation of green chlorophyll, which is similar to hemoglobin and is easily absorbed by the voracious cancer cells. Then the cell with a laser irradiated with light of a certain wavelength. Under the influence of the laser beam from the chlorophyll of the drug is released active oxygen. In cancer cells, the pores are absent, and the oxygen they accumulate so much that they literally explode from the inside. Healthy cells chlorophyll grip very small and therefore remain unharmed. But there is a serious problem — the light, which is emitted by the laser only reaches the skin and does not penetrate deep tissues. He can heal from superficial cancer, but not from tumors of the internal organs. How to be? Professor Borisov has found an original way that allows the light to penetrate very deeply. Everything in our body are subject to the rhythm called bio-resonance: breathing, heartbeat, and reduction of the smallest blood vessels — capillaries push blood into the depth of tissues. Each patient — the rhythm of your breathing, the contraction of the heart and capillaries.

Biorhythm is determined by the computer continuously monitors the status of the patient, and synchronously with it a short pulse serves the light. On the exhale, when the blood flow to the heart and all the vessels of the desolate, the laser beam reaches the tumor tissue of the shortest path and destroys diseased cells. Inhale the light into the tissue is not supplied. If the patient during the procedure remembered the bad and excited, the devices will instantly react to the changes in biorhythm and frequency of light pulses will increase. As soon as he calms down, again slow down.Everyone hears how he breathes.

What are the advantages of this method He, unlike chemotherapy and the radiation, does not damage healthy tissue and does not cause any side effects — he is not sick, no headache and no fever. It can be used in the most severe patients with the most serious tumors. In 2004, Professor Borisov helped to heal from a severe hereditary disease 19-summer Englishwoman Louise Longman. She suffered from multiple tumors of blood vessels, it threatened to amputate his arm. English doctors could do nothing to help her. Parents Louise heard about the method and Borisov appealed to him — had nothing to lose. Borisov advised the girl to England and invited her for treatment in Moscow. Over the course of treatment the tumor decreased by a quarter. The doctors were able to remove entities and keep the girl's hand. Three years have passed. Louise feels that studying in the third year of medical school and plans to become a surgeon. In 2005 Borisov cured suffering from brain tumor, 12-year-old boy from Yugoslavia. The child had difficulty walking and could not talk. Austrian doctors found he had, in addition to a huge brain tumor, multiple lung metastases and sent him home to die. After the first treatment the child's condition has improved dramatically. He goes to school and in two years two times came to the Professor to tidy up the immune system. Now the clinic Borisov pushed the cancer patients from Yugoslavia. Effective technique in the treatment of tumors of the stomach, breast and gynecological sphere. And instead of, and together Borisova method can be used instead of surgery and other methods of treatment of oncological diseases? Theoretically, in the early stages of the disease — can. In practice, even in advanced cases, the election chronophototherapy repeatedly led to complete healing of patients — for example, eliminated breast cancer or metastasis. But to turn it into a full-fledged method of treatment, it is necessary to continue research and spend a lot of money, which the clinic Borisov simply do not. So now chronophototherapy used, or after surgery, or together with chemioterapia, or together with radiation therapy and leads to great results. (edited — better not to use chemotherapy and radiation therapy) Why it helps For two reasons. The first is a drug from the algae spirulina contains the whole set of vitamins and minerals, and in very close person, and once in the body, activates all its defenses. It's no secret that natural vitamins are better than synthetic. Some synthetic vitamins, once recommended by doctors to protect against cancer, actually stimulate the formation of precancerous cells. Synthetic vitamin E in large doses can cause liver cancer. Artificial carotenes (provitamin A) may have cancer of the lungs. Had overdosed on vitamin C (500 mg per day) increase proizvodstvennyh radicals that violate the structure of cellular DNA. Natural vitamins, such as spirulina, nothing but good, we don't get it. In it biologically active substances help cells get rid of toxins and help cleanse the body. We do not need to fear what a healthy cell "poison" chlorophyll product. She has normal appetite, and she gaining as much nutrients as it can absorb. The second reason is bioresonance apparatus with light pulses causes the cells to work in a healthy, natural rhythm. They feel like tired people who are finally allowed to sleep ad libitum and established mode of the day. In the tissues for normal metabolism, immunity itself to cope with the enemy, and the disease goes away. Galina Zaitseva

  Profession nurse In the world of elementary particles, i.e., in the microcosm, studying quantum mechanics. The quantum level is a world of information, the world is"invisible". In this unique natural self-organizing system, what is man, quantum radiations are his thoughts and feelings. They directly or indirectly affect the development of the body because the body cells are constantly "listening" to our thoughts and change them. Negative thoughts, including self, may be for the body shell, able to penetrate any shell. So depression suppresses the immune system, unhappiness and desperation increase the risk of heart attack and cancer. Good idea works wonders. It is able to neutralize the effects of negative emotions, acts like medicine, heals and gives strength, restores the structure of cells. The idea of an optimist, believing in your own strength, the success of treatment — heals. The thought of the pessimist, believes in nothing — to achieve. This means that it is impossible to separate biology from psychology.The way to health is a cognitive process, with its own characteristics, properties and laws. It is through understanding and awareness, through the ability to manage their emotions. The way to health is a cognitive process, with its own characteristics, properties and laws. It is through understanding and awareness, through the ability to manage their emotions. Who are you, doctor? — I'm a practical doctor, let's start with this — says about themselves Borisov — Have about 15 medical specialties, though basic. When people ask me: "Who are you?"answer: "I'm a real Soviet doctor, I'm no sorcerer, to not have such thoughts." I'm not very good with magic, unfortunately (laughs), because that would be easier. I have a lot to know, to understand. I am a rehabilitation specialist is a doctor who needs to identify any disease, to understand what was the beginning of its development, and to think about how to help. Actually, I think it's one of the most difficult disciplines of modern medicine. His name is Viktor Aleksandrovich Borisov. Professor Borisov. Dr. Borisov. We want to inform the readers that he's not operating and even not use any medicines. But even the most severe cancer patients, sometimes in a hopeless, terminal condition, when the only relief is the morphine, once in the clinic Borisov, in a few days begin to feel an improvement and after a few standard courses of rehabilitation therapy in good health back to full and normal life. Although, mind you, we are not talking about any miracles. The author of many truly miraculous techniques, practitioners there are more than a dozen years, Borisov became known to the General public only in the summer of 2004 on a wave of press coverage raised by the British The Sun and supported by many Russian media.

This happened after Victor helped to deal with a rare genetic disease that causes cancer syndrome von Hippel-Lindau, English student Louise Longman. Somehow, when nobody was interested in the medical aspect of the event: all the Newspapers foam at the mouth arguing about is paid for Vladimir Putin's treatment English or not.

However, due to the history the name of Borisov became known, and others terminally ill. In particular, about the article in The Sun he remembered relatives suffering from sarcoma Yugoslav boy Nemanja stanković. After surgery he is in Belgrade and chemotherapy, held in Germany, with metastases in the lungs, the boy was sent home to die. In Austria Dr. Borisov examined the boy and invited to attend a course of rehabilitation. Then a miracle happened. Today, in the footsteps of Nemanja, the clinic Borisov recovering a large group of children from the former Yugoslavia, many of them with malignant brain tumors. — Victor Aleksandrovich, why so many children from Yugoslavia? See, that's a scary story. During the recent war, the Americans dropped on the territory of Yugoslavia a strategic reserve guided bombs containing depleted uranium and missiles with uranium warheads. It caused such a rapid growth of oncological diseases, Yugoslav medicine is unable to deal with it. Children are born with cancer. Here we help in process of forces. — Really, really scary story. Can you introduce us to any of those kids? — With pleasure. Here, Nicola Berlitz 5 years. Diagnosis: tumor of the pelvis of 7.5 to 8 cm, germinated in the bladder. Was offered surgery to remove the tumour along with the bladder. Parents flatly refused surgery, and brought him to me in Moscow. It was three months ago. As a result of chemotherapy, produced in Belgrade, uncontrollable vomiting, and Allergy, walked with difficulty, limping because of the pain in his leg. The first week (and, in fact, five-day) course of rehabilitation he was fine. The parents noted that during the course of the child cheered up, became more active. When a month later he was brought a second time, he felt much better, the limp stopped. We examined the boy. Computed tomography showed that the tumor shrank to the size of a 3.5 by 1.5 cm, and an x-ray revealed that she will not grow into the bladder. I suggested to the parents of the boy to operate on the tumor. They agreed, and the operation in Belgrade was appointed on the 20th day after the end of the second week of rehabilitation. The boy was taken to surgery was examined, it turned out — nothing to operate. On 28 September, they arrived in my clinic for the third course of rehabilitation. That's the story. — Sounds fabulous. Hard to believe that you are a magician. What is the meaning of science — rehabilitation? — I did not detract from a brilliant experience surgeons and chemioterapico, but I think that the worst thing in the life of a cancer patient begins when it is discharged to outpatient treatment. Rehabilitation resorts in the best case slightly more power. But for some period of time the patient is at home and, not understanding anything, waiting for what will happen to him. He said, "Come in six months — we'll check". Or three months, no matter when. And in this responsible period of time required for rehabilitation, the patient is left to himself, and this is a huge psychological trauma. Moreover, this happens in all countries. I do system rehabilitation. I do not aim for the direct treatment of cancer, there are experts for that. In my case it is not about treatment, but about the recovery. Our task is to restore the immune system, to improve man, to bring him to life. The purpose of my and my colleagues is the restoration of the actual health of the patient. Mind you, not the statistical average and the actual. The difference is huge. We must make it clear to the patient how to behave, how to set yourself up, how to help recover after a serious operation, after chemotherapy, after radiation therapy — is the main problem, really. And the fact that it got such positive results, it depends on joint activities and the doctor and the patient. — But you're not going to argue that these positive outcomes are associated with the use of your unique techniques? — Understand any author's technique is simply the art of the doctor. When you have 40 years of experience, know the results of the application of one or other kind of drug and the efficiency of its effects on the body and, consequently, balance between the health of the patient, using feedback system, that is, using a system of biochronotherapy. There is nothing special there, it's simply a combination of different of our medical capabilities. — Here, Victor, you finally said those very words, which we have all been waiting for: "system feedback". Tell us more about biochronotherapy. Dialogue with the cage and not only — We are talking about the approach to the body as a whole system, given the fact that the planet no two people are alike. Our cells and the whole organism, there are certain biological rhythms. Every person about half a day awake and the night asleep. Your rhythm is biphasic and each cell of our body. Imagine each cell is like a baby bird in the nest. Here a group of cells in a sleep state, and arrives the mother-bird with the worm the Chicks woke up, opened the beak, and ate and went to sleep again. Synchronously and harmoniously. A failure in the operation of the cell when it starts to grow wildly and independently, not obeying the rhythm of the entire organism — this is cancer or, as it is called by scientists, "Kara luxaris" — "wild meat". Further, the destruction of the harmony of biorhythms leads to depression of immunity. With all the ensuing consequences. (Incidentally, the same occurs as a result of radiation and chemotherapy.) One of the most effective for today methods to restore the rhythms of healthy cells and a normal catabolism and metabolism at the cellular level — a method of biochronotherapy. Harmonization of biological rhythms leads to the fact that the patient begins to feel subjectively healthier. And due to cell memory effect ensures the durability of the therapeutic effect, that is, even after finishing the course of treatment, the person continues to enjoy all its positive implications. — It's complicated, and at the same time... just So healthy organism is one whose cells are subject to certain rhythms? — Yes, and these are defined rhythms fast rhythms of the human body — the rhythms of breathing, heart rate and tremor. Using equipment that takes into account the individual rhythms of the patient and works in a feedback system, biochronotherapy assists the cage when she needs it. As if you were up the steps and someone supported you by the elbow — because you don't need to raise two hands, enough to slightly support. The instrument reads the signals and modulates the feedback signal only when there is a coincidence of several factors. — What is it? Rhythm of breathing, heart rate and tremor, when the cage is open. That is, the system of physiotherapeutic treatment is not run by a doctor and a patient. The method of biochronotherapy relatively young, so many devices, we are developing independently — at the intersection of science — Biophysics, electronics and system programming. So is modern medicine. This is the technique of biochronotherapy, effective and safe. But the real miracles start, if you combine it with another effective and safe method of photodynamic therapy. — Well, if you have the doctor talking about miracles... what is photodynamic therapy? — That tumor cells have the ability to accumulate drugs that we in some way introduced into the body. It first drew the attention of the American scientist Schneider in 1942. Well, roughly speaking, sitting at the table in the company of people, one of them is a glutton, and yet others discuss the news, he manages to eat everything on the table. This is the tumor. The rate of metabolic processes is enormous, therefore, the tumor "eats" primarily nutrients, that is, in this case, our drug. Dale, under the influence of light it is activated and burned. — What is this drug? Is chlorophyll. The one that we are daily consumed in huge quantities. We can eat a bowl of salad safely to go to the bathroom and not even remember that we ate it. In 1992, Russian scientists have synthesized the active principle of chlorophyll, chlorin E-6. It is available in Russia in two forms and one in Belarus. These drugs a long time ago certified and are widely used. Only main difference between the technique I use is that I use these drugs under the influence of the devices of biochronotherapy. — So, you managed to combine two totally unique method of treatment. And tell me, what patients with cancer do you take for recovery? I'll answer anyway. I will say I do not take. I do not take the rehabilitation of those who are easily other types of treatment, for example, in the Institute of Oncology and so on. Get to me people with suspicious cases, either no biopsy or uncharacteristic course of the disease, or, conversely, rapid progression, despite the seemingly favorable diagnosis. And, of course, have to figure it out with the help of my colleagues from specialized institutions, including cancer. — And in addition to Oncology? What other disease amenable to your methods? — This is a great conversation. Briefly: we work with a wide range of diseases: for example, cerebral palsy, post-stroke States, prostate adenoma, with different gynecologic pathologies. Today in our spotlight Virology, and there are very interesting results. In Moscow, Viktor Aleksandrovich Borisov runs his own medical Center Biochronotherapy, which makes people from all over the world. He also has patients in Austria, Germany, Yugoslavia. In Austria treats of the Germans in Germany, Englishmen. Otherwise it is impossible, medical law does not allow. Learn languages, pass exams as expected — then-and-treat. And no contributions to humanity and science not to rock the stagnant bureaucratic machine. It is impossible, and that's it. We naively asked the acquaintance of a Russian doctor working in Germany in the women's Oncology clinic, to talk about Borisov to his boss if he's interested, prompt, help. Slightest. The chief gave us to understand that stupidity was not interested, but if Borisov wants, he can organize a creative trip to his boss, the clinic and to teach good sense, to show how he, the chef, works. And how does it work? On the conveyor. Amputation one after another, then chemotherapy and other therapies, and then — as God wills. So, for those who need assistance Borisov, the path is one: to Moscow. Brief information for those who chose this path: Viktor asks tentatively to send him (Fax, email) the patient's medical history in Russian. The most important admission requirement for treatment is the physical ability of the patient to get to Moscow. Talked with Dr. Eugene Borisov, Zmurko. P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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