Vitgrass - only 2 tablespoons per day for the health of the whole organima!

A couple of years ago, when superfudy only started to appear in our market and sold only a few places, I learned about this amazing natural medicine, useful properties which really impressed me.

Then I tried vitgrass only as a powder, brought from somewhere in Europe, gradually adding it in the morning cocktails. Also, I knew that it was originally rich green juice from young wheat germ.

But how to grow herself and squeeze out the juice, then I was not clear. While it can not be bought in any cafe in Moscow, diluted powder everywhere. In the last year in Kiev, my friends took me to a strange basement, where there were shelves with lamps and verdant grass: in this place sold fresh vitgrass


At that time, less than 50 rubles, I did a small portion, about 30 ml, advising her drink a glass of water, warning that even such a minimum amount of juice can make your head spin.

After drinking this sweet bright green juice with an intense aroma of freshly cut grass and went out into the street, I felt incredibly easy! I felt that the sugar level immediately dropped (while at the heart of my diet were cereals), and the mind is cleared.

For the first time the effect could even be called intoxicating: I laughed a lot and was a little staggered, it was like the way if you have not breathed fresh air and suddenly found themselves in the mountains. The healing properties of this drink is truly impressive! I invite you to learn more about it.

Chlorophyll GREEN DOCTOR

The healing power of green plants has been known since ancient times. All mammals during illness follow a green diet. This is due to content in plants, a large amount of chlorophyll - the "green blood" of plants of the world, which serves as a protein.

Chlorophyll - this is the basis of all the plant world, it is the first product to sunlight and it contains more light energy than any other element. Chlorophyll performs photosynthesis, ie It converts the energy of sunlight to form the matter. It is the source of solar energy, which is getting into our bodies, causing resonance and youth movements.

German scientist Richard Vilshtatteru in 1915 awarded the Nobel Prize for achievements in the field of chemistry - namely, for the study of plant pigments, especially chlorophyll. It Vilshtatter first depicted the chemical formula of this pigment, and found that its structure is similar to the hemoglobin molecule, and that part of the chlorophyll molecule includes a magnesium atom (Mg).

Thus, chlorophyll is very similar to hemoglobin atomic structure, and therefore - chlorophyll is absorbed by the body as quickly as hemoglobin. When chlorophyll gets into the blood circulatory system actively transports oxygen and other nutrients to body cells and makes the result of metabolic waste. That is, chlorophyll speeds up the circulatory system and improves blood formula.


Indisputable is the fact that no oxygen on our planet would not be a single living organism. Oxygen, which is in the periodic table of elements is in eighth place, we need all the time and in large numbers - much more than we can get from the polluted air of modern technologies

. The formation of man - the species, carried out at the time when the oxygen in the air capacity was 38-40%. Today, this figure is almost half - 21%. And then, only outdoors, where the residents of large settlements are far from being a daily basis. In the same city, the figure is 20%, but it is not pure oxygen and dilute toxic gases.

What is oxygen so important?

It is thanks to him that our body produces about 90% of energy - as a result of oxidation of carbohydrates and fats. When oxygen is small, the body is not enough accumulation of oxidized products of metabolism or as they are called free radicals that trigger premature aging and help to develop various chronic diseases.

Have you ever wake up in the sluggish, as if he did not fall asleep? Or suffer headache at close quarters? Or to feel the effect of a heavy hangover? And maybe, after training could not cope with his own body? All these seemingly different signs indicate one thing - you hypoxia

. Hypoxia

Hypoxia - a lack of oxygen in the body. The fastest way to feel the shortage of brain neurons. Then, the signals connected to their heart: a heart attack - the attack ceases to function department that supplies oxygen; pain in the heart area - this is the first signal of hypoxia. About hypoxia will know and liver pain after a fun-filled feast - oxidized breakdown products damage the integrity of cell membranes

. Here that reported hypoxia-known in the scientific and medical experts circles:

"The main cause of cancer - the replacement of normal oxygen respiration organ cells to anaerobic (oxygen-free) breathing"

. Otto Warburg - twice winner of the Nobel Prize in Cancer Research

"We came to the conclusion that the cause of all disease is a serious lack of oxygen. Low oxygen content in tissues - direct indicator of various diseases. Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues - the cause of various diseases "

. Stephen Levine - a renowned expert in the field of molecular biology

"The body, become painful suffering from oxygen starvation, and can die with the passage of time. I doubt that there are reasons to argue with this point of view. "

John Muntz, a scientist


Permanent hypoxia smokers have. You have noticed that people in this category complexion is much worse, and the state - too. The reason for all the same: people who smoke, there are changes in the body. For example, the blood can no longer transport oxygen to tissues and organs.

Blame that after nicotine through the lungs enters the blood stream, it binds to hemoglobin in the blood and oxygen is no room. A molecule consisting of hemoglobin and nicotine, can not bring anything useful to the cells, resulting in an oxygen deficiency. It is expressed by headache, nausea, poor complexion. This is especially noticeable after a few cigarettes smoked in a row.

In addition, nicotine overrides the access of oxygen to the cells, it still does not allow the display cell waste products, because all the "free" in blood has been just nicotine.

As a result, no oxygen gets to the organs and tissues, and waste products from them - not cleaned. Therefore, if you - the smoker with great experience and do not plan to stop this occupation, then you need to look for options for enriching your bloodstream oxygen

. Today uncommon and children with this diagnosis, which can be due to disease of the adenoids or asthma. They are developing more slowly than their peers, learn information, worse, and visually appear to be younger than their peers.

Living in big cities with a lot of industrial enterprises, and a car, it leads to the fact that by the age of fifty, even in healthy people the lungs are less than half the functionality. Oh, and do not forget about the vessels, stung by atherosclerosis - all together contributes to the fact that the age of a first heart attack significantly younger

. Scientists have for many years tried to solve the problem: how to supply the body with the necessary portion of the ordinary person of oxygen every day? Most health institutions meet oxygen stations, home help oxygen bottles and pillows. However, the cushion quickly emptied, while the cylinders there is a risk of explosion.

SOLUTION - liquid oxygen, chlorophyll

! But chlorophyll is not only important for the circulatory system. This substance:

strengthens cell membranes;
helps in the formation of connective tissue (thereby quickly heal wounds, ulcers and erosion);
accelerates the healing of the transplanted skin; · Assists in the removal of skin rashes and other lesions to form scabs; · Improves the immune system; · Reduces nervousness; · Treat chronic sinusitis;
neutralize strep infections; · treats chronic inflammation and infection of the inner ear; · Improves the condition of varicose veins; · Treats inflammation of the cervix; · Improves bowel;
a diuretic, which is, moreover, prevents the development of urolithiasis diseases;
improves the functioning of the pancreas and thyroid glands; · Is an antipyretic drug in typhoid fever;
It prevents the pathological changes of DNA molecules - thanks antimutagenic properties, can stop or at least slow down the development of many forms of cancer
. Chlorophyll - a natural antibiotic that is also suitable for external and for internal use. He also is known for anti-aging properties - removes wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, improves its color, is struggling with cellulite

. Another useful and quite interesting property of chlorophyll is deodorization function. It can clean up (and not just overlap) smells of garlic, tobacco, alcohol.

If we compare it with the hemoglobin molecule that performs the role of a carrier of oxygen in the blood, we can say that chlorophyll is almost identical to hemoglobin. Therefore, chlorophyll is able to exert on the blood effects, similar to the action of hemoglobin: to raise the level of oxygen, nitrogen metabolism accelerate



Brief description of the action of chlorophyll in the human body:

Involved in synthesis of the blood cells;
Promotes tissue repair;
Interferes with radiation damage;
Supports healthy intestinal flora;
Activates the action of enzymes involved in the synthesis of vitamins E, A, and K;
Increases milk production in nursing mothers;
It stops the growth of bacteria in wounds, fungi and anaerobic bacteria in the gut;
Eliminates bad breath and reduces body odor;
Displays surplus drugs, fights toxins deactivate many carcinogens;
Stops caries and gum disease (when used as applications);
Suppresses Trichomonas.


ENT pathology,
inflammatory processes,
stomach and intestinal ulcers,
all skin inflammation,
pancreatitis and others.
Wheatgrass juice is 70% chlorophyll and most available for human consumption, as chlorophyll protein compounds pass into the human body with minimal changes. Research Scientist Dr. GH Earp Thomas believes that the germs contained in the chlorophyll of wheat "is the most nutritious liquid substance known to man".

How to correctly use VITGRASS

As the taste of any green, this drink has a very specific taste. On the other hand, quite healthy person daily just juice 2 tablespoons (30 ml) as a supplement to ordinary diet. For detoxification or treatment of diseases can increase reception 3-4 times a day. The juice is recommended to drink on an empty stomach 15 minutes before meal and preferably in the morning because of the strong tonic effect.

It is believed that a pair of drops of olive oil will help in the assimilation of chlorophyll your body. If desired, the juice can be washed down with a glass of water or mixed with other juices. Very tasty and healthy will be a combination of portions vitgrassa with juice 1 apple, 3 stalks of celery and a piece of ginger 2 cm. Just vitgrass wonderfully combined with pineapple or orange juice. In addition to juice, you can make the juice of wheat seedlings of one of the components in your smoothie, for example, a refreshing green cocktail with pear and ginger

. Growing

If you have no time to grow wheat personally, now, some stores sell ready-made trays of green wheat and fluffy.

This juice is really super-assistant for the metropolis inhabitant, try it yourself


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