The amazing healing properties of chlorophyll are: cures ALL diseases!

The extraordinary ability of living organisms to regenerate is the only force that can heal any disease. All other healing techniques invented by people can be successful only if they are intended to help the body's natural ability to self-control. The human body can be healed only when the lymph, blood, hormones, and other components are supported within certain optimal parameters.

About the ability to cure all disease and become a healthy person are explained in this article.

"I submit that scientists have not yet discovered the full potential nutritional value that is able to give mankind the leaves, fruits and seeds of plants."

Mahatma Gandhi

When the child is saying don't touch the fire, it is a warning for him not means absolutely nothing until it burned. Only through observation can we learn to associate cause and effect and to predict the outcome. For example, if we overeat late in the evening, it would be naive to believe that the next morning will feel good. The knowledge of the inevitability of the consequences of any actions gives us an advantage — it allows you to act consciously. Every day we achieve the desired objectives through deliberate actions and not blindly follow advice and directions from someone "who knows better".

Many of us were born and raised in the Soviet Union, where governmental and party structures hung over every member of society. From early childhood we were given clear instructions as to what we were supposed to do, say and even think. But things are changing and it is time to start thinking with your head and not party, state, Church.

The correct Food is in man a sense of Unity with the surrounding world. Modern foods lead to the fact that a person begins to rot and decay even during his lifetime. This is expressed in unpleasant breath in the morning, stinky sweat and need to wash and use deodorant, Cologne, toothpaste, cosmetics and other chemicals. A healthy person always smells good, it's easy to check on your experience, by achieving true Health. Of course, rotting of the body also leads to a blurring of consciousness, slower thought processes, aggression.

Greens — that's a perfect food and medicine. Life-giving force of chlorophyll performs miracles of healing! Adding green smoothies to the diet of any person will give a health effect greater than the raw food diet. You do not need to completely change the usual system of supply. Enough to include in the diet two or three tasty green smoothie, which I drink even children.

During the research it was found that the introduction of greens, chopped in a blender, in the diet of any person leads to such a significant improvement that it even surpasses the results of a raw food diet in its classic version, including the relatively small number of greens. In addition to enter in the existing diet 2-3 green cocktail is much easier than completely change the power system. At the same time, studies show that people who regularly consume green smoothies, it develops a perfectly natural craving for fresh fruits and vegetables.

The life-giving properties of greens are readily available thanks to the cocktails prepared from it. Do you have the raw diet, vegetarian diet or adhere to a common kitchen, drinking green smoothies can bring huge benefits to your health. These wonderful drinks are accessible to everyone in any country.

Chlorophyll is as important as the light of the sun. No life on Earth without sunlight, no life is possible without chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is liquid solar energy. Using chlorophyll, we literally bathe our internal organs in the sunlight.

The chlorophyll molecule is remarkably similar to the hemoglobin molecule of human blood. Chlorophyll takes care of our body as the most attentive, loving mother. It heals and cleanses all our organs and even destroys many of our internal enemies, like pathogenic bacteria, fungi, cancer cells and others.

To be healthy, we need to have 80-85% of "good" bacteria in the gut. Friendly bacteria produce many important nutrients, including vitamin K, b vitamins, and many beneficial enzymes.

For such "good", or aerobic, bacteria the most conducive environment is one in which oxygen is present because they need it for continued growth and existence. That's why, when our cells not enough oxygen in the body appear "bad" bacteria that cause a huge number of diseases. These pathogenic bacteria are anaerobic and can't tolerate gaseous oxygen.

To take care of their intestinal flora is vital! The "good" bacteria can be easily destroyed by antibiotics, poor diet, overeating, stress, etc. In this case, we get 80-90% of "bad" bacteria that fills the body with toxic acidic waste. The predominance of anaerobic bacteria in our gut is one of the primary causes of all diseases.

It has been proven that chlorophyll helps prevent many forms of cancer and atherosclerosis. Numerous scientific studies show that there is hardly a disease, in which it would be impossible to improve the condition with the help of chlorophyll.


  • • Increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood;
  • • Helps prevent cancer
  • • Provides authorities with iron;
  • • Alkalizes the body;
  • • Resists food toxins;
  • • Helps in cases of anemia;
  • • Clears tissue from the intestine;
  • • Helps to clean the liver;
  • • Improves the condition in hepatitis;
  • • Regulates menstrual cycle;
  • • Helps in hemophilia;
  • • Improves milk production;
  • • Helps the healing of bruises and inflammation;
  • • Removes body odors;
  • • Resists bacteria in wounds;
  • • Cleans teeth and gums;
  • • Eliminates bad breath;
  • • Cures sore throat;
  • • Is a great addition to rinse after oral operations.
  • • Helps with inflammation of the tonsils;
  • • Absorbs ulcer tissue;
  • • Soothes painful hemorrhoids bumps;
  • • Helps with catarrh;
  • • Revitalizes the vascular system of the feet;
  • • Improves the condition of varicose veins;
  • • Reduces pain inflammation;
  • • Improves eyesight.
Chlorophyll – the basis of biological life on our Planet.
Chlorophyll [gr. chloros, green + phyllon leaf] the green pigment of plants, the presence of which depends on the color of the leaves, shoots, etc.

Chlorophyll is contained in higher plants in chloroplasts, lower chromatophores; the biological role of chlorophyll absorption of solar energy and its transformation into chemical energy of organic substances formed in the process of photosynthesis.

Hemoglobin [gr. haima (haimatos) blood + lat. globus, a ball] – red iron-containing blood pigment of man, vertebrates and some invertebrates, which plays the role of a carrier of oxygen from the respiratory organs to the tissues of the body.
Hemoglobin consists of a protein part – globin and non-protein – heme.

Nature used his brilliant invention (chlorophyll) again in the body of animals and humans, because directly or indirectly we still feed on plants.

The molecules of Chlorophyll and Hemoglobin differ in only one atom in center of Chlorophyll is magnesium and in Hemoglobin is iron.

Nutritionists never singled out the greens in a separate product group, because most people don't perceive it as real food. Despite the fact that the nutritional value of carrots inches is several times the nutritional value of the roots, there is a deep-rooted opinion that the greens is food for rabbits, sheep and cows. This view allows us to add carrot tops in salads. As a result, we throw away the most nutritious part of the carrot and many other plants.

For humans the taste of root vegetables better the taste of the greens, because roots contain significantly more sugar and water than the top, which, moreover, are bitter from the abundance in them of nutrients. The table below clearly shows the undeniable superiority of leaves over the roots from three different plants: beet, parsley and turnips. The root part of the lead in only three categories: calories, carbs and sugar (except turnips). These three components make the roots more palatable.

I hope that some figures might surprise you. For example, the calcium in beet leaves is 7 times more than its roots, and vitamin a, more than 192 times! The amount of vitamin K in the leaves of the turnip in 2500 (!) times more than in the roots.

High nutritional value of the leaves of plants is obvious and indisputable. Think about the thousands of tons of valuable products — green leaves, which are thrown from year to year because of our ignorance, whereas most people suffer from a chronic lack of nutrients.

In contrast, obtaining protein greens is the most preferred for our body because in green leaves proteins are in the form of free amino acids. In this case, you get everything your body needs amino acids that are created from sunlight and chlorophyll. Of these new (not older than green) amino acids your body can easily compose your own unique DNA molecule.

Unfortunately, most of us are accustomed to consume proteins, which are mainly in foods of animal origin. This forces our body to work hard. This is why we are sleepy after a meal, consisting of animal food. In addition, together with animal food our body gets a lot of unnecessary, hard to digest particles such as free radicals, synthetic hormones, antibiotics and many other toxic substances. These particles are debris can remain in our blood for a long time, causing allergies and other health problems.

We noted earlier that the toxins get into our body not only by breathing, eating, drinking and through the skin. Most of us cannot imagine how much pollution comes from the dead cells of our own body. Knowing that the cells are tiny, many mistakenly conclude that the addition of obsolete cells to the volume of waste in our body is irrelevant. However, according to studies, 98% of the total number of atoms in your body are replaced every year! This means that our body should be required to withdraw annually at approximately 35-50 pounds of dead cells. If not, dead cells begin to decompose, gradually more and more poisoning the body. If we do not consume sufficient amount of fiber, at some point the accumulation of waste can exceed the speed of the deliverance of the body from them.


  • • strengthens a weak heart;
  • • lowers cholesterol levels, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease;
  • • binding carcinogenic substances, prevents many different cancers;
  • • reduces the risk of diabetes and improves health with existing diabetes;
  • • stabilizes blood sugar, slowing its absorption;
  • • strengthens the immune system;
  • • supports intestinal health, helps with constipation and promotes regular bowel movement;
  • • prevents the formation of gallstones;
  • • maintains normal intestinal flora.
  • • restricts overeating and desire to lose weight;
  • • binds excess estrogen;
  • • prevents ulcers.
Notice in 100g various greens protein more than 100g of meat, not to mention the vitamins and other nutrients. Greens is the main food group and are the least studied by scientists and other people who should contribute to improving the lives of all people?!

For those who want to improve their health, quite suitable cultural herbs (dill, parsley, cilantro, Basil, lettuces, beet tops, carrots, etc.), and wild greens. In any amount you can eat – dandelion, nettle, goutweed, quinoa, plantain, clover, willow herb, knotweed, young birch leaves, Linden and pine, etc., On this subject is the book: "edible wild plants" by different authors.

For modern man it is optimal to eat per day 500 grams of greenery. Of course, due to centuries of eating cooked food, the organs of mastication is much atrophied, and here life-saving tool in the transition phase is the blender. Better take 750W powerful blender with a glass Cup 1.5-2.5 liters and added to spring water, herbs, Apple or berries for a more pleasant taste. All pulled apart and it turns out the life-giving Green smoothie. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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