ROOTS - wheat grass, dandelion, burdock.


No weeds can not be thrown away!

✔Ne want anything to hurt - dig your three root - burdock, wheat grass and dandelion

Wheat grass - this pernicious weed, which the Lord gives us literally under the feet of our treatment
. There is no garden, so it did not grow. There is not a single disease, so it is not treated, starting and ending with an eye oncology.
They treated all the wild animals, cats and dogs.
For a man it beztsenen that restores broken

The infusion and decoction of the rhizomes are used for edema, edema of various origins, cystitis, urinary incontinence, kidney stones and gall bladder, all diseases of the lungs, kidneys, chronic bronchitis, intestinal diseases, diabetes, hypertension.

The roots of wheat grass used as an analgesic agent for gout, rheumatism, lumbago, arthritis different.

Juice and fresh plant decoction can be taken during the summer, it is very good for the partial loss of vision.

wheat grass root treats low back pain, dysfunction of the ovaries in women, tuberculosis, exudative diathesis, abrasions. Contraindications to him there are no reception.

Dandelion root is also a weed.

In early spring it is necessary to collect dandelion leaves, soak them in salt water for two hours, left to bitterness and make the salad. Because its leaves we cooked soup, and roasted roots.
Dandelion root treats pernicious anemia, cancer of the stomach and liver, inflammation of lymph nodes, diathesis, deforming arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, all the joints.
In the fall, if you see a dandelion that has not blossomed and gave all powers flowering, digs it.

Lopuh- "Academician»

Now almost all the people are sick. Cancer simply mows people. A mug heals all cancers. Treats diabetes, bronchitis, sinusitis, rheumatism, gout, arthritis, low back pain, bone fracture, spinal hernia, atherosclerosis, diseases of the ear, chronic coronary insufficiency.

Burdock treats hepatitis!

Many people suffer from hepatitis. Even persistent hepatitis C cure mug without a trace. After two or three months of treatment, there is no hepatitis. Burdock root treat liver tumors, and even cirrhosis of the liver! Treats cholecystitis, kidney disease, crush kidney stones and gall bladder.

It cures all skin diseases: burns, bedsores, eczema, sores, hair loss, sores, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, and so on. None of the dermatologist can treat all skin conditions, and it can!

During the influenza epidemic, people run to the doctors, they prescribe antibiotics. A burdock root treats flu, removes temperature.

Burdock root cures paralysis! No one ever did not treat paralysis. And it heals.


- How to prepare medicine from roots
? - The most valuable roots - early spring, but you can dig and fall. Mug - two-year plant. It is necessary to dig up one-burdock, whose young leaves
- This root is very strong. A mug with dry leaves and burrs already useless, he gave the power of flowering. It is possible to collect repi, present and rinse your teeth sick
- Relieve pain

. Roots dig, wash and dry.
Burdock root is thick, so it must be cut.


One tablespoon of dried crushed roots pour two cups of boiling water. Boil for ten minutes. Two hours insist. Strain and drink half a cup three times a day for 10-15 minutes before meals.
When you drink a therapeutic infusion before meals, it immediately absorbs the blood and spreads throughout the body.
You can drink burdock root collection, quack grass and dandelion in equal proportions, or one root: week - burdock, week - dandelion week - wheatgrass.


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