Effective treatment of joints burdock

The plant burdock is a recognized leader in the treatment of joints. As an excellent regulator of water-salt metabolism, burdock removes salt deposits from the joints. When used lopuhovka broth increases the amount of urine and excreted as uric acid.
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, which has burdock, affects the patients joints in:
• rheumatism,
• arthritis,
• gout,
• osteoarthritis,
• sciatica, etc.

What is the most mangled suckers that grow everywhere, rinse them and dry? The leaves are finely cut and tightly compacted in the jar, which is placed in a Sunny place. Inside the jar "sealed" mush with an unpleasant odor. But this is not enough – it is necessary to wait until the ripe mold. Now this mixture is applied in the form of compresses on the sore joints that rest on the first try.


Rheumatism and arthritis good leaves of burdock to impose the entire diseased joint with the smooth side. You can do steamed root and keep it to cool down. To achieve greater effect, such well compresses and lotions to be combined with the ingestion of the tincture. Herbalists insist on the combination of the roots of burdock root and elecampane. It is necessary to take in one to one proportion.
In the period of acute pain in the joints recommended treatment leaves and burdock root, for all time, you need to make herbal infusions. And twice a week when joint pain does not torment, it is best to take a steam bath with a broom. All this can be combined with medication, if prescribed by a doctor.

Some secrets use

There are important points in terms of how to apply the leaves to the aching joints. They should be thoroughly washed with soap and running water and very dry well. The fact that the water prevents the penetration of drugs from the leaves. The reverse side of the sheet is lubricated by any oil which penetrates inside the plant to the stomata and dissolves in the drug, serves as a guide to the affected joint. Is applied on top of wax paper (the polyethylene should be abandoned, as it promotes the formation of sweat, which is unwanted moisture).
Immediate effect as from the injection of novocaine will not. This procedure is done a month or two, slowly removing the process of inflammation. The fresher and greener the leaf, the attachment efficiently. Of course, and can be eaten by caterpillars of the leaf to make, but pulled out a much less useful active substances.

Along with other diuretic herbs is good to drink a decoction of burdock half a Cup three times a day. To do this, pour 1 tbsp in two cups of boiling water and insist in a thermos. All diuretic herbs out of body potassium, so it is best to eat cucumbers or drink cucumber juice to compensate. Drinking herbs with a month, it is necessary to take a break for about two months, and it would be good to test the acidity of urine.
To recover fully from joint pain will not work, but keep yourself in a healthy state, using the power of burdock, it is possible. To keep the patient on his feet and not allow him to become disabled – a serious claim to such a seemingly simple plant. Moreover, contraindications burdock big no-no. The only thing that pregnant and nursing should refrain from ingestion. Because I told the people: "the Grass burdock, and her stomach was swollen".

The diversity of the medicinal properties of burdock

Why the simple-minded, unsophisticated person called burdock, is unclear. Burdock is not easy, it is quite an ancient medicinal herb and is widely used in folk medicine. In addition to the experience of generations, numerous studies were conducted, which revealed a diuretic, burdock, diaphoretic, choleretic, analgesic. Mug cangreatly improve skin condition, get rid of itching and allergic reactions.Burdock produces antiseptic and antibacterial action.
This plant is also used to prevent the formed kidney stones and articular calcification. Most often used the roots of burdock, as it is contains polysaccharide insulin, protein, resin, essential oil, mineral salts, fat-like substance, vitamin C. produced From the leaves of burdock oil. To keep all these properties, the collection of produce in the first year of life in the autumn. If we are talking about two year old plants, can be collected at any warm time of the year.
Fresh burdock root is very juicy, it can be eaten after boiling or roasting. It did a substitute for coffee and baked bread. As the burdock grows everywhere, it is well studied and doctors and pharmacists. Burdock root, rich in biologically active components, widely used in cosmetology. Combined with oils it is used with hair loss, stimulate and strengthen the growth of hair follicles.
The bitterness of the burdock an appetite, and mucous substances envelop the stomach, positively affecting the mucous membrane. Effectively with a variety of disorders of digestion, normal stool. Burdock has a cleansing effect against the skin. Eliminates acne, pustules, boils, and allergic reactions. published

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