Burdock is an effective remedy for cleansing the body

Burdock (burdock) — one of the most common plants, it has long been known for its cleansing properties for liver, kidneys and spleen; contains a lactone, potassium, complex b vitamins, essential oils and tannins. In addition, burdock has antibacterial, hypoglycemic, antioksidantnoi and anticancer effects on the body.

Tea from burdock root is very effectivnes to detoxify the body. For therapeutic purposes, you need to pass a two-week course, during which drink 3-4 cups of tea a day. Burdock normalizes blood pressure, stimulates biliary functions, lowers blood sugar and cleanses the rectum and kidneys. A decoction of burdock root is recommended to drink for hair loss, as well as to relieve pain caused by rheumatism, sprains and rastyazhenie effective in the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms from insect bites.

The consumption of tea of burdock root in two months, is beneficial in the treatment of prostate diseases. Tea is taken two tablespoons of chopped root and 500 ml of boiling water.
Burdock is used in the form of compresses, its leaves is effective in skin diseases, acne, pimples, and for applying to infected wounds.published

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