Antiparasitic Cleansing - Personal Experience

In this article I want to share with you my experience of cleansing the body from parasites. Where we have parasites if they have or not, I will not tell about it, you can learn from other sources, such as lectures Yu.A.Frolova that can easily be found in youtube. It was after his detailed lecture, I decided to do a thorough cleaning antiparasitic whole family. We did not do any tests, believe me, there are parasites in nearly all

If you are already interested in the matter as I do, then probably already you know how many there are different ways to cleanse from parasites. It medikomenty is known eucalyptus cleaning, decoctions of herbs, dry fasting, various tools and more. Ways to so many, different countries have their own methods, its own practice of purification. There are longer methods, and there are shorter.

I tried a number of ways, such as eucalyptus cleaning I could not get through, I only lasted a couple of days. Purge garlic produced no results. I was looking for a way that would fit for my family, for my husband, who works for a son who goes to kindergarten. I'm a big fan of traditional medicine, natural methods of cleansing, so I was looking for the purification system among medicinal herbs.

Probably all of you know how to do an excellent job with the parasites of our local herbs like tansy, buckthorn bark, Devesa, wormwood, birch leaves. Many have heard about the anti-parasitic properties of onion, garlic, pumpkin seeds, fennel seeds, flax, sesame, and ash from the branches of a young linden. All these herbs and food excellent tool in the fight against parasites.

However, the native and the local is getting closer, but not for me in Japan So I began to consider not only the local, but also foreign methods, herbs and foods. For example, the world's most powerful medicinal plants against parasites of all kinds is a black walnut. In fact, black walnut - the closest relative of the walnut, but the birthplace of his America, so in our country, it is little known. Black walnut is popular in the treatment of cancer and other diseases, but for us it is interesting just how strong remedy against parasites in our body.

I chose black walnut as a basis in the system of antiparasitic cleaning, added herbs and other products, has turned out an integrated approach and we started cleaning the whole family. This is a very well-known scheme of parasite clearance in the US, by the way "Coral Club" also uses this. We have made two such cleaning (1 cleaning is 2 weeks with a break of 1 week), then I have made two myself, my men refused. But you must understand that it is very important to antiprazitarnoe cleansing the whole family! our cleaning results there, I'll write it below them. The main thing is that this is a very simple way for the whole family, which did not bring much inconvenience and problems, and most importantly, I managed to persuade her husband to such a feat

I do not want you to simply copy our experience, I just share them, and ask to consult with your doctor, especially if you have health problems. It Antiparasitic Cleansing - Personal Experience

. So, I'll step by step how and what we did not really go into the details of what all of this, as it will be too long, but I will answer your questions in the comments.

Preparations for cleaning the body 2 weeks

For two weeks before brushing to stop eating animal products, without exception. It was the most difficult for my husband.
Start drinking vegetable oil, cold-pressed, unrefined, preferably squeezed on wooden presses. What kind of oil: pumpkin seeds, black cumin, flax (green), and hemp seed. Oils should be all at once, to choose from, but the black cumin oil is important! These oils are not very easy to find
Drink a tablespoon a day, alternating different oil and gradually increasing the dose slightly to 3 tbsp in a day. The child let oil half (my son is 6 years old, I gave a teaspoon). Son I add additional oil to food, such as grated carrots.
Enter in the diet of garlic and onions, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, dill seeds and flax seed for the entire period of purification. My son loves the garlic, says he is not bitter if you have the opportunity, chew, or wash down with young birch leaves. Garlic - strong choleretic, so if you have the stones, exclude it from the diet. Sunflower seeds and sometimes hard to get there baby, so grind them in a coffee grinder or food processor, mix with honey and offer the baby (I said that this medicine is sweet). Take flax cereal.
If you rawfoodist, you do not need two weeks to drink oil, enough to do it 2-3 days before the start of cleaning.
During this period, it is desirable to learn to do a cleansing enema to clean and well-intestine (mug douches) to facilitate the evacuation of the parasite. Colon Cleansing is an important part of the whole anti-parasitic cleansing! For example, I have been practicing cleansing enemas by Moritz, and as advised by Marwa Ohanyan. My husband agreed only once on such a procedure, and then refused, so I introduced laxatives, Epsom salt or other natural remedies are an excellent choice. My son is already accustomed to such procedures, so we cleaned it several times intestines.
Exclude from the diet of grapes, bananas, melon and other foods that cause flatulence and bloating. Do not mix nuts and sweet fruit! If possible, enter into the diet of pineapples and dad.
Enter daily green smoothies and fresh juices. Carrot juice every day, especially children. Very effective is beet juice.
Drink as much pure water, 2-3 liters per day during the preparatory period and 1-2 liter during antiparasitic cleansing.
Fasting drink warm water with lemon juice, 2-3 cups every day (1 cup baby, can give the baby half a glass a few times). You can drink water in a spoonful of honey.
During the purification, we have the best way to eat can add a lot of vitamins and minerals from herbs, berries, juice, can purchase additional vitamin B complex supplements. And also try to enter into your diet as much as possible the following products:

Salad greens radish and turnip, spinach, green onions, celery, nettles, dandelion, horseradish root parsnip, beans, pistachios, honeysuckle, buckwheat, lentils, corn, oats, strawberries and strawberry, berries (winter frozen), herbal infusions horsetail, nettle, ginseng.

Eat as much as possible green. If the winter is already difficult to find herbs, you can buy green chlorophyll or other powders, such as green barley powder in your area.

And now what we drank herbs:

Black walnut capsules.

This bark of black walnut, finely ground into a powder and pressed into the capsule. If you do not like capsules, you can search just dry bark and leaves of black walnut in the packets. All the drugs I found on site. There are several companies that produce such powders can choose for yourself, I share my dream. For children, black walnut liquid, without alcohol tincture.


This is also a dry alfalfa grass powder, which serves as an excellent adsorbent. You can find alfalfa sperssovannuyu into capsules, can dry bags, you can replace it with another good all natural sorbent available in your area of ​​residence.

White clay (kaolin) - the most powerful sorbent

! We accepted and alfalfa and white clay, but you can select only one sorbent.

During the entire cleaning necessarily need to add as much as possible enzymes.

Selecting a enzymes, you can eat just raw papaya fruit, which contains a huge amount of enzymes and can be bought in capsules. All references I will leave the bottom of this article. If you rawfoodist, if your diet is a lot of enzymes and can not post, simply include as many foods rich in enzymes.

Buckthorn bark - a natural laxative

. It is important to take laxatives every day during the entire cleaning. All the toxins, parasites and their parts will go through our intestines, so we have to understand that this is a waste pit, which merges all the dirt. This hole should be rinsed well, for this we use laxatives, sorbents and cleanse the intestines. If you do not, start the strongest intoxication!

Be sure to support the liver during a cleansing and after. To do this, you need to buy vostanovitelny fees herbs to maintain liver, can be encapsulated spressovanoy herbs can packages. You can look at the pharmacy, now such charges are very popular. I chose the capsules, the links below.

During all periods of purification, it is desirable to drink probiotics for vvostanovleniya and maintenance of intestinal microflora. Probiotics are sold in capsule, liquid, live, and may enter into a daily diet rich in probiotic foods.


Just admit that the enemy did not see in your eyes! Well, I did not have such a desire to seek our enemies, and poking around in our ability to live waste

My husband said that he had improved sleep, he stopped waking up at night, it is the only observation. But the most representative results we have seen his son. He gritted his teeth, not only at night but during the day, he often woke up, sometimes shouting or crying in his sleep. After two anti-parasitic cleansing it completely ceased to grind their teeth, he began to wake up less often at night. I think it's a very big indicator that the small enemies left his body.

My results I have noticed only after the last cleansing. That's it then I felt what that extra burst of energy, and most importantly I have been pain that tortured me for several months. His second cleansing antiparasitic I made this autumn, after the summer in Kiev was examined by the method of vegetative resonance test on the hardware-software complex "Imedis-Expert" (doctor in the clinic rawfoodist). I found parasites, namely hookworm duodenale. I took a course slightly longer than 2 weeks, followed by one week break and again 2 weeks cleaning, including 4 days fasting on water and Ivan-tea.

Such cleaning should be done several times a year, especially for children, as well as lovers of sushi and sashimi possible parasites always come and go in our body, but when there are too many, it is expressed in diseases and ailments. Try at least sometimes do antiparasitic cleansing, no matter what method you choose, the important thing to help the body!


I bought everything on ayhёrb site, as they quickly otpravlyut and shipment to Japan free of charge (if the order is more than ¥ 4 849. This site has black walnut other firms, and all other drugs, too, have different companies, you can choose others for yourself options, I share only those that we drank. Look for black walnut in your area, perhaps all these herbs and oils have at much cheaper! laxative and Sorento are many different types of clay is worth a penny, probiotics can be taken from fermented sauerkraut, yogurt. To support the liver can also be sets of local herbs! This is just an example of a common purification systems, it can be made easier and cheaper

Black Walnut for children 1-2 ml (28-56 drops) three (3) times a day in a little water.
Black Walnut adults three capsules at a time, three times a day with meals with water.
Papaya enzymes Adults chew four (4) of the plate after each meal up to three times a day.
The leaves of alfalfa Three times a day, one capsule.
To keep the liver one capsule twice a day before meals.
Probiotics with a high content of bacteria
According to two capsules three times a day on an empty stomach.
Chlorella raw
Powder green barley juice
Linseed oil b
Black cumin oil
The oil of hemp seeds
Pasta pumpkin seed
Flax seed powder, which is sent to Japan (whole seeds do not send)
Add 1 tablespoon in a large glass of water or juice. Mix well and drink immediately. Wash down another glass of water. Do not use in dry form. It is best to eat every day for drinking and stirring mixtures with a meal.
Antiparasitic Cleansing - Personal experience can become your experience, try to look deeper into all the causes of human infection with parasites, as well as ways to protect the health and life of the whole family
! I wish you good health and love!
Author: Tonya Ogino


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