Detox: All You need to know

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Our body is the system that nature has the ability to regenerate, healing, and even rejuvenation. And in our power and interests to take care of itself and maintaining of these processes to meet modern environmental situation, the pace of life, stress and dietary habits.

Course Detoxickate aimed at improving the efficiency of the detoxification system of the body. In addition to the aspects of supply, he raises the issues of physical activity, teaches to take care of yourself and keep a calm mind. During the course you will instill new healthy eating habits, develop awareness in matters of food, eradicate cravings for unhealthy foods. The principles on which is based the course can be laid in the Foundation of your daily diet and they are very comfortable to adhere to. As a bonus you will learn how easy and quick it is to cook delicious and healthy meals.

What is detox?Recently, the word "detox" has become very fashionable — it can be found everywhere: in food additives, food, menu cafes and restaurants. I often send articles called "detox is a myth" or "Why do you need detox" and asking them to comment on.

Detox has come to the people of medicine. And here there is the expansion of the meaning of the term and its commercialization.

Detoxification (short for detox) is the process of removal of toxins from body tissues (primarily talking about kidneys and liver), which implies a medical procedure, when poisonous substances (toxins) are removed with a chemical (for example, the use of antidotes) and mechanical (e.g., dialysis) impact. Such methods have been used in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction, and severe poisonings.

The term was borrowed from the physicians alternative medicine (naturopathy, chiropractic, homeopathy, etc), which experts claim that toxins accumulate in our body (e.g., liver, intestine, adipose tissue) and literally poison our lives. Create inflammation causing ailments and chronic diseases, reduce immunity. Need to be neutralized, to release and withdraw using electric and electromagnetic treatments, massages, as well as courses of treatment of herbal preparations.

Afterwards the word "detox" has been adopted by nutritionists, Wellness consultants, as well as cardiologists and oncologists, and the concept entered the industry of healthy lifestyle. The concept is this: modern eating habits and lifestyle contribute to the pollution of the body and do not provide enough quantity of nutrients necessary for its optimal functioning. This limits its ability to heal itself. To help cleanse the body with a special diet and set of procedures (massage, yoga, douche, relaxation, exercise). In a broad sense, the objective of detox is to eliminate unnecessary and harmful, the provision of the missing, the replenishment of energy, better health and harmonization of the systems of the body.

Close to the topic of detoxifying the concept of elimination nutrition/elimination diet —the elimination from diet of foods that are poorly digested, individually, are not tolerated or cause allergies. Also hand in hand with the detox step of the concept of categorytree/сlean eating — eating as simple and fresh food products, not chemicals, synthetics and preservatives (most of factory products, whether biscuits or sausage), as well as alkaline meals/alkaline diet — which is intended to act as an antioxidant, neutralizing the harmful oxidation the body, inflammation, Oncology.

In relation to the organism as a whole, detoxification is a natural process that keeps it clean and conducive to his recovery. The detox system functions as a result of a harmonious and well-coordinated work of multiple systems (digestive, endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, lymphatic and so on.). Recovery is a continuous renewal, replacement of cells, chemicals, energy, as well as the neutralization and excretion of waste products of the cells, harmful or useless substances introduced from outside the body. This process occurs continuously, maintaining our livelihoods.

The concept of periodic cleansing of the body through nutrition and supplemental procedures was not invented yesterday. The medicinal properties of many plants, proved by scientists today, was a famous traditional medicine since ancient times, and the posts were not so much esoteric in nature, many Wellness. They existed in order to give rest to your body systems, first and foremost, such a large and energy-consuming as the digestive — with the onset of starvation the body has a wonderful ability to get rid of the accumulated in it of toxins, releasing energy from the digestion process and direct it to heal itself. In addition, such components of fasting such as privacy, refraining from destructive thoughts and meditation, promote the establishment of equilibrium of mind and relaxation.

Why is detox, not datalogue of us accept allergies, chronic fatigue, headache, depression and sleepiness, grayish complexion, swelling, poor sleep, excess weight as a given. But it is often the result of overloading the body and many of these ailments go away if you give him a real quality vacation. For example, irritation of the intestine caused by harmful food, can manifest with symptoms such as lethargy, skin rash or irritability.

Nutrition plays a tremendous role in our life. With food we get the energy and building material for fabrics. Food affects our health — both physical and mental, and on our appearance. Many of us are inclined to consider food as a combination of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and ignoring aspects of nutrition, allergenicity, toxicity and usfemale food. We often have no idea about what he tolerated us better or worse. Most people have never had a chance on their own experience to feel that eating habits can be changed. And haven't had a chance to verify the usefulness of the product — not the mythical elusive property, and the fact that you can measure your well-being.

Diet, having only one goal — to lose weight, gain muscle mass, to put in order the skin to achieve best performance in sports is the neglect of your body, unreasonable waste of time and effort.

During the course, many are reconsidering their views on food. The principles that underpin the course menu you can use as the basis for their daily diet and adhere to a lifetime. We tend to overestimate the role of discipline, including matters of food. But the point is not to stubbornly force himself to the regime. But to develop the habit of doing something new, fun, understanding and enthusiasm.

Step on the road to health

A healthy lifestyle is a holistic system of specific actions aimed at maintaining good physical shape and composure. This eating healthy foods, and nutrition, and proper fluid intake, and regular physical exercise, and various Wellness therapies, and much more.

No, friends, this secret is to be able to eat everything and how horrible and be healthy, fit and happy!

My rate of detox for many can be the first step to acquiring new habits. It is very convenient to act on a clear plan and follow a formulated and justified principles. For many Detoxickate has become the starting point in nutrition, physical activity and attitude.

You will receive tools that will give you the ability to activate your own detoxification system, which restores the body's ability to regenerate and heal itself.

Please note that detoxification is designed for healthy people who undergo regular medical check-up and are aware of their health status.

It changes us, cleansing

The results of the detox course at the time, shook me, and I am sure that you will be able to achieve the same:

  • Getting rid of habits of overeating sweet, abuse of caffeine, alcohol and flour;
  • Getting rid of edema, headaches and stomach problems;
  • Weight loss and reduction of body volume;
  • The change in dietary habits;
  • A surge of energy and increased efficiency;
  • Improving the condition of skin and hair;
  • Clarity of mind and peace of mind — disappear irritability and mood swings;
  • Ability to find sources of pleasure not only in eating but also in a huge number of things;
  • Bonus: you will learn to cook tasty healthy meals (I used to think that all healthy food is bland steamed vegetables);
  • Features Detoxickate
  • the program has no less efficiency, but greater security than juice fasting;
  • suitable for independent holding in terms of the usual mode (work, sport, domestic life, leisure);
  • adapted to the current situation on the food market in Russia — exotic ingredients replaced it familiar to us, based on their useful properties and qualities;
  • includes detailed grocery lists for each week until the number of carrots;
  • contains simple and delicious recipes that will suit not only you but also your loved ones;
  • excludes food of animal origin (for vegetarians and vegans developed a week-long course Detoxickate Veg);
  • excludes cereal grains and legumes;
  • does not imply concern about the compatibility of the products;
  • does not imply starvation — the menu includes both liquid and solid, hearty meals;
  • does not involve the acquisition of additional additives or order meal sets;
  • suitable for people who lead an active lifestyle (running, strength training).published 



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