Detox Bath for health and beauty. This is perhaps the most pleasant way to cleanse the body!

What do you associate detoxification? Most likely, you thought of a strict diet or exercise of special ... But there is a more pleasant way, how to clean the body from toxins. It is a miracle detox baths, which «Website» today to tell more.

Detox bath - it's a great alternative to a home spa, it is for those who want to get the maximum relaxation and always feel great! The fact is that the cleansing of the body is due to the elimination of toxins through sweat. At the same time the body absorbs the essential minerals and nutrients from the fact that the water added. Due to this accelerated metabolism, improves digestion, and generally recovered all of the body's energy levels.

There are many ways, how to prepare a relaxing bath detox , but they are all based on common rules. After learning about them, you can experiment by adding certain ingredients in the water. Enjoy therapeutic recreation!

How to take a bath detox?

First of all, remember that detox bath on the basis only of sea salt It can be taken at least every other day. If you're adding a soda or essential oils, the procedure should be performed only once per week. Detox bath better to take no more than 15-20 minutes. Often write that the optimal time for treatment - 30-40 minutes. If you are sure that you will not hurt it, you can soak in a bath for longer than 20 minutes. The water temperature should not exceed 36 ° C for salt baths and 40 ° C - bath oils Now proceed to the process.! First you need to take a shower with a conventional gel, and better - to treat the body scrub. While the water is taken, added to the bath cup of sea salt. This is perhaps the easiest recipe for detox baths. Besides sea salt also advised to add a glass of soda. The move comes a few drops of essential oil. There is already the choice is yours!

Dive into the water up to his neck, the water must cover your body as much as possible. This is the most enjoyable time when you can relax and not what to think! after the procedure, get up out of the tub slowly and carefully, because the salt and hot water may feel dizzy. rinse with cool water. No gel or soap! Drink a glass of water. This will prevent dehydration Remember:. If you experience discomfort while taking detox bath, completes the procedure

In addition to the cleansing of toxins, this pleasant procedure has a number of other beneficial effects: stress management , improved sleep and concentration, relief of headaches and muscle relaxation after a hard day or exhausting workouts. Detox bath allows the body to relax, and the mind - to calm down

! But, unfortunately, cleansing the body baths, there are some contra
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