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In fact, the post had been prepared in April 2014, I could not publish it then. Is the second in the expected series. You can look first . On this subject, write me spodviglo desire to make a little bit of clarity in the presentation of certain chemical aspects of our being. Using the fact that the chemistry - the science is not too popular among the masses, we sometimes give advertisers and media such gems that I have not enough words to describe the emotions. So try a little dispel the fog, well, so it was interesting and relevant for our conditions. Recently met a similar publication in translation, too, about the salt. Serious and well done, though slightly out of our reality.

So - about salt


So in Africa and sell it. The thickness of the pieces is probably determined by the thickness of the formation. Weak layers. Em>

To salt or not to salt. And why is the salt may be better off without it? Salt substitute? Valuable minerals and salt with pink - why goat accordion? Advertising posts - a good way to cook the noodles on the ears. B>

So, we will continue our games. Today's start, to the best of abilities and, to clarify a number of questions kitchen, because chemistry - it is not only boring lines in the textbook. Chemistry surrounds us and even cooked within us, it is also new materials and technologies that surround us. Yes, the chip can not do without chemical and ultrapure uniform crystal silicon or other semiconductors.

Questions that have and how to cook it, which contains poisonous - a favorite theme of Internet publications. If you read all this, and yet, God forbid, all this believe in mind exactly balls of rollers will drop. We will try to slowly, to understand today's topic.

Salt and salt, that it take ... Aha! Food supplement this your salt. Poisonous. The lethal dose for the average person 200 grams. Salt distort the taste of the products that we begin to eat them in quantities large enough. About tasteless food without salt - make sure I am not afraid. Excess salt increases blood pressure and acidity, it is generally harmful, as excess food in general. Just trouble. It seems true. But it's not 100% the truth, even in the black, has a little bit of white, and vice versa. A seemingly natural product, and even ancient - basically, we eat the salt of the ancient marine sediments, so that modern technology and radiation contamination (modern, man-made), there can not be. Somehow they forget to talk about advertising. Why advertise it - the cheapest product.


salt formation. Visible layers are deposited in ancient times salt em>

rock salt is - is an ancient layer of crushed dried up the sea, it caught the ancient grains, and there are impurities of natural sea salts, potassium, calcium, magnesium. It is these impurities and have a beneficial effect on the rigidity of pickled cucumbers.

Evaporated or Extra salt is salt, purified by recrystallization, and from impurities and from grains.


And this is mined rock salt. The thickness of the layer, not to mention Africa em>

More to add a little iodine compounds - such salt can smell of iodine, but much to bear malice on that score is not necessary, iodine protects against a number of serious health problems. When they do not, we tend to underestimate them, but we find them, would suffer the rest of his life. So bear favorably. And I, I live by the sea, on the coast of iodine better, but it never buzz.

The question now - and if we do not we use salt to food? B> If you eat food without salt completely, but under heavy load, and even in the heat - you can even die. From the lack of salt. The salt is excreted in sweat, the same sodium chloride (and not only). Heat stroke if anyone he encountered, this is a violation of water-salt metabolism.

Here we talk a little salt as used in the body , because the importance of salt for the body, not only in her participation in the formation of it hydrochloric acid to digest food. This, as in the story about the boxer, who asked why his head. - "And yet, I eat it" - was the answer. The salt in solution is predominantly of sodium and chloride ions, and is used by the body in the mechanism of transmission of nerve impulses - signals from cell to cell. This means that any movement of the body and organs, does not occur without the salt. How it works: - It is clear that the body no wires, so the cells bypassed their processes - sometimes quite long, they are called axons and dendrites. But this is not important, what matters is that the cell must transmit an action of another cell. This is done electrically.

A portion of the electrical potential of the cell received by the difference in the concentrations of sodium and potassium. By the principle of action is similar to the effect of the batteries - ions there - here, and now there is a current. In order that this mechanism worked in a cage supported by the increased concentration of potassium ions, and outside, in the intercellular space, more sodium. When it is necessary to send a signal of action, the cell at this point changes the ratio of potassium sodium (open channels, skipping into the sodium or other channels, skipping potassium outward). It is understood that the ratio of the concentrations of sodium, potassium must be maintained very accurately - if it is broken, broken transmission of impulses. Life stops. From this we can understand why cardiologists, so rush to this potassium -one very, very vazhen- heart muscle is the most important organ and if it issues -ploho impulses throughout the body.


As of salt, our stomach prepares hydrochloric acid, which digests food. The excess of acid leads to heartburn, various inflammations, until the ulcer. Disadvantage - does not allow properly digest food.

So again - everything is good in moderation, salt, too.

When heat, a large physical exertion, along with then displayed a significant amount of salt. This salt, a living organism is trying to keep the potassium salt. This may be an imbalance of sodium / potassium - heat stroke.
Once in Germany tried nurse - a mass murderer. In fact, she killed hopeless patients, probably out of pity. Injection of potassium chloride have been reported in the press. The balance was broken and ...

So, let's talk about fashion and expensive varieties of salt - sea and Himalayan They are promoted as a useful alternative to the conventional "white death". It is clear and correct information is very difficult to extract among advertising publications. Lies, ignorance, distortion - as a result, manage to explain the question so that I - a man with a good chemical education, my head spin. At first I tried to find out the composition of the sales of sea salt: - 97-98.5% sodium chloride, the rest, as is said: "1, 5-3% - is extracted from sea water useful macro-and micronutrients (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, etc. .). "Moreover, the site did not even hide - the title -" divorce in Russian »


Sea salt - a fashion accessory em>

Maybe it's me so humorless, and then a thin mockery? .. Nuuu, very thin.

Lord, please give me patience! "Lessons from seawater beneficial macro and micro elements ..." nobody removed. In shallow puddle occurs evaporation of sea water, in such circumstances, begins to precipitate primarily the salt, the smaller the pool and stiffer (i.e. faster process) evaporation, the more impurities from seawater grip salt crystals. The precipitated crystals are raked to the bottom depending on the technology - something. This is the product. The remaining brine is poured - there remains a little salt and a lot of potassium and magniya- and they are bitter. So it turns out that, depending on the time shoveling crystals can greatly change the composition of salt.


And this is mined sea salt em>

The composition of ocean water taken from Wikipedia. The ocean water (I took the data on it, even though they do not differ greatly on the seas - but the ocean water, the basis of it) is almost 78% of sodium chloride, in other words - salt. Other impurities - magnesium ions - 3, 7% (assuming for pure magnesium), calcium - 1, 2% (same), potassium 1, 1%, in the form of chlorides, bromides, sulfates and even. The rest is up to the amount of 100% - will be in sulphate, chloride and bromide - ions associated with these calcium, magnesium and potassium - because we believe them on the net ions. Naturally, and it contained almost all the other components, but does, in trace amounts. Not without difficulty, managed to find more detailed data on the composition of the food of sea salt - calcium - no more than 0, 5% potassium 0, 2%, magnesium - 0, 1% As you can see, much poorer than the composition of sea water. Let's try to calculate what proportion of minerals we get from the "sea salt". We assume that eat 10 grams of salt per day is a bit too much actually, because there is salt in bread, sausage, etc. It turned out that 10 grams of "sea salt" -Contains 3% of the recommended daily allowance (RPN) magnesium, 6% - calcium, and 1, 1 percent potassium. However, the composition of the salt may vary at times from batch to batch, which is not encouraging. By iodine sea salt is 40 times poorer than iodized - this technology, part evaporates, iodine - he is, yes it there and do not add much there, so there. The iodized salt, add a stable compound of iodine - potassium iodate (it is not so weathered), and then, for a year, working with oxygen and carbon dioxide air, iodine evaporates almost completely. So consider sea salt as a source of minerals properly. A little razvlechёmsya, honored more about salt, but I pokommentiruyu. Very delighted expression "by vacuum evaporation of the brine practically all useful compounds are destroyed - in this salt is 99, 9% NaCl. Such salt-called "white death", the consumption of which should be strictly limited, "How do you know - potassium chloride or magnesium sulfate dissolved by evaporation? This is not a vitamin that turns into something less valuable, simple salts break down any longer, with the vacuum evaporation. By the way - the most gentle way, a process temperature - 30 degrees, in the absence of oxygen. Even vitamins are not destroyed. But I personally doubt that such an expensive technology will be used for the preparation of a purified salt. Not why. Can write meant those 2% of impurities which are separated during cleaning? Yes, they are useful, but the drinking water we receive them so much more. Thus, in purified salts indeed 99, 9% sodium chloride. We are told that this is called the "white death". Hence sea salt, wherein the sodium chloride for 2-3% less need called "98% white death". Advertisers do not know what scientists have proved even 250 years ago - the substances do not disappear or appear out of nowhere (More sun our Lomonosov was engaged). And yet, he maintains that because of the two - three percent of the impurities, the remaining 97-98% of steel honey. On the face of an attempt to make a barrel of honey ... uh-uh - available substances and a spoon of honey. In reality, the harm has decreased by only two to three percent, and even then, provided that you are not going to pickle more to compensate for insufficient salting. In practice, the calcium and magnesium impurities can significantly affect the rigidity of pickled cucumber when cooked and vegetables when cooking - because of the salt content of magnesium and calcium, although the proportion of magnesium and calcium from tap water, the scale of our consumption is high. By the way, powerful osmotic (membrane technology) water purification systems can substantially reduce these important elements in drinking water. This should only take into account in their diet, so you do not happen to frequent troubles such as bone fractures and rapid tooth decay. And the crumbs from the sea salt will not help. Dairy products, mineral water and so on. D. True indicator of small calcium / magnesium in the water - the lack of scale in the kettle.

Continue - large grains of salt are pleasant to look at, and slowly dissolve, because tasty. But still, let's see ad fragment - all worthy "entry in the anal to the historians": - "First, located in the bowels of the earth salt, is exposed to high pressures and temperatures, it becomes plastic and thus comes to the surface of the Earth, creating huge peaks. What happens to one, 5-3% of the elements at this time? Most of them breaks down ... "Oo-oo-oo, the atoms decay of pressure, strong man, arms rail breaks. Temperatures are high. Clearly confused ancient sea dried up with kimberlite pipes, where diamonds were born. And where we have such huge peaks of salt in Ukraine? And in Saxony? And in Belarus? The ancient sea was great, evaporated slowly, because the division has turned out very good, a little impurities, but that's where. Yes, the earth's surface move, bend, but it is important that the upper layers of the water does not flow down, and then the salt would be washed out. In Saxony, more than 150 years ago, when we started the exploration of salt formations, would even stop work because the upper layers are rich in potassium sulfate, magnesium and salt was not enough. It is now potash - are very much appreciated. Then it was not. Only when drilled deeper, I went a good salt and people understand what value there is.

Oh yes! Another property of the salt with impurities - it is much stronger slёzhivaetsya.

The next paragraph will talk about the pink Himalayan salt - found, like, an honest post about it. Underground rock salt, lightly colored with iron salts - well, it was in the ancient sea is rich in iron, no big deal. And tut- fanfare! - "According to various sources, the Himalayan salt contains from 82 to 92 trace elements at a time when ordinary table of all - 2." What are the 92 trace elements, the latter is not an artificial element - uranium, number 92. Subtract inert gases, and their 6 technetium, it does not exist in nature, it is artificially produced, because the so-called. Why inert gases - and they may not react with anything in nature, and that's not keep them in salt. And what they tell us, if they do not affect the body. In fact, at high pressures of these gases little influence on the very transmission of impulses, and it turns a kind of intoxication. But where salt, and where 10 atmospheres of xenon. Thus, it has turned 85, counting from the polonium and other less dangerous poisons. I found an extract of these analyzes. That is because, not too lazy to do tests on elements in nature are almost there. Found about actual elements 30, the remaining figures show that the content is below the sensitivity of the method followed or not found in nature, as no columns. And the sensitivity is good -1 milligrams per ton. However, and in seawater, and in us all this, too, find it. The thing is the accuracy of analysis. Ohmurezh. The conclusion is that you have found, though, experience has shown that it is not found. Where is the logic? And with micronutrients is not - in the encyclopedia provides a definition of trace elements' chemical elements required by living organisms to ensure normal life. " They are not so much - 15 units to 30. So really - the salt as the salt, though beautiful and pleasant crystals. B>


Pink Himalayan salt - glamurnenko em>

So eat the salt, some like it, but remember - it's just salt. Sea and rock - with impurities of magnesium, calcium, potassium, sometimes bad. Sol cleared, fine - good pours. The main thing is not to dramatize the issue of choice - a good mood, a very important factor in our health.

But there are other options for replacing the salt - salt which greatly reduced sodium chloride content. B> replaced by something else. This is when clearly impossible, but very desirable. This is with the medical and concretely. I have met with only one of them - in which the salt 30% salt and 70% potassium chloride. Of course, the taste is very different - if you lick, even burning, but the cardiovascular system is very necessary potassium, so it is quite a variant of whom actually. I'm a little use. But do not get carried away! An excess of potassium also can be dangerous! In case of problems with the kidneys.


The salt content with potassium chloride 70% em>

Conclusion: What do you like salt, and eat this. Replacement for sea salt - will not solve anything. Just solite less. Iodized not avoid. Stone - good for pickling cucumbers, and in general is not bad. Sea and Himalayan - look beautiful in the shaker. B>


Classical salt. The main thing - do not overdo. Em>

In conclusion, I will add that there is an interesting use of the salt mines and the remaining from its generation - the treatment of asthma and other lung diseases. Deep under the ground does not get pollen, bacteria, dust and all, there's dry. The salt mine in the air are essentially small particles of salt. Experts will tell more, but treatment in the salt mines, has long been known and reviews about it were the most positive.


in Belarusian salt mines. Children of the Underground 8). Em>

Please note - what I tell, this is not a ban or an order to live. This means that it is now believed that the best way to do, and I tried to figure it out and bring it to you. In the end, do not we all do exercise, although it is useful?


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