Green - the most alkaline foods on the planet

The longer I live in the world, the greater the enthusiasm I feel for nature. In the morning, walking up the hill, I encounter a deer, squirrel, or any other creature, I freeze, and so zealously "absorb" their eyes, if nothing else for me does not exist. I feel great secret in animals, flowers, trees, and especially in the sun. When I look at the sun, I feel a sense of gratitude that sunlight is free and equally available to all of us.

Many people enjoy the sun. All of us feel and look healthier, if you regularly spend time in the sun. We're trying to get as much sunlight as possible. And in this attempt to plunge into the precious light of the sun, we have minimized their bathing suits. However, many people are aware of the liquid form of sunlight, chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is as important as the light of the sun. No life on earth is not possible without sunlight, and no life is possible without chlorophyll. Chlorophyll - a liquid solar energy. In using chlorophyll, we literally bathe our internal organs in the sunlight.

The chlorophyll molecule remarkably similar to human blood heme molecule. Chlorophyll takes care of our body, as the most considerate, loving mother. He heals and cleanses all our organs and even destroys many of our internal enemies such as pathogenic bacteria, fungi, cancer cells, and others.

In order to be optimally healthy we need to have a 80-85% "good" bacteria in the gut. Friendly bacteria, we produce a variety of important nutrients for our body, vkluchaya vitamin K, B-vitamins, numerous helpful enzymes and other vital substances. For such a "good" or aerobic bacteria are the most favorable environment is one in which oxygen is present, because they need it for the prodelzheniya growth and existence. That is why, when our cells do not have enough oxygen in the body there are "bad" bacteria, which cause a huge number of infections and diseases. These pathogenic bacteria are anaerobic and can not tolerate oxygen gas. Take care of your intestinal flora is vital! "Good" bacteria can be easily destroyed by countless factors such as antibiotics, poor diet, sent messages, stress, etc. In this case, we can have 80-90% of "bad" bacteria, filling the body with toxic acidic waste. I believe that the predominance of anaerobic bacteria in our intestines - is the primary cause of all diseases

. Since ancient times, chlorophyll as a magical healer served people. Chlorophyll carries a significant amount of oxygen and thus plays a critical role in maintaining aerobnyh bacteria. Therefore, the more chlorophyll we consume, the better our intestinal flora and overall health. Given that the green - is the main source of chlorophyll, it is difficult to find a better way to use chlorophyll than green smoothies

. It has been proven that chlorophyll help prevent many forms of cancer and atherosclerosis. Numerous scientific studies show that there are hardly any disease whose condition can not be improved with the help of chlorophyll. To describe all the healing properties of chlorophyll, I would have to write a whole book. So I made a list, which contains only some of the many medicinal properties of this remarkable substance.


-povyshet level of hemoglobin in the blood ??

-Helps prevent cancer

-provides organs iron

-oschelachivaet body

-protivostoit food toxins

-Helps in anemia

is purely and deodorizes the bowel tissue

-Helps cleanse the liver

-sposobstvuet improvement of hepatitis

-regulates menstruation

-Helps in hemophilia

-improves education milk

-Helps heal abrasions and inflammations

-Removes bodily odors

-protivostoit bacteria wounds

-Cleans teeth and gums

Fixes halitosis

-izlechivaet sore throat

-is an excellent gargle after oral operations

-Helps in inflammation of the tonsils

-smyagchaet ulcerated tissue

-smyagchaet painful hemorrhoids

-Helps in catarrh

-ozhivlyaet feet vascular system

-improves state of varicose veins

Reduces inflammatory pain

-improves vision

The most important goal of all being on the planet - that's life. What do you need us humans to survive. In addition to air and water, our primary need - it is the food. We get food from plants and animals. How do plants get their food? They extract it from the soil and directly from the sun. Only plants know how to convert sunlight into carbohydrates. That's how they grow. Because sunlight they do carbohydrates and from carbohydrates build new stems, roots and bark, and, most importantly, new leaves, as leaves can produce even more carbohydrates. That is why the mass leaves usually predominates in size compared with other parts of the plant. The fate of the plant - a continuous growth. No wonder we have to constantly trim lawns and bushes, otherwise they could fill the entire space.

Plant life depends on sunlight, and our lives depend on plants. Even when people eat animals, they eat them for nutrients that animals received by eating plants. That's why people never eat wild animals, and eat only herbivores. Ancient Palestine teachings, Islam and many other religions have forbidden such predators as lions, tigers, leopards, foxes, eagles, pelicans, etc. My grandmother remembered that during the war, her hungry relatives tried to eat the flesh of carnivorous animals and birds and all the seriously ill. At the same time no living creature, even the predators could not survive if it does not feed the plants. We all know that dogs and cats from time to time to eat grass.

With the high oxygen content of chlorophyll and lots of minerals, herbs - this is the most alkaline foods on the planet. Including green smoothies in the diet, we can support the body alkaline and healthy. published

Green - the most alkaline foods on the planet

RECIPES Green cocktail

Blueberry PUDDING

Mix in a blender:

1 stalk celery

2 cups blueberries (fresh or frozen)

1 banana

2 cups water


Mix in a blender:

8 Romaine lettuce

3 finely chopped apple

1 cup water


Mix in a blender:

6-8 leaves of Romaine lettuce

1 cup red grapes

1 medium orange

1 banana

2 cups water


Mix in a blender:

6-8 lettuce

3 pears

1 banana

2 cups water


Mix in a blender:

6-8 spinach leaves

1 banana

1 mango

5 parsley leaves

2 cups water or aloe zivoe

apple juice

Green smoothies for children


Mix in a blender:

6-8 spinach leaves

1 ripe banana

1 orange peeled

1 tablespoon honey

1/8 tablespoons vanilla

2 cups water


Mix in a blender:

6-8 lettuce

1 ripe banana

1 ripe mango

3 pitted dates

2 cups water

Author: Victoria Butenko


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