7 Branham that will make the brain work for You

To date, experts continue to study the specifics of human brain, especially when it comes to memory, sleep, say, or meditation. On a subconscious level, the brain can process a whole bunch of information coming from the environment or directly from human internal organs.

The brain can convince us of the veracity of what never happened, or make us procrastinate. However, we can also force the brain to do something, so to speak, to hack or crack it and gain control over productivity, emotions and even sleeping patterns.

How to make the brain work for You: 7 helpful Branhamto Maximise their potential and feel better every day, learning to get the brain to do what You need.

Branham No. 1: how to force the brain to see your desired dreamsis the same: You are asleep and suddenly realize that you are dreaming and can control what happens in this event. There are several ways to see a lucid dream:

  • keep a log of dreams (after you Wake up write down the dream story and the details that You remember so, You will force the brain to notice and remember details of Your dreams);
  • remember watch lucid dreams (often lucid dreams come to us just before waking or when we go to sleep once awake);
  • before going to sleep think about what you want to see in a dream;
  • before I go to sleep, repeat to yourself "I know this is me dreaming" (so You can not disable fully consciousness during sleep).
 Branham 2: how to force the brain to filter out negative thoughtsCauses of irritability may be different, but the sources we've come to associate with negative thoughts. Try instead of the negative reaction to people and events that cause stress, to guide your thoughts in a positive direction. After some time, everything will be simpler – You train the brain to see the good even in the negative, at first glance, situations. You will learn how to cope with stress faster and more efficiently.

Branham No. 3: how to make the brain feel happierto be happy is one thing, but to do what makes You happy is quite another. Sometimes for happiness it is enough little things: spend time with your loved one, to help a stranger, smile, walk. A great tip that will help you to become happier – memories of joyful events.

Branham No. 4: how to force the brain to reduce painPain control the brain and You can cause the brain to reduce the intensity. Studies show that people who touch the wound or look at the source of the pain at close range, with less severe pain. Also, to ease the pain, try meditation: imagine You are in a beautiful and peaceful place, try to imagine the sounds, the smells – this will distract the brain from the physical pain and reduce the levels of stress hormones.

Branham No. 5: how to get the brain to remember the name of the personIf You have difficulty remembering names when meeting new people, and try several times to pronounce the name after You first heard it. For example, instead of "Nice to meet you", say "Nice to meet you, Andrew" and then use that name when speaking, for example, ask anything of this man. Repetition will help you remember new information.

Branham No. 6: how to force the brain to focus onProductivity increases after a vacation. Studies have shown that memory consolidation is very important to give the brain a break. So next time after learning new information, relax your mind or try to take a NAP.

Branham No. 7: how to turn an enemy into a friendIf You for some reason don't like the person, but You are forced to communicate with him, You can force the brain to look at this man in a different light. It turns out, working through things brings people together. For the working environment this is fine – find a common goal, and the emotions that You will experience on the way to this goal, it will help to break the ice and make Your relationship better.published


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