Occisis: a unique breathing technique for cleansing the lymph and not only!

I really like the author's name of the practice "oxycise!" with an exclamation point. I call it the "technique of joy." In General, occisis loosely translated as the oxygen exercises.

That will give you occisis?1. This is a very effective fat burner. Oxygen entering the body in larger quantities due to diaphragmatic respiration, oxidizes fat, which is excreted from the body as carbon dioxide and water.

2. Increases metabolism.

3. Decreases body fat in problem areas (where there is excess fat, since the voltage of these zones, the oxygen is supplied it is there).

4. Shapes the body according to your wishes — you choose which body part you exercise.

5. Improves health. In particular, purification of the lymph, as deep diaphragmatic breathing is done by reducing one of the biggest muscles — the diaphragm. In the East, the diaphragm is considered the "motor" of the lymphatic system, i.e. it "drives" the lymph through the body.

This is not a complete list of the benefits you get doing practice.

How to breathe correctly?


Mastering the breathing technique occisis1. Adopt the correct posture. Slightly bend your knees, bringing your buttocks and draw the muscles of the perineum. It's called "tipping the pelvis".

2. Smile. Smile, widely having stretched the corners of his mouth. You will be able to vladnuti more air. Imagine that you inhale the aroma of wonderful roses — and your nostrils will enlarge. Besides, tightened facial muscles.

3. Breath. Breathe in through the nose without raising the shoulders. Hand put on a stomach to control what you breathe it is the stomach, not your chest (diaphragmatic breathing is belly breathing). Stomach when you inhale should swell and bulge.

4. Three devdaha. Keeping a smile on the face, take 3 more breaths. You have to trigger the muscles of the face, neck and abdomen.

5. Exhale. Keep smile and exhale with force through the mouth tube. Do not immerse the head. The exhalation should be with the voltage!

6. Do 3 sudden post-exhalation. The buttocks and the crotch is still compressed, a smile on his face, and fully exhale out all the air. The abdomen is drawn in.

7. Repeat three more times — this is one breathing cycle.

Let's see how does this breathing Marina Korpan which promotes methods bodyflex and occisis in Russia.



The exercises are done simultaneously with the breath, unlike the Flex where the exercises make breath.


To do breath work on a daily basis (ideally), 15-20 minutes a day. It is not necessary to do all exercises at once, you can split into intervals of 5-10 minutes, if possible.

Made exercise on an empty stomach either in the morning on an empty stomach or 1-2 hours after eating (depending on how much you ate).

The day you need to do 30 respiratory cycles.

Take regular measurements of your body. It will inspire you to further studies.

View this breath together with exercises.



Not yet fulfilled to automatism breathing, exercise is better not to go!

Try and decide which technique - bodyflex or occisis to choose. By the way, you can perfectly combine them in the morning to do the body Flex, and in the second half of the day — occisis.published

Author: Galina Apolonskaya


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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