As far as we know nothing about the lymphatic system

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The lymphatic system is one of the most complex and cleverly arranged systems. In our country there are only about 200-300 knowledgeable limfologii, one of whom shared with us their opinions, which we give below.

"YOU have NO IDEA HOW WE KNOW NOTHING about the lymphatic system!!! I mean, not even at the level of local doctors, but even at a high level of specialized doctors, on which depends the life or death of the patient! Is Professor Levines – a brilliant scientist – he worked for many years in alternative medicine, he tried to prove to the world that the lymphatic system is very important! It is actually very important – a system output of TOXINS from the body, especially bacterial and fungal-parasitic poisons the simplest! Almost from this system depends on the human IMMUNE system, and immunity is LIFE!

With the lymphatic system we call the most vulgar way – and it need only be "on You"! The lymphatic system goes all "bottom-up", and never in the reverse order! I.e. from the fingertips to the thoracic lymphatic duct. And as we usually do massage? – correct: top-down, AGAINST the course of the lymph – and that means that the violated lymph flow! You ever seen the valves in the lymphatic ducts? this is a very important adaptation: when the lymph is raised, the valve ignores her, but then closes (does not allow backflow of lymph!). And if you massage us, as usual, against the course – then all the VALVES will simply COLLAPSE!

The person we massage in a different order, I think "from the center to the ears" in the course of lymph? No! Usually under the eyes this is done Vice versa – the fingers AGAINST the direction of lymph! There are professional masseurs who own a system of lymphatic drainage, but 50% of massage therapists just don't know anything about the lymphatic system, what is it "bottom-up»…

Surprisingly, in our group were professional surgeons, and 50% of them admitted that they NEVER SEW the lymphatic vessels!

There are doctors who are unaware that in mind there are no lymphatic vessels... — a lot of these incidents and challenges! Because NONE of us, doctors do not receive the free Institute for specialization in clinical lymphology! Yes, there are in Novosibirsk Institute of lymphology... maybe the people there know a lot…
But NO relation to the PRECINCT service of Moscow (and other cities) they are not – and we tend to service the precinct asking for help. Our science is very far from people, she broke away and ran far ahead, and our goal is to catch the escaped medicine and science!

Imagine a blood vessel which erythrocytes and leukocytes, and cells, which are derived from their power. From each tissue depart lymphatic vessels that begin in the tissue directly, they filter through a huge flow of excess fluid. The liquid is here, along with dissolved vitamins and substances, it is absorbed a little bit ago. But the bulk of the liquid by washing these fabrics, it is "the swamp" – GOES TO LYMPH. Bacteria live here, live here and fungi, linked in chains, and then live parasites opisthorchis, Giardia – right in the fabric! And here everything is constantly washed away by water from the vessels and goes into the lymph. Every minute is draining.

Remember a school task? in pool one tube is filled with a certain amount of water, and the pipe of smaller diameter enters a different amount of water. Calculate: how long after the water is completely replaced in the pool? I could never calculate! And here the same picture: one pipe goes – the other goes, and the space must be perfectly clean!

Lymph node = Custom FIRST small scale if it affected say: "Cancer first degree." Metastasis is the lymph nodes, pumping all the water here. Ten inputs and ONE output! Here the enzyme database of lymphocytes-macrophages, they live here. The lymph node is a room in which live, macrophages, lymphocytes T, lymphocytes-they filter the fluid that destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and protozoa. Relatively clean lymph goes on, and it can be connected to the wider territory.

And here is another LYMPH node of the SECOND order. And if it is clogged – it's called "Cancer of 2 degrees". And so on: ten inputs and one output... and it all goes bottom-up – it's called the Lymphatic System.

What is important? is that the lymphatic system is the ONLY system, except the kidneys and digestive tract, which is RELEASE THROUGH the MUCOUS membranes OUT! This is a completely unique phenomenon, because in the skin there is nothing we can't spit it out! If the lymph is broken – we'll spit through the skin... the Release of poisons can only be through the mucous membranes because they do not have a solid dead protective barrier of the epidermis.

So, the FIRST foothold of lymph evacuation – the first landing place of the bodies of the bacteria out? – guess from 3 times?! From the audience: "Perhaps the nose?". No, remember that the lymph flow goes bottom-up! Therefore the first place, the VAGINA (in women) and URETHRA (men)! As soon as the body got something – and once that "something" HERE is detected: immediately begin an uncomfortable state at the bottom, pain, cramps, something else... It means that something has hit, or rather not something, but SOMEONE (alive and growing!) is a fungus bacteria, viruses, parasites, protozoa, chlamydia, opisthorchis! And we USUALLY "fight" struggling with what? – right, WITH DISCHARGE from there... And must fight WITH PARASITES – bacteria, viruses, fungi, ABVGD infection! But our medicine is the main problem – that there was no discharge, cough, runny nose, sweat! What happens: one tablet will try to save you from a discharge, but WHERE they go from one pill? Miles of fungal colonies that live in all tissues, in the liver, kidney, intestine. Medication may be so strong that can hit the liver so that you will not find it. Usually it turns out well: three days of discharge there – and then start again (thrush, for example). What is a YEAST infection what is discharge is thrush? is corpses a fungus that had been destroyed by our body with white blood cells.

Why don'T CORPSES have to fight – they're ALREADY DEAD! It is necessary to deal with LIVE fungi! But you can fight only one way – by RAISING the IMMUNE system! Because other methods it will not work: ALL life in the body will not kill you!!!

The SECOND bridgehead landing – guess? that's right, the INTESTINE, through it releases massive amounts of poisons! Someone says: "I Have dysentery, and my Kale – one big slime!"What is SLIME? – Yes, the same PUS – the dead bodies of viruses, bacteria, fungi, sticks dysentery, Salmonella, and other... Lymph nodes that are open inside of the intestine, of thousands – so they allocate it all!

THIRD base – climb to the floor above is the SWEAT GLANDS, especially in the armpits. People just HAVE to SWEAT all the toxins (hormones, toxic poisons — medium-sized molecules, not pus), the body removes through the skin. What are we doing that they are NOT DISPLAYED never? – that's right, the advertised 24 hour deodorant, Botox injections, gels, ointments formaldehyde-based tablets completely blocking the lymphatic system, and prolonged use can cause serious side effects: speech disorder; disturbance of taste, difficulty in chewing and swallowing; dry mouth; urinary retention, constipation. Often, addictive drugs, including sedatives, tranquilizers, are also used in the fight against hyperhidrosis, whereas the reason lies in the slagging, intoxication, and this terrible chemicals we just savagely kill themselves because of basic ignorance. And all problems are then solved: even scare you at least ride on the roller coaster – and the sweating is gone!

AND WHERE WILL THE POISONS??? – in the nearest place in the mammary gland! Hence, mastitis, contamination of the lymph pool: lymph drove everything out – and you misted (anointed) – and now you're fearless, never sweating (but potentially ill) James bond! Terrible mistake! Never use blocking drugs! Unfortunately, the chemicals splashed on the skin, constrict the vessels for a given program – for 12-24-48 hours, and now there are super-deodorant – 7-day and different injection techniques for a long time. And then you just lock the mechanism of the sweat glands – and the end…

This is all lymphatic system in the skin on all joints. Quite simply here the knee joint – two bones with a smooth supporting surface, and around them – joint capsule (capsule). Some swollen joints... it would seem, WHAT is there to swell? As it turns out, the back of the joint, a huge lymph node, and if it stromerova (bacteria, eg. beta-hemolytic Streptococcus), who lives in the blood here and get ARTHRITIS (rheumatoid, infectious-allergic polyarthritis – if a lot of joints). What does the joint do? Two bones, nothing suspecting, there are myself – and all of a sudden, the TEMPERATURE, what is it? – Yes, to fight the bacteria! Or there is SWELLING Why? and the lymph node does not transmit liquid.
What we do usually: gray, ointment-smeared mud, hormones, rubbing – and I think that will help? Never! – because first of all the LYMPH to be CLEANED!

But first we have to see WHO lives there, how many of them – and then start the medication. But until we know who lives there – neither the joints nor the skin nor the kidneys you cure will fail! To get rid of various "residents" need different drugs: for example, there lives a fungus – and we prescribe a course of antibiotics, as they are against the fungus absolutely does not work, and even fertilize it! And there is a powerful fungal arthritis, cure which is very difficult! And after it starts and Bechterew's disease (when a person is in one moment will twist all joints) – and all you want…

The FOURTH springboard – NOSE, for the main number of airborne infection. Adenoids cut off and killed your defenses!
FIFTH beachhead TONSILS. Constantly swollen, hurt, cut, and buried another defensive line!
SIXTH bridgehead – the LARYNX is laryngitis.
SEVENTH base – TRACHEA – development of tracheitis.
EIGHTH bridgehead – the BRONCHI – the development of bronchitis.
The NINTH base – LUNGS – pneumonia.
All protective barriers are no more, and orderly "in the other world»…

Person can block or cut anything, only THAN he will highlight the pus is not clear! Most people who have cut off the tonsils can develop chronic laryngitis, chronic pharyngitis, with elements of bronchitis. And if parasites, Giardia and viruses left him – it will be leaking even with osmoticum or obstructive component.

What is PNEUMONIA? is the coagulation of the lymph nodes, preventing the escape of liquids. What is atopic dermatitis, psoriasis? is complete obstruction of the lymph nodes due to a fungal disease, fungus, that is ALL there is cemented – so the skin opens "fire window" on the flexor surfaces (the baby – ass, cheeks, belly – in the areas of clusters of lymph nodes).

Why do those who pay attention to the CHARGE, usually in the lymphatic system is everything okay? The person does not have a separate heart for the lymphatic system, but how is moving the flow of lymph? Here's a lymph vessel, and around it the muscle! Muscle contracts – the lymph is pushed in, but it is not passed the valves in the lymph vessels. But if the muscle around the vessel is not working – how to take the movement of lymph?!

Here we are sitting still at a lecture 8 hours – we did not come down the lymph is not pushed! And who is even a little moving arms and legs (concealed gymnastics for the body) – the muscles contract and the movement of lymph. Very tired – so stagnant lymph! An accountant sitting 8 hours at work, and can't understand where her "white cash", and where "black" – drink water, move, make a hidden gym – it will clear up.

And that was not of hemorrhoids "jump to" 30-50 times the gluteal muscles is a massage of the lymphatic collector of the pelvis. And would not this massage is prostatitis, adenoma…

The lymphatic system cannot be warm, forget about quartz for a lifetime! The lymphatic system is impossible to do compresses during the massage the lymph nodes around doing: there are live leukocytes, and if you kiss, walk against the direction of flow, you just destroyed... If you damage the lymph nodes under the knee – it's swell! There is a disease ELEPHANTIASIS – lymph flows from the inside and all EXTERNAL procedures doesn't help. The lymph can be cleaned from the inside, but to make it MOVE can only active movement, muscle contraction – exercises. If the nodes are not clogged with bacteria! – this is essential!

In my head no lymph vessels there are lymph lake where the lymph just drains down.

After cleaning the lymph nodes and passing 10 stages of the "customs", clean lymph (this is the same WATER, or pus, it is the same part of the red blood that has no red blood cells) flows into the venous stream and is mixed with venous blood, simultaneously cleaning it.

But if the lymph nodes clogged – nothing flows, and nothing is mixed, it starts to ooze out, because the body is unable to pass through the lymph node PURULENT LYMPH – he throws it out on the SKIN! Will eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, dermatitis, diathesis, furunculosis, acne, acne and other…
These manifestations depend on WHO is there, in the lymph nodes, lives. Most often, there is found a FUNGUS (lives in the lymph, affects the skin), in the second place the WORMS on the third BACTERIA, for VIRUSES (they are so small that the lymph does not live – they just go in the cage!) Note: in all antipsoriatic ointments are antifungal drugs, but the skin is already very remote from the fungus, because the process of its development goes in, in the tissues.

Dermatologists are the happiest doctors: they never brought "Fast", they all know that no one will never be cured – and no complaints! And now they have even more doctors of narrow specialization: candidly, chlamydiales, I'm not talking about dermato-venereologists – these long divided.., and specialization is already on the bacteria! And bacteria are so smart that every reasonable bacterium needs a doctor! For example, a rheumatologist deals ONLY with beta-hemolytic Streptococcus, but we have an ARMY of rheumatology and can't do anything with this bacterium (she's smarter!). And we are treated quite in a different direction, because the main reason for the stagnation and defeat of lymph from the immobility of the muscles (we just too lazy to do gymnastics!).

A voice from the audience: "what kind of gymnastics better?"Yes, ANY job – just to MOVE! Someone that is to their liking, Be it dance or martial art, Yoga, Qi Gong, tai Chi, Kung Fu and any other health gymnastics... but not everyone can handle yourself – then we need competent teachers... Buy the book, Katsudzo Niche – it's all very simple and accessible is one of the most simple systems. The system of Niches is not just a set of very important rules and exercises, is a WAY of LIFE that produces the HABIT of living according to the laws of nature.

Gymnastics will take part in your lifestyle. If the food we have "full pipe" in the country, with the gym even worse! But gymnastics needs to be individualized.

The main thing in life – proper NUTRITION and at least some MOVEMENT, and there is nothing more important! A voice from the audience: "And sex?"And sex is also rhythmic and orderly MOVEMENT, and if everything is correct, then comes testing of the lymphatic system, sweating…

A voice from the audience: "Norbekov?".
Norbekov we consider when we pass from eye diseases. But tell you what, a good system, but NOT COMPREHENSIVE: they still don't want to understand that WITHOUT beta-carotene generally, a person will not see anything! And try to make their system something global...But it is possible to take, to grab something useful for yourself.

In principle, all people are good and the therapists are good, and the good psychics and homeopaths and surgeons... – that's only in the emphasis do not see each other, and did not want to notice!

Best diagnostician – pathologist!
A case from my practice: Sochi, briefing with the doctors was delayed until one o'clock, dealt with the anti-parasitic program, and one of the doctors asks, "well, No, I don't understand, well really against parasites there's only one in the world – "Sheet of black walnut?"— I can't believe you! Isn't there a normal anti-parasitic remedies?".
Answer him: "Well, there is no more!".
He answered: "But I do not believe – I will look for!".
I ask: "And what do you do?".
And so you sit 30 physicians, and he stands up and proudly says, "I am the PATHOLOGIST!".
Ask: "what are you going to the body with the parasites do? they already leave your "patient"! Well, they will wait for you until you find a cure?".

We have a doctor Karaganov in Magnitogorsk, it deals with the biochemistry (medical laboratory scientist), and they died of lymphogranulomatosis child, who before that was a lengthy resuscitation.
They didn't save this girl – she just gasped, and she moved away mucus.
And when the doctor wiped away the slime, he noticed a strange, and asked: "And what worms look like maggots?".
I answered honestly that I do not know this... That among gynecologists is easier for me…
And there is a complete rag worms – exactly how maggots on the meat – this is someone's larval stage... But they were in the lymph nodes of the BRONCHI! Actually, therefore, the child and suffocated! For what is PULMONARY EDEMA? is a complete blockage of the outlet fluid through the phlegm out, and all! And blocked can be fungi, parasites, bacteria, chlamydia, thick mucus, etc.

The lymphatic system is UNIQUE, and we are the doctors (and us all), at least a little bit to KNOW!
We don't cook you experts limfologii, but it all started 5 years ago in the limes, it was my first report it is for the lymphatic system. And lymphocide passed through the system for thousands of our employees, and many had very good results!
Therefore, we are not going to save all of humanity – are we gonna have to start themselves and have a very simple banal LIMFOCITELE!

And for this I will explain the MECHANISM of PURIFICATION of the LYMPH

For 30 years, performed thousands of experiments with radioisotope methods of research, and it was proved that all substances are divided into TWO types (as everything in life \Yin Yang\, and all diseases of either losing everything you NEED \memory, potency\ or PURCHASE something you don'T NEED \dandruff, hemorrhoids\) relative to the LYMPH:
— some STIMULATE the lymph to the output (diluting it) and the removal of harmful substances from the body
— others BLOCK or WEAKEN the movement of lymph.

Lymph is hyaluronic acid, they can be either a GEL (thick pudding), or SOL (liquid jelly). The bathhouse is gone – nasal drip, into the hole he dived – thickened, and all because of the temperature contrast. Once a week go to the bath, but to have a good drip lymph, in the bath should be 60 degrees (proteins dissolved at 60, but the skin is able to withstand short-time and higher temperature).

To get the lymph to move – it is necessary to apply LYMPHOSTIMULATION: LICORICE, ECHINACEA, CELANDINE, GLAUBER's SALT, MAGNESIUM SULFATE.So when we use the drug – all lymph in the body dramatically cheers, and begins to move toward the exit.
This procedure is called "infotemplate" and is done on an empty stomach.

The first stage is called LYMPHOSTIMULATION.
The lymph is moved to output – and along with it went and POISONS.
The largest number of lymph nodes located in the intestines – tens of thousands of them! And if at this time in the intestine and enters the SORBENT (activated carbon or other) that is filtering out poisons on the sorbent.

The second step – SORPTION. But at the time of sorption, unfortunately, along with poisons and simultaneously displays minerals, vitamins, energy is lost.
And so the stage is called the 3-4-5 respectively VITAMINIZATION and MINERALIZATION, and Replenishment of Energy Reserves.

The FIRST part of the program – sorption of poisons, toxins and the removal from the body.
The SECOND part is the recovery of useful content, i.e., CLEANUP, and RECOVERY program.
In our programs clearly describes lymphocyte and time, and timing, and the tablets, and here we must understand that each organ has its OWN lymphostimulation because the output is CELLULAR NUTRITION: heart like potassium and magnesium, and the kidneys, like sodium, the brain loves vitamin, reproductive system lecithin (vitamins A and E) – each have something different and special!

Now, we derive all at one time, all have in common – and enter each individually.
Lymphocide have to remember not pills, and the PRINCIPLES! It can last one day, but maybe ten, maybe a month! It can be after chemotherapy, may be the flu, could be the prevention from the flu, or after stress, x-ray, or after poisoning (alcohol, say) – lymphocyte after intoxication is simply super!
In any case, lymphocyte is a huge help the entire lymph system of your body! You need to remember is not a specific purification scheme and its PRINCIPLES, it is necessary to understand its ESSENCE.

Understand, we need to make to move ALL the WATER in the body (liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, muscles, bones, brain) – all the water will flow faster and begin to move toward the exit.
But when it flows – we need to filter through the sorbent and clean (sorbent then leave naturally through the intestines). And don't forget then to take the nutrients, vitamins and minerals = ALL, nothing to clean, no more special!

But it is very important that you understand: every intervention in the systems of the body needs further cleansing lymph: x-rayed – clean the lymph, took chemotherapy treatments – scrub, propyl course of antibiotics – clean, had everything cleaned up!
Not to be confused with a BOWEL cleanse with the cleansing of the lymph is completely different: here we clean the intestines, and the lymph to do with it!

And the lymph is all body tissues! 83% of water-soluble toxins accumulate in interstitial fluid not blood, not the kidneys or liver…
15-20% insoluble in water piling up of poisons in the intestine (who more, who less).

Contraindications for lymphocide no!
The Toolkit can be of any level – from the most simple (Licorice, Activated charcoal, Vitamin C, fruit, citrus, English and Glauber's salt, oil, folic acid). Contraindications can only be on a single drug individually for each person, but not on the SYSTEM lymphocide!

On the PRINCIPLE of lymphocyte no contraindications – whether a newborn, whether adult after a serious illness – both the lymph to be cleaned, intoxication is necessary to remove intracellular water (liquid) should be forced to move! That the lymph should not become "stagnant swamp," because stagnant water will develop anything!
A stagnant bog sour – but in a wild river anything malicious does not live!

But if a person goes out of our way to LEARN something, to UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT, to eat different less advertised, less drink any "shit" (this throws us back!).
All brilliant in this world – just!
If you're doing everything right – all the internal organs (including the lymph system!) will work fine.
Found viruses, parasites in the survey – was removed, raised immunity.
The process of improving rehabilitation should not stop, like "Today is treated, and tomorrow – live", it needs to be continuously and daily.
Purely not where clean and where don't litter!

Understand your body, do not eat everything that moves, eat less, but tastier and more often. But we say: "there are Many bad, a little boring!".
We're digging your own grave with a SPOON, in the East know about it.

So, the lymph system requires enormous respect, she does not forgive anything.
If the stomach can forgive almost everything reproductive system partially forgives, the lymphatic system is not forgiving at all!
It depends on the actual life and providing the body at the level of the output therefrom salts of heavy metals, antibiotics, toxins, chemical substances: formaldehyde, vinegar, acetone, paracetamol and other nasty things – that everyone knows the lymphatic system.

Everything is absolutely bad juices, spoiled food, wine, medicine – all this is absorbed into the bloodstream, gets into the intercellular fluid, and then comes the turn of the lymphatic system to work!
And here's HOW each of us operates – that we have and the life!

Three systems: blood, circulatory system and the lymphatic system are the three systems that form the FLOW of FLUID in the body.

Everything else – just variations of the liquid: add a little ACID to get the Gastric Juice, a little Digestive juices and Enzymes – get a SALIVA, a little Adrenaline – get Lachrymal fluid (tear the highest density of adrenaline!), a little Toxins and Salts – get a PISS, some Sperm will get the SEMEN, clean very carefully the lymph–, and the cerebrospinal Fluid.
And underlying all this is one and the same LYMPH!!!

Does not happen separately of blood, urine separately, and separately lymph.
And even when they "piss hits the head" is the same blood, that lymph, which not departed!
Everything in the body is one, in all the observed WATER CYCLE in human body, tied on a huge number (70 liters when person's weight is 90 kg.) intercellular fluid.


Here, perhaps, and all (in a very compressed form) via the lymphatic system.
Imagine that you have just learned a great deal for some 5 minutes and seems clear to everyone!
And when you come out of UNIVERSITY after 7 years of learning, I think, "God, I don't know what the body is?!". And the more you work as a doctor – the more I seem to understand even less!

There are a lot of doctors, and GOOD, competent doctors.
And if the doctor says, "First clean up and then we'll understand!"it is not a position of any one doctor, which is the tradition of the ancient physicians, since Avicenna and the more ancient traditions of healing indigenous:
"First and get yourself cleaned up, curb food, to starve, drink a lot of water, relax, bring thoughts in order.
And when all that fails – go to the doctor!".
That's just to the doctor to go it is not necessary, if You follow the first part of this postulate!
Along with doctors free from bad work!


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