Lymphadenitis: 80% of what we do is harmful to our health


In our body there are two rivers of life, very closely related, but, nevertheless, it is currently offline. One of them, "red river". The blood and circulatory system. The other "white river". Is lymph (from Latin. lympha – clear spring water, moisture) and the lymphatic system. When we talk about the lymph, mean the clear liquid that is released from small wounds and people called pus.

Ie in people's memory, fixed and stored in language, it is called "almost blood". In which simply no erythrocytes (red corpuscles). Because of this, and the color of the lymph is not red but yellowish-transparent.

These two rivers – the white and red – are equal in our body and importance, and in extent. But if the similarity in length and branching is perfectly visible to the naked eye any Amateur on any diagram (see figure below), then their equivalence and equivalence in the life of our body is not widely known.


Fifty six million nine hundred eighty six thousand three hundred six

And that's before we talk about lymphadenitis, which, like a compass, points to disturbances in the smooth flow of the "white river", try to eliminate "white spots" in our knowledge about the lymphatic system – its elements, purpose and functions.

It is known that our body consists of a great many cells, which are independent, Autonomous living organisms. All these cells are in a "world ocean" of interstitial fluid (lymph) that bathes them. This "world ocean" is about 30% by weight of the human body, i.e. in some cases reaches up to 50 l! Why so many? And because the extracellular fluid performs in the body several functions.

On the one hand, this power: each cell receives necessary for its activity oxygen, nutrients, vitamins and minerals delivered to the intercellular fluid of the blood capillaries.

On the other hand, is the removal of waste cells. Can there live bacteria, and fungi, linked in chains, and parasites. In addition, our body every day naturally dies about 1 billion cells, which also must be "disposed of". And that for this purpose nature has provided us a universal system to restore order in our body and for cleaning, filtration and immunological treatment of interstitial fluid.

To do this, in the intercellular and interstitial crevices and crannies there are very thin lymph capillary. Lymph capillaries interstitial fluid becomes lymph. The main purpose of lymph is that its pressure to flush the lymphatic capillaries and ducts fatalities as a result of the functioning of the body cells as well as bacteria, viruses and toxins.

Lymph is very similar to the blood plasma and circulates it through the lymphatic system much more slowly than the blood in the blood. Lymph, like blood, live leukocytes (white blood cells), which are responsible for the immune system and are named lymphocytes.

A dense network of lymphatic capillaries merge into large lymphatic vessels, which exist in all parts of the body except the Central nervous system, bones, cartilage and teeth. Then the lymphatic vessels have United in two great big lymphatic duct.

In one of them – the thoracic duct – receives lymph from the entire body except the right half of the head and neck. Retired lymphatic vessels on the right half of the head and neck form a right duct. Eventually all the lymph from our body gets into the veins. Every minute of the thoracic duct into a vein goes from 4 to 10 ml of lymph. Per day 50% of the circulating blood protein and 60% of the total volume of plasma is filtered from capillaries into the lymphatic system, and from there flows back into the blood.

Seventy five million forty thousand five hundred forty eight

Because the lymphatic system is a system cleaning, filtration and immunological treatment, it also has a "fine filter and coarse filter" of any impurities and dirt. Is lymph nodes. In the body of every human from 400 to 1000 nodes in size from a pinhead to a walnut (0.1 to 2.2 cm). They are located in groups along lymph vessels at intervals of 3-5 cm.

Most of the filters of the lymph nodes in the lymph vessels that carry lymph from the small and large intestines, kidneys, stomach and lungs. I.e. in those places where it is most likely penetration of invaders – viruses and microbes.

Inputs in the lymph node a few, but the output is one. By the way, due to the fact that the lymphatic system is a very serious and difficult work to restore order in our body, the lymphatic system circulates simultaneously only 1.5-2 liters of fluid.

In lymph nodes from vessels entering bacteria and other foreign particles are filtered and destroyed, and leaving the lymph node captures lymphocytes and antibodies for delivering them to the foci of infection. To this end, in the lymph node live, study and work macrophages and lymphocytes (number of lymphocytes in the body more or less continuously, but depending on health it can increase or decrease).

T-lymphocytes (recognize the antigen and activate b-cells and attack pathogenic cells) and b lymphocytes (produce antibodies which act against antigens – foreign protein particles). They are together, filtering the lymph, confront, AVGP (Aggression Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Protozoa, Parasites). Most often in the lymph found FUNGI, in the second place the WORMS on the third BACTERIA, for VIRUSES (the virus is so small that the lymph does not live – just goes in the cage).

Sometimes during the fight with germs, toxins, and other enemies of our body, swollen lymph nodes because lymphocytes to fight again. As they say – all for the front, everything for victory. Inflammation in the lymph nodes is always a battle for life and death, there is always a struggle between good and evil, in which the lymphocytes are dying by the thousands and not always good triumphs over evil... Here it is in the immune system. And if the immune system is weak, then we are the result lymphadenitis is a bacterial inflammation and enlargement of the lymph nodes of the system. The flow of lymph from the affected organ is temporarily blocked, it swells up and becomes painful.

There is a widespread belief, according to which 80% of what we do is harmful to our health. How bitter a meaning contained in this sentence, it is easy to see by the example of our conduct with respect to only one of the lymphatic system.

So,the lymphatic system is a system of order in our body and toxins and poisons from it.

For the efficient operation of the lymphatic system it is necessary to remember only four rules:

  • The poison dissolve only in water and not something else.
  • Take the poison only through the mucous membranes because they do not have a solid protective barrier of the epidermis.
  • The rate of excretion depends on the speed of movement of lymph through the lymph vessels.
  • Cleansing of the body and, consequently, the movement of lymph is in the upward direction.
It would seem, what could be easier! But now let's look at how we implement these truths into practice.

Of the nearly one hundred thousand living creatures on Earth only man is drinking something other than water (milk in mammals – food, not drink). There is an axiom: the more one eats, the more he must drink. But most people drink when already beginning to feel thirsty. But thirst is already the 4th or 5th sign of dehydration.

When dry mouth is very dehydrated. Now remember than you usually quench your thirst? Kvass, sweet carbonated drinks, fruit compote, juice, tea, mineral water. But none of these drinks will not quench the thirst. No, the desire to drink for some time will be lost. But the thirst – as the body's need for water will not disappear. Water is the universal solvent.

Our cells need water just as water you can, for example, to wash hair or swim. Not juice, not coffee, not brew, and not even milk but only water. If we are told that on the day a person should drink 1.5-2 liters of liquid, here we are talking primarily about water.

80% of poisons and toxins are in the intestines, kidney or liver, and interstitial fluid. If a person wants to clean your body, so it is necessary to deduce from all this "zakislenna" intercellular fluid. Clean lymph is then thin out, adding clean water and not to consume without measure salty and sweet, which "entices" out of the cage and the water that still came. Just as you're trying to juice with salt sprinkled over sliced cucumber, and sugar, pour on fresh strawberries.

Now a little about the second simple rule. Displays, stands out all the poison and junk from our body with all kinds of selections. For example, only the salivary glands – the most powerful detoxification of the body (through saliva leaves to half a liter of liquid toxins). Phlegm, discharge from the genital tract, runny nose, diarrhea – all it is a forced option of cleansing the body of toxins.

However, due to certain stereotypes imposed by advertising and other ways, the impression that you need all possible ways to deal with all the secretions. But this is fundamentally wrong, because this "fight" not only do not eliminate the causes of violations, but also makes the body clean, thereby only exacerbating the process of infringement.

For example, in through the nose displays basic amount of airborne infection. But we strongly suggest to remove discharge from the nose, and all sorts of drugs. If a child is experiencing a runny nose or has a chronic rhinitis, it is believed that all the fault of adenoids need to be removed. But adenoids are lymph nodes. They grow only when the body is infection and the lymphatic system is actively fighting this. Adenoids cut – out your defenses!

Or, for example, the sweat glands, which are especially numerous in the armpits. The day before 50% of the toxins excreted through sweat glands in the skin. Armpits – the major drainage from the mammary glands. We also proposed to take all measures in order not to sweat ever. The use of super-strong antiperspirant so firmly established in a habit, sometimes use them, immediately out of the shower and even on weekends. But if the poisons can come out through the sweat glands in the armpits, they will go to the nearest place in the mammary gland, providing there are conditions for occurrence of mastitis.

For the lymphatic system there is no separate heart. The movement of lymph is due to the contractile activity of the lymph nodes in the transmission of impulses along nerve paths and due to the movement of the muscles adjacent to the lymphatic ducts; ensures movement of the fluid pressure and the physiological activity of organs surrounding lymphatic vessels. Muscle contracts – the lymph is pushed. But if the muscles around the lymphatic vessels don't work, where will the movement of lymph?

Here is the main cause of problems with body cleansing is a stagnation and defeat of lymph from the immobility of the muscles. To get the lymph to move can only active movement, muscle contraction, exercises. And any. Ideally, the movement should be harmoniously distributed among all muscle groups and be accompanied by a small rapid pulse and sweating. Only in this case, exercise can be considered effective.

Two million four hundred fifty four thousand three hundred one

Those 6-8-10 hours, usually held while standing at the counter or sitting at the computer, the effective load is not considered, because there is no distribution of the load across all the muscle groups. And the feeling of fatigue that occurs is often a sign that stagnant lymph. As I felt tired, move, drink water (!), make a hidden gymnastics and fatigue probably recede.

Everything in the body is due to edema, generally refers to the lymphatic system. Swelling in the legs, hands, eyes, lower back, joints is, as a rule, the stagnant lymph.

Good exercise for the lymphatic system – a sauna. The intercellular space can be in one of two States, which pass into each other, thick (gel) or liquid (Sol). The lymph, if it is heavily infested, is a very thick gel.

Normal lymph must be relatively liquid. The transition from one to another most quickly affected by temperature. In the steam room of the intercellular fluid liquefies, and after a dip in the pool turns into a gel. In addition to saunas, lymphostimulation thinning the lymph, can be a sheet of black currant, licorice root, yarrow, rose hips, oats, or up to 1.5-2 liters of water a day.

Lymph moves in one direction – from the tissues from the bottom up. From the fingertips to the thoracic lymphatic duct. This is due to the fact that the job of the lymphatic system is to collect the tissue fluid and then cleaned to take away in the bloodstream.

All lymphatic vessels have valves that do not allow lymph to flow back. Valve skips rising lymph and immediately closes, preventing backflow of the lymph.

To accelerate the movement of lymph in lymphatic vessels, increasing the outflow of tissue fluid, helps massage. But massage should only in the direction of movement of lymph – from the bottom up. And even if you are rubbing his legs, the movement should be from the fingertips to the hips, in the same direction. And as we usually do massage? Right: from top to bottom, i.e. AGAINST the direction of the lymph – and that means that the violated lymph flow. And much pinching or Peredovik, you can destroy the valves in the lymph vessels!

Not following these simple rules, leads to the fact that the lymphatic system is not able to fully do their job. And then there are signs that the lymphatic system is suppressed and doesn't work. Education of acne of various types (out toxins through the skin).


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This nasty "old" smell (toxins trapped in the skin and are oxidized). And "suddenly" appearing on the skin papilloma, spots, warts and other lesions on the skin – is not that other, as the consequences of intoxication of the lymphatic system.

Inflammation of the joints, throat, bronchi and lungs, swelling in the legs, in most cases – also a consequence of the defeat of the lymphatic system, although most people thinks it is cardiac or renal failure. Edema in the legs can indicate that a highly intoxicated inguinal lymph nodes, and lymph rises. Swelling of the hands is often a blockage of the axillary lymph nodes. Swelling of the eyes is probably a blockage in the submandibular and facial lymph nodes.published 


Author: Olga Butakova




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