Do not allow lymph to stagnate!

To move blood through the arteries causes the muscle vascular on the heart, movement of blood through the arteries and veins is provided by — heart valve structure, then the structure of the vascular and arterial system.

Lymphatic channel has no such "drive". The movement of lymph is slow and is achieved by the muscles. The main muscle for driving the lymph — aperture. It's kind of the "heart" of the lymphatic system. During exercise and deep breathing "belly", the amplitude of motion of the diaphragm increases, lymph circulation is enhanced, i.e., the stagnation is eliminated.

With obesity and lack of certain physical loads causes stagnation of lymph in any lymph nodes. Thus in the intercellular spaces accumulate waste products of the cells (fragments of the disintegrated lipids, proteins, toxins, etc.), which even emerge the fibers of the connective tissue (doctors call this process fibrosis). And these cells begin to simply rot — there are indolent cancers, hypertension, Allergy etc.

Clean lymph is through saliva. Salivary glands belong to the lymphatic system, have access to the oral cavity and mixed with saliva take out waste and impurities out of your system in the digestive tract for further elimination from the body.

When stress is usually dry in the mouth, saliva is not allocated, there is stagnation in the lymphatic system. And give the man some water to drink. But do not want to. To better stimulate the flow of saliva sucking movements of the lips to give vent to the saliva in your mouth and keep swallowing.

And to enhance the production of saliva, you can use chewing gum, half an hour after a meal to put under the tongue, salt on the tip of a knife.

You should give up the habit immediately after a meal to drink on the third and have fruit for dessert. Do not store in the fridge yesterday's food, as it (especially heated) is rich in toxins, which appeared on the reproduction of putrefactive bacteria, after the use of ballast fills all the intercellular space and the lymphatic system in the human body.

The lymphatic system is a system that even the doctors do not know much. They never seriously studied. The lymphatic system works in one direction. All lymph draining from the bottom up. Swelling in the legs, arms, eyes, back, joints — all lymph.

The body gets a bacteria, virus or fungus. What makes lymph? Close contact is a large lymph node, for example, a sexual way. Lymph nodes block the infection further. If the body was gonorrhea and hit the brain, then people would die immediately.

Of lymph nodes are lymphocytes, and they patrol the entire mucosa, urethra, vagina. If they find something, then eat again and take in the lymph nodes. In the lymph nodes is all lysed, activated and ejected.

The first by ejection of lymph in the body is the vagina and the urethra. Everything related to discharges in women, secretions in men, suggests that in the body of someone living, and the lymph that someone eats, at the cost of his own life, and removes. The second way of the evacuation is in the gut, which houses tens of thousands of small lymph nodes.

Through sweat and armpit goes up to 50% of poisons. Now people use deodorant that does not sweat for 24 hours. Don't sweat the armpits, but sweat hands. Still doing cosmetic surgery when cut the lymph ducts. Forehead should not sweat. If your armpits are clogged, you sweat the entire body surface. It says the second the extent of damage and contamination of the lymph. The face should be relatively dry, and from under the armpits should flow, because there is a powerful sweat collector. On the face of the sweat glands are not very many.

Adenoids is lymph nodes. All, who breathe through the mouth, adenoids are — enlarged lymph nodes of the nose.

Salivary glands — the most powerful detoxification organ. Through saliva leaves to half a liter of toxic sputum. If the baby Drools on the pillow, it says, about the serious problems of the lymphatic system. If a person or child during sleep sweating, it could says that he has pinworms, Giardia or something else. Children should not sweat even when the ambient temperature is 30C. They have poorly developed sweat system. If you have a small child in the night with a wet head, he's sick. The child has to go through the kidneys, intestines.

Larynx. Chronic laryngitis or pharyngitis — is the lymph nodes of the pharynx and larynx. With this diagnosis in chronic HCV infection chronic fungus or chronic Streptococcus. They are candidates for chronic lymph system.

The amygdala is the most powerful springboard for various bacteria. Strep is always through the tonsils. This sore throat, rheumatism. Staph will not go through the tonsils. It goes through the nose.

Sinusitis — the defeat of the lymphatic system, not respiratory. Nose is nothing there, only a mink for air and membrane thickness of 1 micron. All the rest of it — pus. Where does the pus? From the stomach, of lymph, of blood, from the intercellular spaces and out through the nose.

Have staph this way. Fungus through the nose will never go. Fungus stands out through the nearby organs. If it's foot, it is there and will stand out. Crack skin. Never the lymphatic system cannot carry the fungus in the nose because she did not drag. It will kill all the lymphatic collectors.

The lymphatic system will open the skin and throw away the lymph fluid directly between the fingers. Lymph nodes bones never miss fungus. If the fungus affected the entire body, then begin fungal bronchitis. Connect deep lymph nodes of the bronchi, and the person can begin bronchial asthma (we are not talking about psychosomatic, illness when a person attracts attention to himself).

Joint inflammation is a lesion of the lymphatic system. Everyone thinks swelling in the legs heart, kidney. The swelling may be only lymphatic. The heart is exhausted and can not pump blood. But in the legs is delayed not blood, and lymph.

Elephantiasis is the affection of the lymph, when clogged inguinal lymph nodes, and the liquid rises. Swelling of the hands is a blockage of the axillary lymph nodes. Swelling of the eyes is a blockage of the submandibular and facial lymph nodes. This indirectly tells about blockage of the kidneys. If the kidneys secrete less fluid than needed, so its more in the body.

This simple procedure will help you to quickly clean the lymphatic systemALLERGY: the disease or software failure

SO: For the functioning of the lymphatic system is not enough to just "take the pill" – for people leading a sedentary lifestyle, as a minimum, you need to do breathing exercises, "breathing with your belly" to do at least minimal exercise, try to walk more. This allows you to partially eliminate the stagnation of lymph. And even taking baths with turpentine and pouring, or contrast shower, plus steam room are friends of our lymphatic system. published


From a lecture by Olga Butakova


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