Sore throat — check out the bowel!

The title of this article might strike you as strange, however, is not the only example of how wonderfully can be linked to different parts of our bodies that diseases of the throat can affect our gut. This is what we say, traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology, iridology and other techniques.

In this article we will tell you about how and why you should pay attention to the health of the colon, if you suffer from such diseases of the throat like tonsillitis, pharyngitis, aphonia, etc.

Grandma's methods

Our ancestors really knew something of medicine, and they always managed to take advantage of simple and accessible means to get rid of different ailments. So, if we were talking about recurring sore throat, especially in children in the first place, they resorted to using enemas.

Before the enema was used quite often, as it is known that malfunction of the intestine may cause a variety of diseases. The use of the enema the patient may immediately feel much better.

Enema is usually staged with the use of rubber bag in the shape of a pear; and today it is sold in pharmacies — it's the fastest and most convenient way to cleanse the intestines.


In pear-shaped SAC to pour clean, warm water (not tap). The tip of the grease or lubricant and then enter into the anus; the patient should lie on his left side. Must much as possible to restrain the urge to defecate, and then empty your bowel. You can put an enema a couple of times a day until you have a problem with his throat. But it is better to consult with a doctor.

Check out intestines

If you're prone to sore throat that occur without any apparent reason and cannot be easily treated with medication, you should pay attention to the intestines and to exclude the presence of diseases such as:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome: is a chronic disease that causes pain in the intestines, diarrhea and constipation. It can be caused by strong emotional experiences.
  • Constipation: this is one of the most common ailments of our time; mostly it is caused by unhealthy diet, use of semi-finished and sedentary lifestyle.
  • Intestinal parasites: disease caused by presence in an organism of micro-organisms are common, but they know very little. The most famous is candidiasis; however, in reality, there are lots of them and they all have different symptoms. So sick it is difficult to determine exactly what disease he was impressed. These diseases can cause fatigue, nervousness, loss of appetite, disruptions in digestion, itchy nose or in the anus and so on.
  • Diverticulitis: when the occurrence of this disease on the walls of the colon formed a small seal.
 Intestinal microflora

Therefore, if you want to cure your sore throat, you need first of all to pay attention to the condition of the intestines and get rid of the diseases affecting this organ. One of the key factors is the care of the community, the condition of which seriously disturbed from any disease of the intestine, and also from an unhealthy diet and medication.

Here's how to take care of intestinal microflora:

  • To include in the diet products that restore the microflora is primarily fermented foods: yogurt, kefir, or sauerkraut. Best of all homemade products — so you'll be sure that they do not contain artificial ingredients and rich in those substances which we need.
  • To take special supplements to restore the intestinal flora, especially if you are taking any medication.
 Intolerance of some products

When recurring problems with the intestines and diseases of the throat, it's worth asking the question: not whether it's intolerance to any product that repeatedly causes increasing damage to the body?

If you have allergies, for example, the reaction of the organism becomes apparent immediately, but, unfortunately, food intolerances not that easy to discern. It also negatively affects health, but it happens gradually, making it difficult to diagnose.

Any product can be rejected by our body; there are different types of tests that will help to make the correct diagnosis; however, keep in mind that the most common intolerance to gluten and lactose. Can also develop intolerance to certain fruits, dried fruits and food supplements.


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Try to hover legs

Although this remedy will not cure the disease, it very effectively helps to reduce the pain and inflammation in the throat; this is because with a sharp increase in the temperature of the feet fast fall the temperature in the upper part of the body.

Dip your feet in hot water for 20 minutes. If the water cools down — share hot. Then keep your legs warm.published




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